Living Outside the Box

When it comes to financial matters, most people know that the tried and true methods are no longer good enough. The past decade has been difficult for everyone, which is why the country and the world are ready for financial leaders who think outside the box. The country is ready for Jeffry Schneider.

When considering his history, Schneider’s start may not seem all that different from most financial experts. Schneider is a native of Manhattan, and he studied at the University of Massachusetts. At the start of his professional career, he worked at large financial firms including Axiom Capital Management and Paradigm Global Advisors. While he enjoyed a great deal of success at these firms, Schneider was not content to take the path that so many of his colleagues were destined to take. Instead, Schneider wanted to carve his own path.

With this in mind, Schneider left what would have been a profitable career on the East Coast. Instead of using familiar methods for investments, Schneider opted for innovation. In this regard, he has become a leader of alternative investment tactics. His success is largely tied to his personable approach. Schneider understands that by picking clients carefully, he can build a relationship with them. This relationship can be used to make nuanced financial decisions that benefit the client and the financial sector overall.

This personable approach is just a part of who Schneider is. Although he has to work hard for his clients, Schneider still takes time for the things that really matter in life. He is attached to a number of charitable causes. This includes God’s Love We Deliver, which is a meal service in New York City that serves people who cannot shop and prepare their own meals. He also takes time to be an active parent to his three children, proving that he lives out his ideals.

For Schneider, tried and true has never been good enough. As he seeks to work and live outside the box, he continues to help his clients and everyone he associates with, which ultimately makes the world a better place.