One Login Has Changed During 2017

The company’s access management services are well-known all over the world. Here are some things that happened at OneLogin in 2017:

  1. Brad Brooks Became Their CEO:

Brad Brooks has decades of experience in the tech sector. He became the CEO of One Login in August.

  1. One Login Has A New Customer:

Airbus now uses their services, and they have had a positive experience with One Login. Airbus manufactures vehicles that are used for aeronautics and spaceflight.

  1. New Positive Testimonials:

Fourteen of the company’s customers published positive testimonials this year. These companies operate in different sectors of the economy. The positive testimonials are likely to attract more customers.

  1. Fortune Magazine Has Given The Company An Award:

Fortune Magazine listed One Login as one of the best companies to work for in San Francisco. This is the fourth award that One Login has received in the last two years. It’s likely that this award will bring more highly skilled employees to the company.

  1. Their App Has Become More Sophisticated:

One Login has begun incorporating machine learning into their app. This has numerous benefits. Here are some ways that machine learning has improved the One Login app:

  • Prevention Of Fraud: Machine learning is used to stop suspicious logins in their tracks by identifying the networks that logins are coming from and the time that logins are being attempted. If a suspicious login attempt occurs, the manager of the program will be notified immediately.
  • Machine learning makes the app significantly faster. It also makes it possible to find apps faster than you could in the past.

You can use One Login to find apps without knowing the name of the app you’re looking for. One Login uses machine learning to identify apps with keywords.