Jose Hawilla Says Most Employees Would Be Happier Entrepreneurs

Many frustrated employees would be happier as entrepreneurs says Jose Hawilla, owner of the sports management firm, The Traffic Group. The question is, are they really up to the challenge. That’s where the defining line is drawn.

Is It Possible?

One problem is when entrepreneurship is seen as something exotic that few could possibly do. There are so many workers that falsely believe being an employee is the “normal” way, and running a business is atypical. The image of entrepreneurship has hardly adapted to the possibilities. The mindset needs to change because entrepreneurship is open to everyone.

For example, those who can budget and organize family life, who can plan large celebrations or travel, or who are committed to their community, city or similar, who can inspire others, already have important qualities that can translate into their own self-employment. People do not lack entrepreneurial skills, says Jose Hawilla, but what is often lacking is a clear intention, perseverance, and a creative business concept. And some, unfortunately, the courage to simply implement something without the fear of failure.

Where’s The Need?

Entrepreneurship means recognizing a problem, and solving it, not just for oneself, but entrepreneurially for everyone. It is important to identify a need in society, says Hawilla. And having an idea for a business start-up does not mean you need to quit your day job immediately. What is important, says Jose Hawilla, is approaching that idea with many small steps until that ultimate goal of running a business is achieved.

You can try out a lot today through modern technical possibilities, and make yourself visible and test the market. Jose Hawilla reminds blossoming entrepreneurs, an idea can start out as just a hobby, then maybe a small side project or a side job. But this can become a successful business. Jose Hawilla started out as a sports journalist in Brazil, then turned his sports passion into a multi-million dollar business.

After a 10-year career as reporter, then commentator, and producer, Hawilla had extensive experience in the sports industry, and a knack for cultivating diverse relationships. He has been able to secure partnerships with several sports associations, like the Spanish Football League. You can follow their Twitter page.

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Lori Senacal’s View of Current Marketing Trends

Technology has with no doubt changed so many aspects of life, both personal and social. In the business world, many changes have been experienced since the onset of internet. The most obvious change is in the marketing and advertising departments in various corporations.

According to Adage, there are important techniques and skills that every business person should learn, appreciate and put into practice. The techniques are employed on the different social media platforms that have now become vital in reaching out to the whole world. Through digital advertising, it is possible to reach out to customers based on their locality and even age group. Some of the current trends with significant effect in advertising and marketing include:

Use of Facebook and Google to Advertise

From the revenue collected by both google and Facebook in a span of one year, it is clear that the money coming from advertising and marketing increased rapidly. This translates to the number of business people that are using these platforms to reach out to their clients. Google and Facebook are used by billions of people across the world, thus giving businesses a chance to expand their reach.

Use of Mobile Devices to Market Products

Many companies have realized the vital role of mobile devices in reaching new clients or keeping existing customers updated. Such companies are hiring specialists to write content that is mobile friendly to come up with ads that are suited for small mobile devices. The fact that people are always moving around with their phones or tablets has made it crucial for business people to utilize mobile devices to reach to the clients.

According to Lori, who is an expert in marketing, while advertising via the internet, one must have a clear goal and a proper plan of execution. When using Ads as a means of advertisement, it is important to make the ads appealing, relatable, make sure that the ads tap into human emotions , design the ad is such a way that it does not start automatically, and while creating the ads, include real people that your customers can relate to.

Lori Senecal is the current Global CEO of Crispin Porter& Bogusky, LLC, who is very experienced in digital and creative marketing. Lori is responsible for the company’s global expansion of the company. She coordinates the operations of Crispin’s nine international offices.

Lori’s skills have been gained over the year as a result of working with top companies where she learned and expanded her skills. Lori has worked at McCann-Erickson Worldwide, Inc. where she was the brain behind TAG Ideation. She is based in New York and has been recognized for being a strong leader.

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Entrepreneur Rone Borre has Created Three Businesses that are Advancing in Chicago

Rona Borre is passionate about her work

She has been in the staffing industry since she graduated from the University of Arizona in 1995 and moved to Illinois. Her degree was in business and marketing, and she began her career as an account executive and recruiter for Team Alliance. After her next position as Senior Account Executive for Sapphire Technologies, Ms. Borre ventured out on her own and founded Instant Technology.

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Rona Borre is passionate about her work, and her goal is to transform the human capital industry. Instant Technology is on the cutting edge of this and offers a fast-paced environment where Rona and her staff excel in connecting their clients with optimum employees.


Ms. Borre is also a leader in the community; she is active and informative as an entrepreneur who Gives back. She has written 16 publications with topics ranging from women in business to transforming the image of businesswomen in professional staffing. Ms. Borre is someone who is moving forward towards her vision as she assists others to reach theirs.

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In 2014, she founded two more agencies in the staffing industry, Instant Alliance and Instant Finance. As CEO, her expertise in this field has led her to develop advanced agencies for anothr level of success in the field. Ms. Borre Gives Back as a leader in The Chicago Network, Young President’s Organization and the Economic Club of Chicago.   Check on