Cassio Audi – The Drums Play On!

If you’ve ever had a dream but not been sure about how to pursue it, or that it’s even possible to reach, let me tell you this: You can achieve your wildest dreams if you simply try and persist as a young teenage rock band in Brazil once did. Perhaps you’ve heard of Viper? Yes, this once-popular 1980s rock band ruled the nation and even the world in its time: It rocked the top charts and even fought against Nirvana and Van Halen to keep its top seat.

People from around the world bought thousands of copies of Viper’s music. What’s especially worthy of note is that Viper’s drummer, Cassio Audi, was a great inspiration to the band as a whole: Some even say that he put the band together and that his concepts were a driving force for this young, struggling group of teens. Did you know that this band began in the basement with nothing but four members and an idea? So consider that the next time you doubt your potential.

Viper began playing faithfully for local communities and, eventually, word-of-mouth spread. Though the band disunited in 1989, it’s still remember for its many unique musical tastes and mixes with metal themes and instrumental lyrics. Drummer Casio Audi is never forgotten either; his successful skills and perseverance, creativity, innovation and pursuit for excellence have launched him as a top financial advisor today. He now uses such skills and drive for excellence to further his business endeavors in Brazil.

He holds his MBA in finances as well. Do not forget him when you’re in the area. In addition, he holds multiple endorsed skills through websites like LinkedIn, Crunch Base, Google Plus, and his band videos may even be seen on YouTube. You may hear his music there as well.

Find more information on Cassio Audi on his Facebook page.

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