Lifetime Achievement Award Given To Robert Ivy

When the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters picked Robert Ivy to receive their Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award, they made a very good choice. Robert has been serving as the CEO of the American Institute of Architects for many years and during his time with them he has brought worldwide attention to the organization. Robert Ivy’s colleagues feel that he has a unique perspective in the architectural landscape and he has brought the membership of the institute to an all time high. Robert Ivy was born and raised in Mississippi and graduated from Tulane University with a masters degree in architecture.

Since his graduation, Robert has worked at several construction companies and has improved their methods of building. He is a supporter of using sustainable resources in building and believes that new construction can be completed without much damage to the carbon footprint. He works hard at bringing this message to all companies in this industry. Robert Ivy has written several articles that have been published in trade magazines and they have received much acclaim from his peers. His philanthropic work throughout the Mississippi area is widely known and he had devoted much of his free time to working with those less fortunate in his community.

Robert has seen a change in the field he is in and believes that housing and development will continue in the rural communities in the state. In his speech at the ceremony, Robert Ivy gave thanks to the many people who helped him along his life’s path and gave recognition to those working in the architecture field. Robert believes that he has an obligation to give back to all of those who influenced his life and he has encouraged many students studying architecture to continue their studies in the field. He continues to work on new articles for magazines and can be seen at many seminars throughout the country.

Herbalife Goes Global

Lately soccer has been a very popular sport to watch. From the world cup games, everyone around the world has been tuned in for the excitement. Soccer is a pretty entertaining sport that has caught the eyes of everyone in the world. Most players that do play soccer are international players. Soccer is popular in other countries than it is in the United States. A lot of people do not realize that soccer players are not paid as well as other sports, like basketball, and baseball. Soccer players get a lot of endorsements. Those commercials you see playing all over television, they use soccer players. For one, it draws peoples attention because we are familiar with the soccer athletes. And for two, it is propaganda. It is good for these major companies like Adidas, Nike, Puma.

There are also other endorsements such as for drinks and shakes. Lately Herbalife has been supplying multiple athletes with the opportunity to try their product. Specifically, Herbalife signed soccer sensation Johnathan Dos Santos, that plays for the LA Galaxys. Herbalife is a nutrition company, and what better way to promote their business than through a soccer player that needs to be healthy and stay fit. Johnathan said so himself, that he finds it very important to stay fit with a healthy diet and stay hydrated to give his best performance.

Herbalife’s main goal is to provide healthy diets for people that are obese, as well as athletes. They want to make the world healthier through proper nutrition. They sponsor more than 150 athlets worldwide, including international teams and players. What makes a huge difference is that herbalife has more than 8,000 employees worldwide that make this company successful every day. Herbalife has sponsored a lot of athletes, but what good is a company without the people making the business go around. This company has been successful since 1980, and with the promoting the company does today, they will remain successful in the years to come. Herbalife encourages people to be more active in their every day lives. They teach sport nutrition and safe ways to keep a healthy diet. With signing a huge performance athlete, Herbalife is expanding their brand in a positive way.,9_IL.10,21_IC1146821.htm

Jason Hope: IoT Futurist

Jason Hope is an overall amazing guy who invests his time and energy into improving the lives of those in his community as well as all over the world. He is an entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist, and an investor. He is passionate about helping local organizations within his community.

Jason Hope focuses much of his time on technology. He spends time developing mobile apps and gaming software, as well as others, to help with connectivity and to bring more ease and enjoyment to our everyday life.

Jason Hope also is a huge supporter of the next generation of entrepreneurs in the technology field. He does grant high school seniors and college students who have a big idea with a grant to help them get their idea off the ground.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Jason Hope recently did an article about how IoT is going to benefit both the consumers and the customers in the airline industries by better understanding one another.

Basically, it states that everything will be monitored within the airplane to make sure all safety measures are taken. If any problems are detected, they can be taken care of once they arrive at their next destination. The equipment onboard will also be monitored such as the life jackets so if they are out of date, they can be replaced.

IoT will also help customers by directing them to their gates, finding them places to hang out while their flights are delayed, and helping them they are lost. While on the airplane, IoT will help the customers be more comfortable with a beacon being placed in their seats to monitor the temperature, discomfort, hydration level, etc.

