Adam Milstein Defends Israel

As a member of the Israeli Defense Forces during the Yom Kippur War, Adam Milstein followed Arial Sharon defending Israel. As an Israeli living in America, Adam Milstein continues to act in defense of Israel. Since his retirement as a managing partner of a multi-million dollar commercial real estate management firm, he has acted as an author and public speaker pointing out threats to the Jewish homeland and helping to strengthen American – Israeli relations.

In addition to the ancient threat of blatant anti-Semitism, a much newer threat to Jews worldwide is the alliance between Islamic fundamentalists and left-wing radicals. For years, the political left has been diametrically opposed to Islamic values and beliefs. Throughout the Middle East, in mosques and orphanages masquerading as religious schools, their young people are indoctrinated into an extremist form of Islam. Meanwhile, on college campuses across America, our young people are indoctrinated into extreme left-wing philosophies. Today, left-wing Americans have decided to put aside the differences with Islam, including:

* the arrests and brutalization of women not dressing modestly enough

* the arrest and imprisonment of any political opposition

* suppressing free speech and political action

Over the last few years, radicals from both extremes have decided to coordinate their actions with those of Islam. They portray Jews as a dominant group influencing world events to subjugate Muslims, who are portrayed as proud but weak and ineffectual.

This new alliance centers itself on college campuses, where Jews are depicted as white supremacists illegally occupying appropriated lands. Students at Tufts University, a private research university in Medford, Massachusetts issued a “Disorientation Guide,” defaming Israel.

In speeches before a variety of groups, and writing for a large assortment of print media, Adam Milstein warned about old anti-Semitic threats combining with new ones. In a recent article in the Jewish News Syndicate, Adam Milstein warns of anti-Semitism coming for diverse sources and traditions and “sharing ideas and tactics,” to strengthen a worldwide” wave of hate, bigotry, and racism.”

Nick Vertucci: Becoming Rich by Renovating Properties

Nick Vertucci has been roaming around the cities in the United States and Canada to promote a method which he claimed to change his life for the better. The method is called real estate flipping, and he is encouraging the people who are attending his seminars to become one of the members of the company he manages and start training online and learn so much about real estate flipping. He is now a successful entrepreneur, but he claimed that it is his life mission to teach the people how to become wealthy just by purchasing a cheap property and selling it afterward. Nick , whenever he has a caravan tour, speaks like a visionary with so many potentials, and it is the reason why he managed to draw in thousands of people who also wanted to become rich.

According to Vertucci, the reason why he decided to become successful is that he wanted his father and mother to witness how hard working he is. His father died when he was young, and his mother was the online who works for different jobs just to provide to her children. Upon seeing how disastrous his family is, Nick Vertucci decided to move out of the house when he was 18, and he started to look for ways on how to earn money. He would then develop a company which fixes computers, and with the advent of the dot-com bubble, the business that he established went bankrupt. Nick Vertucci stated that he still feels uncomfortable every time he looks back into the dark ages of his life. He would then again continue saying how real estate flipping is, and how it can change the lives of everyone who manages to give an impression about you.

Soon after, Nick Vertucci managed to find a refuge in the Real estate flipping business. He was only invited by one of his friends to attend a seminar, and he was surprised seeing the potential of becoming rich with real estate flipping. According to Nick Vertucci, being a trader is difficult, but he had to think about the future of his kids.

Susan McGalla Highly Sought After Female Business Executive in the Corporate World of the United States

As a female entrepreneur who has achieved massive success in the corporate industry, Susan McGalla, VP of Creative Development and Business Strategy in Pittsburgh Steelers Inc, has always been on vocal about ways to improve the position of women in the corporate world. She believes that it is essential for the industry to openly acknowledge the glass ceiling problem that has infected the corporate world for many years and improve the position of women in the industry by allowing more participation of the women who deserve to be in a better place than they are. It is a commonly known fact that women in the corporate world struggle to bag a better designation as compared to men. It is a problem that Susan McGalla has faced herself in her career, but due to her sheer passion for her work and determination, Susan managed to overcome the challenges to emerge victoriously.

Susan McGalla has worked with many top companies like Wet Seals Inc and American Eagle Outfitters in the past in important positions such as CEO and President respectively. Susan McGalla in her current post as mentioned above in Pittsburgh Steelers has managed to implement strategies that has improved marketing and sales graph of the company. Her strategy has helped the company immensely in developing its market position and considerable enhance revenue, which is one of the primary reasons why Susan McGalla is one of the most sought-after business executives in the industry right now. There are many companies out there who are looking to hire experienced executives like Susan McGalla.

