Cassio Audi Music Career before Venturing into Business

Before venturing into the business world, Cassio Audi was a rock band member. Together with his band friends Yves Passarel, Felipe Machado, and Andre Machado, they founded the Viper rock band in 1985. In the band, Cassio Audi played drums until 1989 when he chose to leave to pursue a career in business. The Viper rock band drew its inspiration from the growing British heavy metal music and Iron Maiden. According to sources, Cassio Audi was incredible on drum sets and would have made a great career in music.

When the band released its first demo album going by the name of The Killer Sword, his proficiency with the drums caught everyone’s attention. The demo comprised of tracks such as the Killera, Princess of Hell, and Nightmare. After several adjustments, the tracks ware later included in their first album, the Soldiers of Sunrise which they released in 1987. Fans and music critics felt that the band needed to refine its tuning and skills. Nonetheless, considering the fact that English wasn’t their first language, the production deemed the Viper as talented and in a position to do better in future. His Facebook Profile.

Allmusic rated the album 4-star. Since the first debut, the group redid and released the album several times. In 1989, Cassio Audi had enough and left the industry. After his exit, his group members released a second album known as Theater of Fate, which was their most successful. After exiting the music industry, Cassio Audi joined the University where he studied business administration. He later graduated with a degree in business administration. After some time, Cassio Audi joined the University of Sao Paulo for his MBA and later graduated with an MBA in Finance. Presently, Audi has acquired a handful of skills in the industry of finance management. Moreover, he has vast experience in real estate, and people come to him for advice on matters involving stock exchange.

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