Jason Hope did another article about how IoT is going to help companies. Some companies think the Blockchain-IoT merger could result in a platform free from problems. Although companies that deal with millions in purchases and holding online aren’t so sure about this merger.

In conclusion, Jason is a great guy trying to improve our quality of life by using technology. While some of us may not be up to speed on all the latest technology, we need to understand that it is going to be what our future is all about. Tapping In: Jason Hope Reveals How IoT is Revamping the Airline Industry

Cybersecurity Expert, Venture Capitalist & Investor William Saito

The world of technology has grown by leaps and bounds throughout the decades. Information technology is one of the fastest growing fields in society, and it’s very rewarding. The average person uses some form of technology on a daily basis, but many of the developers who build these advanced devices never becomes prominent to the public eye. This is where William Saito comes into the picture, and this man has used his company to shed light on these overlooked developers. Tecur, a consultancy and capital venture firm, provides a wide range of services for aspiring technologists. Tecur definitely has its clients’ best interests in mind by developing global talent, by identifying innovative technologies and by helping tech-entrepreneurs in becoming more successful.

William Saito was born back in 1971. He was the oldest child out of three siblings. Saito and technology tends to go hand-to-hand to some degree. While in junior high school, he started his very first software company. By the time he made it to college, this software company was up and running on all cylinders. I/O Software did a phenomenal job of identifying fingerprint recognition, and it translated Japanese characters to English characters very well. This was just the start to something that would become epic. In 1998, Ernst & Young presented him with the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award. Siato would go on to be featured by many high-profile companies like NASDAQ and USA Today.

As of today, Saito is a well-rounded businessman. He has had a hand in a number of tech-related projects, and he has provided cybersecurity for multiple Japanese organizations. In a sense, he is a true pioneer of the sport. “A typical day for me is to find innovative solutions that will benefit people in real-time.” He brings his ideas to life by a term that he has titled as “design thinking.” This method is all about failure, but failure can cause an individual to perfect his craft and rise to the occasion when needed. William Siato is definitely a futurist, and he will continue to push the boundary of technological excellence.



NGP VAN: Using Technology for Effective Politics

For a company that has been so successful in the past couple of years, it is impressive that NGP VAN was created in November 2010. It came about as a merger between two companies formed four years apart of each other; the first being NGP Software which was formed in 1997 and the other Voter Activation Network, which was the company’s previous name, formed in 2001.

Though widely used by the American Democratic Party, NGP VAN is privately owned and offers services in voter database and web hosting. It offers functions such as fundraising, finance compliance for campaigns, and field and digital organizing to political and social campaigns. By the year 2009, the company had become the largest partisan provider dealing with campaign compliance software.

A testament to that success is the fact that NGP VAN has worked for the presidential campaigns of Barack Obama in both 2008 and 2012, and has also worked for those of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both in 2016. With this, NGP VAN prides itself on being a company that is able to help inspiring leaders realize their dreams by offering them the technology that helps with that.

As a way of appreciating its female employees who have contributed to its success, NGP VAN participated in the International Day Without Women to reaffirm its values on gender justice and equality.

In addition to its services, NGP VAN offers four products that do help in efficiently conducting their services. These products include the MiniVAN smartphone application that helps campaigns to collect data and connect with voters and integrate the information into their database. The other is VoteBuilder which is primarily used by the Democratic Party to follow up on potential voters and also get to interact with them.

NGP serves as the third product which assists in digital engagement and fundraising and also mostly used by the Democratic Party. The last is the Innovation platform which is a tool of Application Programming Interface and which gives its users the freedom and opportunity to be creative themselves, by using it to meet their needs.

With a political cycle in the United States that sees elections every two years, for NGP VAN only the sky is the limit.

Ryan Seacrest: An Influential Celebrity

Ryan Seacrest is one of the most influential celebrities in the world today. He became famous because of his involvement in the TV show American Idol which produced some of the best singers that the country has seen. He is also involved in other television projects such as New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, Knock Knock Live, and Live with Kelly and Ryan. He is also active in radio, being the host of American Top 40, and On Air with Ryan Seacrest. Ryan Seacrest has a daily routine of going to work and meeting other people for appointments, with many considering him as the busiest man in Hollywood.