Susan McGalla feels that many women are experienced and has considerable expertise in the industry who can be in a better position than they are in right now. She thinks that these deserving women should be helped by their respective companies to glide upwards in their career. Susan McGalla said that initiatives to empower women, as well as sponsorship programs within the companies, are excellent ways to help the women in the companies who deserve to up their ranks in their career. It would assist in strengthening the position of the women in the industry.

Boraie Is A Visionary Leader In Real Estate Development

Boraie Development LLC is a cutting edge real estate developer that is building communities, neighborhoods, and even cities in the New Jersey, and surrounding areas. One of their latest projects is a two hundred fifty unit apartment complex in the resort town of Atlantic City, New Jersey. This is the first development of this caliber in the area in over twenty five years. The area of the project is called The Beach of South Inlet, and has a cost of $81 million dollars. It sits in the middle of Pacific, Atlantic, Connecticut, and New Jersey avenues. The complex will provide homes for more that fifty thousand people who work in the Atlantic City Resort town. This development gives optimism to the growth of the city.

Boraie Development LLC provides services that are focused on the urban real estate market. Their teams are dedicated to providing exceptional service to clients in sales and marketing, property management, and real estate development. Their niche is working with the strongest specialists in the field, whether it be contractors, visionary architects, and financial institutions. Each must have a clear understanding of deadlines to ensure a successful completion of projects in a timely manner. Boraie has a fully staffed office that offers full service to their clients, and partners. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Boraie Development LLC has more than thirty years experience servicing the Middlesex County and the surrounding areas, offering both commercial and residential specialists in various fields of construction. An integral part of their overall strategy is to manage their properties. They maintain their properties with excellent detail, and take care of all physical improvements continuously. Their anticipation and exuberance about the Atlantic City project is that it will grow into an undertaking like the one that they developed in New Brunswick, New Jersey. An entire city bolck, and more, is lined with large, high rise buildings for office spaces, and living quarters. Boraie Development LLC completely revamped the city of New Brunswick. Check out press of atlantic city to see more.

Boraie Development LLC is a family owned real estate company that is under the leadership of Wasseem Boraie, who maintains the office of president. Sam Boraie has a vision for Atlantic City, just as he had for New Brunswick. With older buildings in Atlantic City being more than thirty years old, he realizes that in order for the city to thrive once again, it has to start with enticing residential housing that will appeal to the younger generation.

A Look at Louis Chenevert and His Success

While working as the CEO of UTC Chenevert assumed a critical role and left the legacy of higher expectations that the remaining parts are difficult to reconcile for different managers. He achieved some impressive achievements, for example, producing significant growth in the market, being in retreat and receiving Goodrich. This acquisition can continue to be its commercial agreement, which speaks of an entrepreneurial vision and an unprecedented tolerance: spending for a year on transactions before reaching the base with a deal of $ 18,400 million. U.S

Be that as it may, the task of Chesterton, GTF, appreciates the achievements of its achievements. The company itself, which was chosen as an opportunity for Airbus, assured Pratt and Whitney as a compelling meeting in the market for thin motor vehicles. In 2011, considered a moment of outstanding achievements, I expected improvements in advanced materials that will help the engine to consume more flames. According to Chenevert, the idea of uncoupling the fans had incredible potential to achieve a larger and more modern engine plan. Surprisingly, it helped UTC obtain a guarantee to put resources into a brilliant innovation that continues to stimulate the development of the current organization and does manufacturing activities, thereby boosting the US economy. Read more on

The inclusion of resources in the latest innovative and work instructions can create organizations for future achievements, and Louis Chenevert, as well as Gregory Hayes, firmly believe in this. In the current publication, Gregory Hayes, current CEO of UTC, portrays successful executives as those who understand that they are operators of the organization, with the obligation to leave the body above all they found. Also, an ideal approach to this is, apparently, a genuine sense of duty about the investment of resources in new achievements and people.

Although performance in the present and the present is critical, the CEO must always reflect on the fate of the organization. Besides, that something must come that certainly needs speculation. By putting cash in innovations and representative instructions, managers will have the opportunity to create an organization for future achievements. Let’s be honest; Entrepreneurship will help improve the economy, help create more employees and give people the chance to face their opportunities. Also, it is likely that a more skilled workforce will introduce new ideas and, therefore, will be in an excellent position to reimburse the money for exams.

At United Technologies Corporation, plans that are more respectful of the environment and more environmentally friendly are not new. Louis Chenevert understood it infallibly and turned it into a point of supply for the articles created by the organization. The subjects reduced the original impression, the emanation of the nurseries by 26%, and the plants and factories decreased their diluted use by 53%. The organization has created the same international standard for each of its offices. Read more at French Tribune.

