The Role of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall is one of Brazil’s greatest assets. The mall has given the residents a new meaning of shopping and entertainment. Through the Domus Hall, Brazil is having frequent visits from international celebrities.

The owner of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall decided to build the mall to give his people a recreational facility because he realized that most of them had to travel to access fun joints. As a result of the added cost, many residents just ignored their leisure time.

Fortunately, this is no longer an issue, thanks to the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall that the people have named the small city. The mall has a total of 280 premises among which are hospitals, colleges, gaming arenas and food courts.

Roberto Santiago never realized his dream in a fortnight, it was through determination and constantly challenging himself. After completing his education, he worked at a café in Santa Rosa. After a while, he decided to quit his job and focus on starting his private venture. Using the knowledge and experience he had acquired at Santa Rosa, he began a cartonnage Company. At first, the company only manufactured cardboards using cartons and later expanded to a nationally recognized home décor company.

In 1987, Santiago finally decided to pursue real estate and fulfill his promise to his people. He bought the land on which the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall is built. It only took him two years to launch the mall. The mall was possibly the most magnificent structure the people of Joao Pessoa had seen.

The mall exceeded Santiago’s expectations, whose aim was only to ensure the occupants of Joao Pessoa did not have to travel to other towns in search of luxury facilities. The residents can now shop under one roof and avoid the inconveniences that come along with having to move from one building to another to meet all their needs.

In the 2015 financial crisis, both of Santiago’s business that is the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall, and the Mangeira Mall remained stable while other companies collapsed. This event proved the stability of the investments and, therefore, encouraged many investors around the mall.

The increased investments have encouraged quality production of goods and services. This is because the producers must prove the authenticity of their products in the market. The high number of manufacturers have also led to fair prices and reduced the exploitation of customers. The fair prices are a result of the many substitutes in the market.

Roberto Santiago has also increased the employment opportunities for the occupants and expanded the market for those who want to venture into entrepreneurship.

Final Verdict

Roberto Santiago has improved the living standards of the residents. The mall has redefined the entertainment sector and the economic life of the Joao Pessoa occupants.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco How New Lending Programs Will Help Economy

The economy of Brazil is changing rapidly. There are numerous people who are interested in starting their own business. However, getting a business loan in Brazil is not easy. There are few major banks willing to lend to people without a lot of capital already. This is an issue that has hurt economic growth over the years.

Bradesco is one of the most dynamic banks in Brazil today. Over the past few years, Bradesco has introduced numerous lending programs to help small business owners. These programs have had a lot of success so far. There are now thousands of people who have used the lending programs to get a business started. One of the reasons that the lending programs are so successful is the convenience of borrowing. Small business owners can apply online and have the cash deposited within a few days.

Trabuco Bradesco was the leader of Bradesco when these lending programs were introduced. Although he recently announced his resignation from the company, he is still excited about all of the progress that was made during his time as CEO.

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Lending Requirements

There are numerous lending requirements in order to qualify for a business loan according to Unlike a loan for a home, getting a loan for a business is actually difficult in many areas. Banks want to make sure that the business owner has the ability to pay the loan back if the business does not work out.

Bradesco offers several small loans for people who are just getting started. Although these loans do not have a lot of financial value, they are still a great way for people to get started in a business. Many new business owners simply want to get started doing something for themselves. Something as simple as selling food on the streets of a major city can still be profitable on The vast majority of new loans issued by Bradesco are for small amounts. This is still causing economic growth to increase throughout the country because people are starting small companies.


Another major change over the past few years is that the cost of housing is much higher than before. As the economy has improved, the housing values have improved as well. This is causing many people to consider investing in real estate. Real estate is a great investment for numerous reasons. Not only does it provide monthly income to the investor, but investors also get to enjoy equity increases as the housing prices improve.

Finding a home to purchase is not easy. In some areas of the country, there are homes that sell within a few days of listing. It is important for real estate investors to conduct research before purchasing a home. Bradesco has a real estate lending program for investors. However, there are a ton of requirements in order to get approved. A few years ago, the real estate market crashed and caused a lot of banks to go out of business due to bad loans.

The Career of Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a leader in the banking industry. Although he is retired, he still works with numerous companies on plans for the future. He enjoyed his time at Bradesco, but he wanted to concentrate on other areas of his life. In addition, he thought that the company was in good financial shape and could hire a young leader to take the business to a new level.