This year, the iconic talent show American Idol will be back on the air, and Ryan Seacrest would return as the show’s main host. Ryan Seacrest felt happy knowing that the show where his career began will once again be broadcasted all over the world. The return of American Idol excited Ryan Seacrest, and it is one of the projects that he is looking forward to.

During the times when he is not busy doing radio or television hosting, Ryan Seacrest is writing articles which he will be contributing to E! Magazine. He revealed that writing for him is a form of escape, and he would like to contribute articles to the renowned celebrity magazine to give enjoyment to the readers.

The success of Ryan Seacrest in show business opened a lot of opportunities for him. He started to explore new ventures in the entertainment industry, opening up new media companies and other businesses that are related to the industry where he is currently in. He is also managing a lifestyle enterprise, selling clothes, perfumes, and skincare products. Aside from partnering with other companies to sell his products, Ryan Seacrest is also an endorser for multinational companies, including Coca-Cola.

In the field of philanthropy, Ryan Seacrest is lauded for creating the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and opening up ten media centers inside the hospitals so children with terminal cancer can meet and greet famous Hollywood actors and actresses. Ryan Seacrest has come a long way from being a host to a jack-of-all-trades.


The Comprehensive Work and Education of Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali is known to be one of the top attorneys in Brazil and was even named lawyer of the year by the National Legal Council in 2017. He currently operates his own company, Fagali Advocacy, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He offers Bruno Fagali’s services to corporations, individuals and a high net work populace. Because of his decade’s worth of education and internship experience as well as his work with his own corporation, Bruno Fagali has made a name for himself within the area. He studied at various universities before he started his career. This education included the Sao Paulo University, where he graduated in 2012 with a degree in legal administration. He then went on to the Catholic University of Brazil where he obtained a Master’s degree in law in 2015.

Before starting his own company, Bruno Fagali worked an as intern for the Vargas Foundation, which is specific to both compliance and administrative law. His work with the foundation launched him into his specialization within this field, and this is why his company, Fagali Advocacy, specializes in both compliance and administrative law for both high net worth individuals as well as struggling corporations. While studying in university, Bruno also worked as a volunteer for the House Opportunities Foundation, which provides free legal aid and council to families who are going to court. While he no longer works in the field of family law, his work with the organization allows him to take a humbled and personalized approach to his current clients.

Bruno launched his own law firm in 2016, providing legal aid to individuals in the corporate sector. Along with providing legal services to his clients, Bruno also works on the website’s blog to educate viewers about what they need when dealing with court matters and legal cases. When Bruno isn’t working with his agency, providing legal council to locals or traveling the world on business trips, you can find him spending time with his wife and two children. Bruno is also an avid lover of Brazilian soccer and can often be found at many annual sporting events throughout the country.

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The Growth Of The OSI Group: An Inspiring American Success Story

At the turn of the last century, Otto Kolschowsky, an immigrant from Germany, founded a butcher shop in the Chicago area. The shop, later called Otto & Sons, developed a reputation for offering excellent cuts of meats. Soon Otto & Sons was supplying wholesale meat to supermarkets, restaurants and private label brands throughout Illinois. The company began experiencing meteoritic growth when they agreed to provide Ray Kroc with ground beef for his McDonald’s franchise beginning in 1955. Soon afterwards Otto & Sons had to create Glenmark, a subsidiary which handled the company’s customers other than McDonald’s.

After purchasing cryogenic flash freezing equipment and moving into larger facilities in the 1960s, Otto & Sons was ready to expand even more in the 1970s. They turned to Sheldon Lavin and his company for help with financing. Lavin got them the money and remained closely involved with the company. By the late 1970s, Otto Kolschowsky and his sons had retired and Lavin owned a majority of the company’s stock, so he took over. The company’s name was changed to the OSI Group in 1975 to signify its transformation into a technologically advanced business and Lavin set them on a course for international expansion.

Lavin put lots of emphasis on Asia and its huge population. The OSI Group entered joint ventures with several companies in China, Japan, the Philippines and Taiwan. The company also constructed 10 facilities for processing poultry in China and built facilities in the cities of Bangalore and Punjab in India. The company even began providing meat, fish, dough and vegetable products to Burger King, Papa John’s Pizza, Saizeriya, Yum, Subway, Starbucks and other western fast food franchises doing business in China. It also became China’s largest producer of poultry products.

