Kamil Idris-Arbitration at Its Best

Conflicts result due to two factors: Greed and disagreements. In short, wars result in the absence of peace. Conflict, regardless of magnitude, results in a lot of emotional turmoil leave alone the destruction of lives and property. However, does conflict pay? Yes, it does, especially when it is a case of intellectual theft, WIPO is concerned.

Did you know that an idea, leave alone an invention is part of the intellectual property? Many people across the globe have fallen victim to intellectual theft, right in front of their eyes. Companies, too, have had their fair share of similar problems.

Luckily, the world has come of age. Today, there are more than a dozen laws that grant inventors full rights to using their inventions. The laws, apart from regulating the markets, encourage innovation since the inventors get compensated for their troubles. Patents, trade secrets, trademarks, and copyrights are the main types of intellectual property.

The European Union, thanks to its Unified Patent Court, is able to protect patents filed by businesses. The filing is necessary as it gives your brand the authority to use your invention, as you desire, with the aim of promoting commerce.


Presently, the European Union has more than a foothold on the intellectual property all thanks to the European Trade Secrets Directive. The directive is a law enacted to protect people and companies that own intellectual property. Today, Europe is more than a success because of the law that has helped reduce cases of intellectual theft. Indeed, there has been a boost in commerce for companies that own trade secrets.


So, how and where does Professor Kamil Idris come into the mix? Idris, a highly accomplished man, once served as the Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization. Recall, the intellectual property might go beyond borders. Therefore, Kamil has always ensured that inventors get protected and that conflicts which result due to intellectual property theft get solved before they go overboard.

Kamil Idris currently works for the Permanent Court of Arbitration, a body which since its establishment in 1899, has helped the world resolve a lot of international disputes. Thus, it has been the mission of Idris to ensure that peace prevails regardless of the circumstances.


Professor Idris’s successes have gotten felt the world over. His accomplishments have made Kamil the arbitrator of choice whenever there are conflicts resonating around companies and institutions. In short, it is people like Idris who hold the world together. Without them, we would all live in one big death trap.