As The CEO Of Green Structure Homes Delivered, Barbara Stokes Is Really Making A Difference

When any type of disaster strikes a city or town, a Huntsville, Alabama-based company named Green Structure Homes Delivered specializes in providing those communities with modular and mobile housing options.

As the CEO of Green Structure Homes Delivered, Barbara Stokes is very experienced in the field of disaster relief construction. Through the years, Ms. Stokes has worked closely with the Federal Emergency Housing Authority, and is very knowledgeable concerning government contracting. The state-of-the-art homes that her company provides are designed and manufactured in-house, and can be erected quickly. Follow Barbara Stokes on Facebook.

The manufactured housing units that are produced by Green Structure Homes Delivered are engineered to high standards and are known for their overall high quality. The company maintains a modern production facility that utilizes computer-aided design software and CNC machines, which leads to greater product accuracy and quality.

Because of their high quality, FEMA has utilized the manufactured housing units produced by Green Structure Homes Delivered to house survivors of disasters across America since 2012.

After Hurricane Harvey cut a path of devastation through the Houston, Texas, area in 2017, Green Structure Homes Delivered was chosen to help provide relief to the victims of the disaster.

In 2017, Green Structure Homes Delivered entered into a large new contract with FEMA. Shortly thereafter, the company hired new employees in North Carolina, Louisiana, Virginia, Texas, Alabama, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Florida. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Offering exceptional organizational skills when disaster strikes, Barbara Stokes is a graduate of Mercer University. Before she started Green Structure Homes Delivered, Ms. Stokes worked for a major aircraft manufacturer, and for an electronics research and development firm.

Barbara Stokes is a mother of three children and an active member of the Huntsville, Alabama, community. Under her leadership, Green Structure Homes Delivered is a successful company that regularly assists people when they are in need of disaster relief housing.


Susan McGalla Highly Sought After Female Business Executive in the Corporate World of the United States

As a female entrepreneur who has achieved massive success in the corporate industry, Susan McGalla, VP of Creative Development and Business Strategy in Pittsburgh Steelers Inc, has always been on vocal about ways to improve the position of women in the corporate world. She believes that it is essential for the industry to openly acknowledge the glass ceiling problem that has infected the corporate world for many years and improve the position of women in the industry by allowing more participation of the women who deserve to be in a better place than they are. It is a commonly known fact that women in the corporate world struggle to bag a better designation as compared to men. It is a problem that Susan McGalla has faced herself in her career, but due to her sheer passion for her work and determination, Susan managed to overcome the challenges to emerge victoriously.

Susan McGalla has worked with many top companies like Wet Seals Inc and American Eagle Outfitters in the past in important positions such as CEO and President respectively. Susan McGalla in her current post as mentioned above in Pittsburgh Steelers has managed to implement strategies that has improved marketing and sales graph of the company. Her strategy has helped the company immensely in developing its market position and considerable enhance revenue, which is one of the primary reasons why Susan McGalla is one of the most sought-after business executives in the industry right now. There are many companies out there who are looking to hire experienced executives like Susan McGalla.

Susan McGalla feels that many women are experienced and has considerable expertise in the industry who can be in a better position than they are in right now. She thinks that these deserving women should be helped by their respective companies to glide upwards in their career. Susan McGalla said that initiatives to empower women, as well as sponsorship programs within the companies, are excellent ways to help the women in the companies who deserve to up their ranks in their career. It would assist in strengthening the position of the women in the industry.

Paul Mampilly Warns Of A Coming Bitcoin Crash

Over the course of a career beginning in 1991, Paul Mampilly has learned every boom must be followed by a crash of some sort and has recently warned of the problems he sees beginning as the Bitcoin bubble grows. Cryptocurrencies have shown themselves to be a consistently rising option for those interested in creating a successful investment portfolio over the last few months when the value of each coin mined using complex algorithms jumped to an unheard of $19,000 per coin; one of the world’s leading investment specialists decided this was the moment to warn investors to sell their cryptocurrencies before the bubble he believes has been developed bursts.

Paul Mampilly admits a certain amount of uncertainty is seen with any decision about when to sell a successful investment but the growing level of uncertainty about Bitcoin means this has become the perfect time to sell off cryptocurrencies before they fall to pre-boom levels. As a former winner of the Templeton Foundation, Paul Mampilly believes the Bitcoin bubble is about to burst and feels his role as an investment advisor provides him with the need to explain his position to those who follow his advice and those who are looking for assistance with their financial situation.

