A New Form of Investment

Investments are becoming the one viable method of preparing for retirement. In the past companies used to assist their aging work force by providing to them pension plans. These plans were extremely lucrative and attractive, making it possible for a hard worker to support himself and his family on a continuous income that would be paid to him for the remainder of his or her life. These pension plans are no longer being offered by companies in the United States, a sad reminder that our once glorious industrial economy has quickly collapsed as we have switched from being a manufacturing industry to a service provider, outsourcing our factories and blue collar jobs to cheaper developing countries. In order to try and alter the course of investment and make saving for retirement more attractive then it has become Matt Bialdi, an expert in investment, has created what he calls freedom checks. Learn more about Freedom Checks at dailyreckoning.com.

Freedom checks are payments made to shareholders of companies who use them as legal forms of tender. Since it is a requirement for the program under Statute 26-F many of these supported corporations are involved in the trade and refining of oil and gasoline products. As payouts are concerned, both the company that issues the freedom checks and the employees they support are rewarded kindly for their decision. Freedom checks are not federally backed and so are not taxed by the federal government. This makes freedom checks a much more efficient and profitable alternative to social security or medicare checks, which are normally taxed heavily before the shareholder can use them for investment purposes. Once a shareholder receives the freedom check they have the ability to invest them into any area they desire, allowing them to grow uninterrupted and for no discernible charge. Read more about Freedom Checks at banyanhill.com.

By creating the newly refocused concept of the freedom check Matt Bialdi has succeeded in following the legacy recently culminated through such investment alternatives as Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. The freedom check, if allowed to be offered by all oil bearing corporations, will undoubtedly bring with it new levels of retirement security and wealth for both shareholder and provider. Even as the program is beginning its infancy there are already over five hundred companies that are planning on utilizing it, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in payouts planned for anyone who has the ability to collect and profit from its use.

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