Drew Madden Works to Change Healthcare with Consulting Firms

A name that people are familiar with in consulting firms for healthcare, Drew Madden is making changes for all companies he works for. Previously employed by Nordic, the leader is now making changes with his own private firm with fellow partners at Evergreen Healthcare Partners. The former president of Nordic is now working hard to bring a name to Evergreen Healthcare Partners.

Social media is changing the way people hear about news. Thanks to websites like LinkedIn, companies are able to make press releases in a less traditional way. It was announced very quietly with LinkedIn that Evergreen made headlines by announcing the firm with the former Nordic President Drew Madden joining the firm.

In 2016, Drew left Nordic to move onto greener pastures. He is hoping to make a change in more than just the way technology keeps track of records for healthcare but also in the technology that is used by healthcare providers.

Drew is known through his previous work with top notch consultant firms however there is more to him than IT healthcare consulting. He is also an avid promoter of knowledge through various quotes and knowledge found through his Twitter feed. The knowledge he shares with others includes quotes from famous individuals offering positive feed through quotes by Abraham Lincoln, Stephen King and even Lou Holtz.

Aside from his Twitter feed dedicated to positive vibes from famous quotes, he is also passionate about other things. You will find his love for football, his passion for movies and even family. His Twitter account is like many other accounts found on Twitter. He is like many other individuals and brings his love for all to his social media accounts.

The former president for Nordic is very passionate about improving healthcare data and his hope is to help others make a change in the way technology is used to keep important data current through healthcare consulting firms.