Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff’s Author Sean Penn Speaks out at CBS

For those who know Sean Penn in person, they must have spotted some similarities that he has with Bob Honey. The two are all baby boomers and are enthusiasts of humanitarianism. Both Sean Penn and Bob Honey are not happy with the present day political climate. Actually, there is a trendy article that explains Penn’s love for helping distressed individuals. It goes down in history that during the Haiti earthquake in 2010, he and Diana Jenkins founded an organization that would provide victims of the Haiti earthquake with relief. In the book ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff’ there is an account of Bob Honey traveling all the way to Iraq after the war for the purposes of surveying the damages before he is done, he is interrupted by the notorious Hurricane disaster in US and dashes back to the US to offer relief to victims of disaster.

Now, being privy to the similarities, you can clearly see how Mr. Penn makes his sincere part of the character in ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff’ to reflect both values and ideas of his personality such as the social responsibility to appear in the book. In the book, he brings out the aftermath of the made-up hurricane ordeal from his personal experience, where he gave a helping hand to the victims of Hurricane Katrina disaster. In the interview at the CBS Sean Penn and the reporter recounts a series of events just after the disastrous storm.

This reporter was on the ground at the time when the relief activities were ongoing, and he covered most of the events, where she recalls speaking to Mr. Penn. The author of ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff‘ was here and he was present, organizing rescue efforts and also organized for boats which would help ferry people who had been trapped in the floodwaters. Actually, he reveals in the interview how his efforts would have more than 40 people rescued in day one alone. Generous boat owners also gave out their boats for this humanitarian operation. Most of the humanitarian themes found in the book connect and resonates with his own experiences.

Though the books may be hard to read to completion because of its uncommon describing words, you will notice that Bob Honey’s ideas are not only prophetic in nature but also wise. Some occasions and descriptions are well hidden under a handpicked language, satire as well as metaphors. However, in the process, Bob creates a parallel social movement comprised of fictitious insights and names. At some point, you would see that his characters are somehow agreeing with rival political views. This is based on the author of the book Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff’s frustrations for social and political problems that disturb him.

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