Dr. Johanan Rand is Changing the World of Biodentical Hormones

Dr. Johanan Rand is currently known for being the founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers that is located in NJ. Along with this position he also happens to be a Physical Medicine, Physiatrist and also a Rehabilitation Doctor. His main goal is if he cannot support what he is saying with an article or with a medical journal, then he will not prescribe or recommend treatment. When it comes to each of his patients he always makes sure that he is very sensitive and understanding to their health need and also to their concerns.

Currently, Dr. Johanan Rand is working on his very own book that is called “It’s not too late to live past 100.” In this book, he presents the evidence-based support of using bioidentical hormones (Askreporter). This is one field that he is extremely passionate about and is very much against the pill for the ill approach. Through his passion and also his enthusiasm, he tries his hardest to help each of his patients reach their ultimate health goals.

When it comes to experience there is no doubt that Dr. Johanan Rand is not lacking. He has well over 15 years of experience in treating chronic and acute pain patients. His clinic also is able to offer a weight loss program. Dr. Dov Rand is very active in each of his patient’s programs and always makes sure that they get the best program to help them hit their ending goal. With each of his patients, he strives to be the best role model that he possibly can.

In his free time, Dr. Johanan Rand enjoys a healthy and active lifestyle himself. This happens to include, high-quality supplements, healthy eating, weight and cardio training, martial arts and also yoga. When it comes to his field and his patients though, he makes sure that any advice he gives is always well researched. He does not want to give any of his patients’ advice that he learned from personal experience or another person alone. Constantly expanding his knowledge in his field is a huge part of why his patients continue to go back to him for his help and advice.