NGP VAN: Using Technology for Effective Politics

For a company that has been so successful in the past couple of years, it is impressive that NGP VAN was created in November 2010. It came about as a merger between two companies formed four years apart of each other; the first being NGP Software which was formed in 1997 and the other Voter Activation Network, which was the company’s previous name, formed in 2001.

Though widely used by the American Democratic Party, NGP VAN is privately owned and offers services in voter database and web hosting. It offers functions such as fundraising, finance compliance for campaigns, and field and digital organizing to political and social campaigns. By the year 2009, the company had become the largest partisan provider dealing with campaign compliance software.

A testament to that success is the fact that NGP VAN has worked for the presidential campaigns of Barack Obama in both 2008 and 2012, and has also worked for those of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both in 2016. With this, NGP VAN prides itself on being a company that is able to help inspiring leaders realize their dreams by offering them the technology that helps with that.

As a way of appreciating its female employees who have contributed to its success, NGP VAN participated in the International Day Without Women to reaffirm its values on gender justice and equality.

In addition to its services, NGP VAN offers four products that do help in efficiently conducting their services. These products include the MiniVAN smartphone application that helps campaigns to collect data and connect with voters and integrate the information into their database. The other is VoteBuilder which is primarily used by the Democratic Party to follow up on potential voters and also get to interact with them.

NGP serves as the third product which assists in digital engagement and fundraising and also mostly used by the Democratic Party. The last is the Innovation platform which is a tool of Application Programming Interface and which gives its users the freedom and opportunity to be creative themselves, by using it to meet their needs.

With a political cycle in the United States that sees elections every two years, for NGP VAN only the sky is the limit.