Cancer Treatment Centers of America Aim For Complete Healing

One of the most devastating diseases facing our society today has destroyed more lives than some wars with a fall out that not only includes physical pain but an emotional upheaval that often leaves patients reeling from the emotional hit.

Though devastating as cancer is for those that receive a diagnosis as well as those closest to them, researchers and doctors have made giant leaps in treating the disease beyond simply removing cancerous cells.

The Emotional Struggle of a Cancer Diagnosis and Cancer Treatments Centers of America Push for Complete Health for Women

As cancer wreaks havoc on many of the vital systems necessary for a complete and whole life, the emotional toll of having to battle against the disease simultaneously erodes patients strength and hope which are essential more so than ever for those battling for their lives.

As the Cancer Treatment Centers of America has become a leader within the medical community known for providing patients with not only top of the line care but a safe environment to help foster healing beyond cancer’s remission they have implemented programs that aim to heal some of the unseen scars cancer often leaves behind. So in partnership with the ACA, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America created an outreach program designed to help women who have received a cancer diagnosis navigate the new terrain of maintaining their self-esteem and hope in spite of the physical ravages caused by cancer.

The program brings together cosmetic experts and patients for group discussions about make-up tips, ways to conceal hair loss, as well as maintaining general emotional well-being throughout the entire process.

If you would like to learn more about how the Cancer Treatment Centers of America are helping women defeat the emotional struggle of cancer please visit the Chicago Tribune.

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