Lifetime Achievement Award Given To Robert Ivy

When the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters picked Robert Ivy to receive their Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award, they made a very good choice. Robert has been serving as the CEO of the American Institute of Architects for many years and during his time with them he has brought worldwide attention to the organization. Robert Ivy’s colleagues feel that he has a unique perspective in the architectural landscape and he has brought the membership of the institute to an all time high. Robert Ivy was born and raised in Mississippi and graduated from Tulane University with a masters degree in architecture.

Since his graduation, Robert has worked at several construction companies and has improved their methods of building. He is a supporter of using sustainable resources in building and believes that new construction can be completed without much damage to the carbon footprint. He works hard at bringing this message to all companies in this industry. Robert Ivy has written several articles that have been published in trade magazines and they have received much acclaim from his peers. His philanthropic work throughout the Mississippi area is widely known and he had devoted much of his free time to working with those less fortunate in his community.

Robert has seen a change in the field he is in and believes that housing and development will continue in the rural communities in the state. In his speech at the ceremony, Robert Ivy gave thanks to the many people who helped him along his life’s path and gave recognition to those working in the architecture field. Robert believes that he has an obligation to give back to all of those who influenced his life and he has encouraged many students studying architecture to continue their studies in the field. He continues to work on new articles for magazines and can be seen at many seminars throughout the country.