Glen Wakeman is Dedicated to Your Entrepreneurial Success

Glen Wakeman is an entrepreneur who obtained his education from the University of Scranton. Here is where Glen studied from 1977 to 1981 and received his bachelor’s degree in economics and finance. Since then he has gone on to get his MBA in finance at the University of Chicago in 1993. Glen Wakeman has a successful track record as an executive in his field. From 1985 until 2006 he was the CEO of the Latin American branch of GE Money. During this time he had the opportunity to work in 32 countries and lived in 6 of them throughout South America, Asia, and Europe.

After his time with GE Money Glen went on to become the Principal in an advisory role at Nova Four which he founded and also served as the company’s president. Nova Four provides coaching for CEOs in growing companies. Glen, however, is probably most well-known for his position as the CEO and co-founder of Launchpad Holdings which is his latest endeavor and the one he is most focused on at this time.

Launchpad Holdings was founded to address the concerns and issues that many different entrepreneurs encounter with new startups that cause them to fail. Things such as having an idea but no solid plan on how to bring it to fruition. Through innovative and creative plans made available to clientele through SAAS, Launchpad Holdings has helped many different companies find success.

Through innovative online business planning services and his expertise in business transformation, growth, executive leadership, development, and strategy Glen Wakeman has helped several early-stage entrepreneurs increase their success rates through Launchpad Holdings. Glen Wakeman is also an avid writer who focuses on emerging markets, executive leadership, angel financing, business transformation, global affairs and much more. If you are a business executive or entrepreneur, it is likely that you could find his blog to be a great resource.