Expansion of asset management Chenevert, UTC collects the most progressive transmission engines in the world for business and military customers. He handles heating, cooling and cooling technology. Also, it receives more helicopters at its Sikorsky plant than any other organization in the United States. Several plants, which are processed by the division of aerospace systems, create units, sensors, brakes, flight control elements, chassis, etc.

The development of companies will help the development of producer organizations, as well as suppliers. You cannot ignore the importance of suppliers to help producers meet their responsibilities to customers. For example, around 80% of the GTF parts of Pratt and Whitney are offered to suppliers.


The OSI Group Expands Across The Globe

The OSI Group is a leader in the meat processing industry for the retail and food services industries. The produce a variety of items such as sandwiches, pizza, sauces, chicken, beef and vegetables. The OSI Group is lead by President David McDonald and CEO Sheldon Lavin. They are headquartered in Aurora, Illinois but have expanded globally.

Back in 1992, The OSI Group established a plant in Beijing, China. They quickly began to produce quality food to their fast food restaurants. By 2008, they became the number one source for supplying the restaurants with eggs, beef, pork, chicken and onions. In 2010 a new beef operating plant was opened in Japan named Orange Bay Foods. They also opened a feed mill operation in Shandong Province, which has become the nation’s biggest meat production facility. The feed mill can produce over 500,000 tons of high quality food per year. Due to its huge success, they now have a fully integrated meat operation. It is engaged in breeder feeding, feed production, slaughtering, hatchery and broiler feeding. This year this location was honored with the 3 Star Good Chicken Production Award from the ICCAW. The OSI Group is currently one of China’s top chicken suppliers.

While establishing success in China, they were also beginning to have a strong presence in India. They began collaborating with Vista Processed Foods, a supplier in India. Seventeen years later, they opened a plant that processes frozen vegetables. At the end of 2012, they opened a chicken processing plant in Hungary. Currently The OSI Group processes chicken for restaurants in 16 nations throughout Europe.

President David McDonald is focusing on continually growing and expanding the company. He and CEO Sheldon Lavin, are working to bring in healthy, organic and all-natural products. In 2016, The OSI Food Solutions UK company was awarded with the Globe of Honour Award from the British Safety Council. The award recognizes those who show exemplary standards in environmental risks. To be eligible for the award, you must have achieved five stars in the British Safety Council’s audit scheme regarding environmental management. This includes every aspect of the business from the shop floor to the boardroom.

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Logan Stout, the powerful force behind ID Life Success

Logan Stout is not just an ordinary businessman. The investor has won the hearts of people in the entire world in the recent times thanks to his numerous accomplishments. Logan Stout is also a renowned public speaker and mentor who is a role model to many people in the society, especially those who want to live a healthy life. Although he is currently one of the most successful investors in the entire world, Stout has very humble beginnings. He started Logan Stout’s successful career as an ordinary man who wanted to make the lives of people better.

Stout realized that he was passionate about helping the people close to him when he was still a very young man. Just before he could finish his education at the high school, the businessman ventured into sports, and this enabled him to meet people from all over the world. By the time he was completing his education, the businessman was one of the most influential coaches in the country, and he had already acquired the respect of many people in the society.

As a professional athlete, the businessman understands the importance of being physically fit. The businessman knows that it is a very difficult thing to live a fulfilling life when you are not healthy. The businessman has been motivated to start a fitness company so that he can help people to reach their health goals. The company founded by the businessman is called ID Life, and it has been in the market for a long time. This company designs products and other items that are required by an individual to live great life. The motivational speaker has managed to change the lives of many people using his company.

Starting ID Life was not a walk in the park for the businessman. The investor had to put in a lot of hard work and a lot of dedication so that he could grow the company and make it a leader in the country and in the international community. The businessman has managed to motivate very many people to live the lives they have always wanted using his great experience in the market. As the president of the company, Logan Stout has had to work for long hours to ensure that his products are delivering the right results to the consumers. Due to his hard work, the firm has marketed its products in the international community, and it has been doing quite well.

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Omar Boraie Rebuilding New Brunswick

Mr. Omar Boraie is an esteemed businessman as well as the leader of the Boraie Development LLC. Above everything else, he is a visionary who translated ideas into actionable plans and focuses on their fruition no matter how long it takes.

For more than four decades, Mr. Omar Boraie has been noticing the extreme potential of the city of New Brunswick. Mr. Omar Boraie had envisioned a project in the center of area Aspire. There, Mr. Omar Boraie will be working on his latest investment. The city will be housing a large residence built in a high rise luxury building

Mr. Sam Boraie has had a love for the city of New Brunswick his whole life. At the same time, he also noticed the lack of development in the city. People rarely went out past 4 PM, according to Mr. Omar Boraie. He wanted to bring more life and joy to the town and rebuild New Brunswick in a European model.