After carefully examining the position of Bitcoin, Paul Mampilly believes a bubble is growing around the cryptocurrency and this will not be a long-term option for creating a successful investment portfolio. Paul Mampilly believes the growing level of success many investors are seeing from investments of just $10,000 which are now worth around $190,000 will eventually crash in value leaving those who feel the natural impulse for greed to overcome the analytics which states the bubble will soon burst.

An ever-expanding market for Bitcoin has been growing over the curse of 2017 which has been highlighted by a growing number of successful, established companies embarking on Bitcoin mining as they feel this will lead to greater profits; in this way, the growing Bitcoin market is reminiscent of the tech sector crash of 1999. Paul Mampilly survived the tech crash of 1999 without losing a cent of his personal funds by removing himself from the market long before the bubble burst.

Paul Mampilly: An Financial Guru Helping Main Street Americans Invest

One Login Has Changed During 2017

The company’s access management services are well-known all over the world. Here are some things that happened at OneLogin in 2017:

  1. Brad Brooks Became Their CEO:

Brad Brooks has decades of experience in the tech sector. He became the CEO of One Login in August.

  1. One Login Has A New Customer:

Airbus now uses their services, and they have had a positive experience with One Login. Airbus manufactures vehicles that are used for aeronautics and spaceflight.

  1. New Positive Testimonials:

Fourteen of the company’s customers published positive testimonials this year. These companies operate in different sectors of the economy. The positive testimonials are likely to attract more customers.

  1. Fortune Magazine Has Given The Company An Award:

Fortune Magazine listed One Login as one of the best companies to work for in San Francisco. This is the fourth award that One Login has received in the last two years. It’s likely that this award will bring more highly skilled employees to the company.

  1. Their App Has Become More Sophisticated:

One Login has begun incorporating machine learning into their app. This has numerous benefits. Here are some ways that machine learning has improved the One Login app:

  • Prevention Of Fraud: Machine learning is used to stop suspicious logins in their tracks by identifying the networks that logins are coming from and the time that logins are being attempted. If a suspicious login attempt occurs, the manager of the program will be notified immediately.
  • Machine learning makes the app significantly faster. It also makes it possible to find apps faster than you could in the past.

You can use One Login to find apps without knowing the name of the app you’re looking for. One Login uses machine learning to identify apps with keywords.

Michel Terpins Uses His Competitive Spirit to Keep Racing

As a competitor, Michel Terpins knows what it is like to go up against people who are trying to win in the same way he is. He knows what it is like to beat out the competition and to try and help people realize they can do different things. For Michel Terpins, this means he has to do things that will make him a better driver. He has gone to great lengths to get to that point and it has helped him through the times where he felt he was unable to actually do more with the racing opportunities he had. Michel Terpins likes to do things the right way and he even makes sure he is racing the right way. He tries to remain as moral as possible while he’s racing so he can make all the right choices and never have to worry about issues with the racing industry.

Even when Michel Terpins teamed up with his brother to race together, he knew there would be different things he could do to make sure they were racing in the best way possible. He always wanted his brother to race with him and that’s part of what led him to making positive choices to better himself in the racing industry. It also allowed him the chance to make sure things were going to get better.

As long as Michel Terpins was racing, he felt confident he could do better. He had always had a strong desire to win and that’s part of what led him to the point where he’s at today. He knows what it is like to win and what it’s like to make sure he is making all the best decisions for the people who he races with. In addition, Michel Terpins has always tried to show others there are things he can do and things he can make better about the racing industry. All of the opportunities he has had come directly from racing and from making good decisions while he is trying to race. He knows the decisions have all paid off for him.

Oncotarget: The Effects of Selenium on Staph Positive Mastitis

Inflammatory conditions are a common occurrence among the adult population throughout the country. Mastitis is one such inflammatory condition normally affecting lactating mammals. Mastitis is often caused by bacteria or viruses passing into the breast tissue. Staph is a fairly common bacteria known to lead to this problem. Studies have been performed to determine whether specific compounds could potentially act to decrease the inflammation associated with this condition when it results from a staph infection. The following information will discuss mastitis in more detail. It will also cover the effects of selenium on staph-positive cases of mastitis in mice, which is the topic of the included research study.

What is Mastitis?

