Cassio Audi: An Experienced

Cassio Audi belongs to a clique of leaders within the Brazilian corporate marked by excellent track record, a plethora of skills and years of experience working at the top of the corporate ladder. Since graduating with his first degree from Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, he has built a strong reputation as one of the leading company executives. At the university, Cassio Audi specialized in Business Administration. To further understand the dynamics of business administration, he enrolled at Universidade de São Paulo for his Master of Business Administration degree studies and graduated from the university in 2000. This solid background in business administration has been one of the success pillars in his checkered career. He later added numerous skills including change management, negotiation, financial planning, restructuring and financial reporting among others, to his already burgeoning professional profile.

However, unbeknown to many Cassio Audi is also an excellent drummer having spent close to four years performing with the rock and pop band, Viper. Between 1985 and 1989, he played a critical role in the arrangement, performance and writing of the band’s three songs including ‘Soldiers of Sunrise’. This is why he was able to seamlessly fit into the band in 2016 when they were performing the track.

Professional Background

In 1992, JP Morgan Chase hired Cassio Audi as a trader. From there, his nascent professional career found the proper grounding as he was hired by Dow Chemical four years later to serve as the senior financial analyst for the company. The upward trajectory his career had taken reached another milestone when he was brought on board by Gillette to oversee its operations in Brazil. After an excellent eight year stay at the company, Cassio Audi sought for further professional challenges in 2006 when he was appointed as the chief financial officer at the Brazilian startup, Brookfield Brasil Real Estate Partners Inc. He left the company after two excellent years and served in several companies in various executive positions with significant success.

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