Flash forward to the present, Mr. Omar Boraie is enjoying a gorgeous view from his office in New Brunswick. Although there had been many people over the years who did not believe in his vision, Mr. Omar Boraie persevered. He started buying the buildings, twenty-one of them, and even though it took a lot of time. The buildings were in a significant disrepair, and there was no plans by the town’s official to start taking care of them. Visit Fundacity to know more.

In a blog posted by Central Jersey Working Moms, Towe One as the first building was called, became an office building. It was built back in the end of 80s and the start of the 90s. Tower Two was constructed later in 2003 right next to it. The vision that Mr. Omar Boraie had been enhancing over the years was a luxurious residential building for condos. The construction resulted in being the tallest one in the city of New Brunswick. It had 25 levels and 121 residential units. Not only that but there was also office spaces for retail businesses. The building was completed with garage areas as well as a barbecue area and a dog park.

Mr. Omar Boraie grew to learn a lot from the experience of bringing his vision to fruition. One of the lessons he learned and extends to others is that no one needs everyone to believe in their dreams or goals. It is enough for you to believe and to find a handful of people that do too. Check out his website

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A Brief Look at the Profile of IDLife

About IDLife

While many manufacturers of wellness and health products claim that they can help you achieve your fitness goals, their claim may be skeptical. Nonetheless, IDLife’s nutritional supplements are unquestionably different from others. Its supplements are currently available on the market at an affordable price. All IDLife’s dietary supplements are tailored to meet individual needs.

IDLife takes advantage of science and technology when creating its dietary supplements. That means they review over 7,500 peer-reviewed clinical studies to help them create personalized products. IDLife has 1.3 million combinations of their formulas to allow the creation of individualized products. IDLife offers one group of vitamin supplements to ensure its supplements are different from other vitamin supplements. Your body can take nutritional supplements at any time of the day. IDLife’s versions of dietary supplements ensure that your body absorbs minerals and vitamins at optimal levels. Again, their supplements are thoroughly screened to ensure harmful substances are eliminated. Like other nutritional supplements, IDLife’s products don’t contain fillers, and the ingredients are pharmaceutical-grade nutrients.

IDLife offers its customers an opportunity to be part of the company through a network of marketing models. That means its products aren’t sold in physical stores. Instead, it uses sales associates to distribute its products to all its customers, allowing the distributors to receive a commission without sharing with wholesalers and retailers. The impressive fact is that you don’t have to own a store to become part of IDLife. You must take a HIPPA-compliant before IDLife gives you a bottle of vitamins. That helps assess your health status before using nutritional supplements. After body assessment, IDLife goes ahead to create a personalized supplement. The firm strives to create only what fits your body chemistry. Unlike over-the-counter supplements, IDLife supplements don’t contain synthetic fillers. In fact, its products are tailored to meet your specific health and wellness needs. Its products are indeed different from those offered by the competitors. IDLife is changing the way people think about wellness and health. With IDLife’s nutritional supplements, you can lose weight, improve your appearance, and become more energetic in three simple steps.

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Thor Halvorssen Looks For New Ways Of Fighting Human Rights Abuses

The founder of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen, is an activist on a mission to change the way the people of the world look at governments and individuals who are willing to oppress others and rob them of their human rights. Born in Venezuela and educated in the U.S., Halvorssen has embarked on a climb up the human rights activism ladder by changing the overall view of the human rights activism community by appearing more professional and fighting against the political side of human rights activism.

Throughout the history of the human rights activism fight the majority of those involved have been drawn to the fight from a socialist or left leaning political standpoint, which has often seen socialist governments remain immune from criticism for their abuses; Thor Halvorssen describes himself as a liberal, but also believes politics have no place in human rights and has brought to book socialist nations who commit abuses against their people.

One of the areas where Thor Halvorssen has shown his greatest success in through his commitment to bringing news of the latest problems in human rights to the people of the world through his innovative Oslo Freedom Forum format. Halvorssen believes it is important to fight for human rights while bringing new individuals to the activism community by publicizing the difficult stories of those who have been oppressed or held as political prisoners. The Oslo Freedom Forum is one of the the most successful human rights activism conferences in the world and brings together former political prisoners, journalists, celebrities, and members of the activism community to discuss the problems facing the world in the 21st century. Halvorssen has also appeared at the TEDTalks events as a speaker bringing news of human rights activism to those present at his events and makes his speeches available to all via the Internet.