Mastitis is an infection that occurs within the breast tissue of mammals. It generally occurs in those that are still producing milk due to recent gestation and subsequent nursing. Mastitis can occur in both humans and animals. It is often caused by an infection resulting from the transmission of a variety of viruses or bacteria to the breast tissue, with Staphylococcus aureus remaining a common culprit. Mastitis often results in visible redness, swelling, discomfort, and pain within the affected breast tissue. Recent studies have been performed to determine the effects of selenium on the inflammatory processes that accompany a staph infection resulting in the development of mastitis.

What is Selenium?

Selenium is one of many essential micronutrients required by the body for optimal health and well-being. Selenium has been known to have powerful effects on the cardiovascular system, maintenance of a strong immune system, and cancer prevention. Selenium does not seem to have much of an effect on the initial development of inflammatory processes within the body, but it was suspected of having positive effects on the progression of inflammation once it began. Researchers decided to put this theory to the test and determine the anti-inflammatory effects of selenium on mice with staph-induced mastitis. The details of this study and the results it yielded will be further expounded upon below.

How Selenium Works to Decrease Inflammation

The first action selenium seems to take is to increase cell survival in the breast tissue of mice infected with staph. This suggests that treatment with specific levels of selenium supplementation may act to effectively increase epithelial cell survival rates in mice suffering from mastitis brought about as a result of staph infection.

Secondly, the addition of treatment levels of selenium into mice affected by mastitis results in definitive histopathological changes within the mice models affected by this condition. The breast tissue of uninfected mice showed the normal morphology of the cells in that area. The breast tissue of infected mice demonstrated a variety of disease-related processes including infiltration of inflammatory cells, shedding of epithelial cells, necrosis of breast tissue, and a disorganized structure of the breast cells. Check Oncotarget at

Thirdly, researchers noticed a lowered activity level of the neutrophils in the affected area as well. Neutrophils are white blood cells that are sent to a specific area of the body to effectively help get rid of infectious processes. In the process of this study, selenium reduced the activity level of the neutrophils that infiltrated the area of the infected breast tissue.

Results of Study Involving Mice with Mastitis

The particular study in question analyzed the selenium levels in the breast tissue of six groups of mice. The presence of a staph infection did not alter the selenium levels in the breast tissue being referenced. The selenium levels were lowest in the control group of mice. The selenium levels were highest in the mice suffering from mastitis that were also positive for a staph infection.

TLR2 and TLR6 are proteins present in mammals. These proteins influence and play a vital role in the functioning of the body’s inflammatory response that deals with infection and disease processes. Selenium seems to actively decrease the active levels of TLR2 and TLR6. On an additional level, selenium acts to decrease NF-κB and MAPK signaling in the breast tissue of staph infected mastitis-positive mice. Watch this video on Youtube

Final Conclusion of Mice Studies

Multiple studies have previously indicated that selenium decreases inflammatory cytokines in the body, therefore acting as an anti-inflammatory and helping to regulate the immune reaction in the body. The specific details of this study and its outcomes demonstrated that selenium inhibited the inflammatory response in mice who had mastitis resulting from a staph infection, but the level of which this occurred was dependant on the dose in question.

A staph infection affecting the breast tissue results in substantial tissue damage, infiltration of inflammatory cells, and necrosis of the affected tissue. Treatment with selenium decreased the degree of pathology seen in the tissues examined, depending on the dose given. The researchers concluded that selenium decreases the inflammatory response that occurs as a result of a mastitis infection. Therefore, selenium could possibly be used as a more natural manner in which to effectively treat and prevent cases of mastitis in human subjects.

About Oncotarget

Oncotarget is a bio-medical journal that broaches a wide variety of oncology-related topics in depth. Published twice weekly, this journal discusses important scientific studies that address real health concerns affecting millions of people around the globe.

Oncotarget was initially established in 2010 and is published by Impact Journals. Oncotarget is indexed by well-known names such as Pubmed and Science Citation Index Expanded. Today, the journal continues to provide important scientific research for those interested in furthering their knowledge on these crucial topics.

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Top Wainscoting Ideas for Dramatic Changes in Your Home

When your home starts begging for some improvements, wainscoting ideas come handy. Don’t forget that by lining walls with the wood panels, you automatically style up the room. On top of that, you hide small or large imperfections.

Wainscoting panels will not only bring elegance but also color up the room. With so many choices in regard to designs and hues, you can marry the tones and profiles you like for the ultimate results. And you don’t have to break the bank either. There are designs but also ideas for frugal wall renovations too.

