Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Announces Launch Of Clinical Pathways Program

Cancer Care Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) is a national group of five hospitals that treat cancer. They have announced a partnership between them, NantHealth, and Allscripts which will create a program named Clinical Pathways. This program will help streamline the cancer treatment process and better inform doctors of treatment options for each individual patient.
As part of the partnership, NantHealth will provide their clinical support solution which is named eviti. eviti was developed by using the input of oncologists across the United States which documents all types of cancer treatment options. Tying into this will be Allscripts Sunrise platform which is an electronic health record database.
By eliminating the guesswork that physicians currently go through when treating a cancer patient, Clinical Pathways will lead to better patient outcomes and a smoother process of providing treatment for doctors. The program will also compare different treatment options, including how much each typically costs.
Cancer Care Treatment Centers of America was established in 1988. The founder, Richard Stephenson, formed the organization after becoming frustrated with the cancer care treatment options his mother was presented with after being diagnosed with cancer, leading to her eventual death from the disease. They use conventional therapies to treat cancer including cancer drugs, surgery, and chemotherapy. They also have a team that is experienced in treating the issues of cancer treatment such as pain, fatigue, lymphedema, and the depression experienced by many patients.
CTCA today has a hospital located in each region of the continental United States. They treat patients from around the world in their hospitals including Mexico, the Caribbean, Latin America, and the Middle East. The hospitals that make up CTCA have met the full Standards Compliance which was designed by the Joint Commission. Additionally, they are part of the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers.

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