Avaaz is an Organization For the People

One of the hottest topics in politics recently was France’s presidential election. This election was easily one of the most important political decisions in the country’s storied history. It is probably the second most polarizing in the last decade coming second to America’s recent presidential election. A huge reason why both were so polarizing is the candidates. Marine Le Pen, France’s presidential candidate, views on the political environment and the way she voiced her opinions drew much attention much like American president Donald Trump was able to do. the only difference between the two is that Trump was elected and Pen was not.

Many French citizens were put off by Pen brashness and celebrated in the streets when it was announced she did not win. Activist group Avaaz were among the joyful participants in the celebration. The political news was even more celebratory considering it occurred on the anniversary of the Allied forces winning World War II. The group organized at the Eiffel tower alongside Holocaust survivor Elie Buzyn.

About Avaaz

Avaaz is a non-profit civic organization that peacefully protests injustices around the world. The group’s roots are in New York but it has spread to many other nations. It is estimated that Avaaz is active in more than 200 nations. Those who believe in the group’s movement are dedicated to making the world a better place. Avaaz is made up of more than 40 million individuals all working towards the same goal. Flickr Photos.

The issues Avaaz targets can vary as they are not an issue specific civic organization. It tackles anything from economic issues to animal rights. And no matter how big or small the problem is they approach solving it with the same conviction. In short, Avaaz operates as the voice of the people. Avaaz actually mean “voice” in several languages.