7 top wainscoting decorating ideas

The classic wainscoting


Classic wainscoting design ideas are not necessarily old fashioned. And you don’t have to keep the wooden appearance of the panels either. Instead, you can choose a gray or dark blue color. Classic designs often cover 1/3 of the wall. They come with a base, chair rail, and stiles. Keep them even lower if the ceiling is not so high. Bring them higher if you have a tall ceiling.

To maintain a classic elegance in the home office, living room, library or elsewhere, stick to a classic raised panel and use neutral colors. Old classic homes inspired a ‘heavier’ atmosphere. For that, wainscot more parts in the room. Use crown molding, door & window casing, and trim the doors.

The modern wainscoting


Although you can use any modern wainscoting design and bring the panel up or down depending on ceiling height, don’t over-wainscot the room. Here your intention is to make spaces friendlier. Or, bring a summer look. Or, it might be a child’s room, where you don’t want to make it too serious.

So avoid putting molding in every part of the room. Stick to wall panel wainscoting. Often floor to ceiling panels offer a very modern look and become a blank canvas for any wall decoration. For a modern look, focus on using the right colors. White & black is always an option. But you can dare for brighter choices, like blue, green, or red.

The picture molding


When walls are covered with furniture or you want to escape the classic idea of lining the walls with a flat panel, you can always trim the upper part of the wall. This is the classic picture rail that runs closer to the ceiling rather than the floor. This can be a nice surprise since it’s outdated. Don’t let the word ‘outdated’ scare you. When it comes to interior design ideas, old fashioned styles make a strong come back. A white picture molding will look good on a colored wall. It will also put some emphasis on the crown moulding and keep eyes traveling upwards. So you might want to be sure the trim is the perfect match to the existing ceiling molding.

Trim the wall to create a texture

The looks of a wall can change dramatically if you create a special pattern without really installing a shaker. You can simply trim the wall but focus on texture. You can use trim to create small or larger squares. The small ones can fit into the large ones. Or, you can only use one size squares to create a pattern. This idea will give more depth if the wall is painted a different color.

Play with the doors and openings


Don’t forget that you can trim doors too. It will give minimal homes a splash of traditional elegance. Don’t forget that if you have a beadboard running the walls and other trims in the room, trimming the door will bring a more classic look. So it depends on how much trim there is in the room and the impressions you want to give. For a lighter approach, trim only certain parts of the room – the door opening, or the door, or the area above the fireplace etc.

Don’t forget the window casing

Most of the times, window casing is there but is often neglected. That’s because they are often hidden behind the curtains. But window casing makes a nice improvement and will also give you the chance to check if your window needs some caulking too. You can bring the casing all the way up to the ceiling molding or keep it lower. It’s often better to keep window casing thinner than door casing.

But it will also depend on whether or not there is a shaker wainscoting covering the wall in between. If not, you can always break the rules and make them wider especially if the room is wide.

Marry colors


We are often instructed not to blend molding colors. And the truth is that if you keep them all painted the same color, you maintain some uniformity and bring out their style. But since rules are made to be broken, remember that it also depends on other factors. For example, if you wainscot the entire wall and paint it orange, you might want (or not want) to paint the trims white. Just remember that when you use a different color, it stands out. So always consider what visual effect you want to create.

Class Dojo Is a Perfect Example of a Good Education Tool

Edtech refers to the industry of technological innovations that aim at helping educators and teachers. Investments are poised to reach more than 1.4 billion dollars soon enough. It is true that the Education Department has cut spending. However, investors are realizing the power of edtech and the vast demand for more products that help bring about a better education. However, when it comes to creating a product for teachers, you have to realize that you can not just create any product and expect it to become popular with teachers. There are so many products out there already, and you have to be unique. You have to really offer something of value.

You see, when teachers choose to use an education product, they look for specific things. Education is something that is very important in society. It is important that the tool or product actually do something for the students. It has to be fun for the students. It has to make them want to use it. It also has to make things easier for the students and for the teachers. It should be simple and fun, not a complicated app that doesn’t really work or which does not do anything to make the learning process more fun and interactive.

Keep in mind that when schools look for new edtech products they use, they ask the teachers which products they want. The teachers are the ones who are going to be using the products, so they have the final say. That is why it is important to create products that teachers like.

Class Dojo is an example of an edtech product that is successful because of what is has to offer. It is a communication platform that greatly helps teachers. It gives students a voice by letting them add photos and videos to their online portfolio. Teachers can easily use the app to communicate with parents, and vice versa. They can share videos of various accomplishments that the students made in the classroom with their parents. It is all about connection and empowerment.