But with all the company’s growth and international expansion, it continues to focus on producing the best tasting, most nutritious products using excellent environmental management practices. That focus on proper environmental stewardship resulted in the OSI Group winning the Globe of Honor awarded by the British Safety Council, the California Green Business Award and the Environmental Recognition Award handed out by the North American Meat Institute. The company has also won the enduring love of it 20,000 employees for the great worker safety and benefits programs it put in place.

In addition to all that, the OSI Group has the gratitude of consumers in 85 countries who enjoy their products.

A New Developer’s Vision Is Born

Boraie Development has been investing in New Jersey’s urban rebirth. Thus far, the construction projects have gone relatively well. Keeping along those same lines there’s a renewable housing option that’s been absent for 50 years. A 22 story high rise apartment building is what’s generating renewed interest in Newark’s skyline. The $79 million project is capturing headlines because of Boraie Development and their partnership with NBA great, Shaquille O’ Neal. Earlier this spring, construction was completed and there was an unveiling ceremony. In attendance were lead developers from Boraie, O’Neal, and top officials from the city of Newark, Governor Phillip Murphy and Lieutenant Governor, Sheila Oliver. Boraie paved the way for other major organizations, such as Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group to join in with financing.


According to NJBIZ, all eyes are now on Boraie Development, because they’re in the process of adding even more housing choices in Newark. Choice that will be exclusive to the growing urban renewal projects. New projects are getting complete funding, because of Boraie’s reputation for development and construction. This has helped create lasting partnerships. Goldman’s is one of those partners on board for the long term. They’ve already put $600 million into construction projects throughout the city. Shaq and Boraie have also created unionized employment. The effort is spearheaded by Boraie Development and its called, “Project IMPACT.”


In regards to involvement, most companies just perform construction and move on to another city and a new project. This isn’t the case with Boraie Development, they are involved in various phases of construction throughout Newark and New Brunswick. Sometimes development companies have to demonstrate the importance of new construction. Boraie Development had to do just that when they convinced Atlantic City officials to renew interest in casinos.


The lead developer for the Atlantic City casino renewal project was Wasseem Boraie. He took a meeting with the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. Wasseem managed to convince the Authority that millenials would be the largest segment most likely to frequently visit the municipality. And that’s how Boraie Development began construction on a $81 million casino rebuild. The project will propel Atlantic City into the next century with its inclusion of 250 luxury units. There’s also another Shaquille O’Neal build underway in Newark. This time Boraie and Shaq are working together to complete a 350 unit apartment building, which costs $150 million.



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Ryan Seacrest Bigraphy

Ryan Seacrest has grown from host of American Idol to a media mogul that is taking the world by storm. Not only does he host one of the most recognized music competition series, American Idol, he is also creatively responsible for so much more, including his nationally syndicated and local radio station, being an executive producer of a plethora of shows, and starting his own production company.

His number one nationally syndicated show in Los Angeles is the top-ranking morning drive-time show for iheartmedia’s 102.7 KIIS FM. He is also well known for his nationally syndicated top 40 radio show. Not only is he wildly popular with his radio shows, but is also the Co-Host and Executive Producer of the morning talk show “Live with Kelly and Ryan.” He is also responsible for hosting and executive producing ABC’s annual New Year’s Eve program, Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin Eve with Ryan Seacrest. His production company, Ryan Seacrest Productions is known for the production of the E! hit series “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, along with “Live from the Red Carpet” award shows, “Shahs of Sunset” on Bravo, CMT’s “I love Kellie Pickler”, and YouTube’s best.cover.ever. He just took on the production of “Shades of Blue” on NBC, and also produced reality series, “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.” In between his Radio, hosting, and production, he has also created a menswear collection, Ryan Seacrest Distinction that is exclusively sold at Macy’s, along with a men’s skin care line, Polished by Dr. Lancer.

Ryan Seacrest also takes time to give back by serving as chairman of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. This Foundation opens broadcast media centers in pediatric hospitals in cities across the country. He’s also on the Board of Directors for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and an honorary chair of the Grammy Foundation.

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