Jeff Yastine is a financial journalist, financial advisor and a contributor at Banyan Hill. The Florida, Delray Beach inhabitant plays many roles which include the editorial director of the publishing house and The Sovereign Society contributor. Visit to know more.


The Kennedy Accounts is basically a project that John F. Kennedy came up with when he was the president of America. However, it wasn’t until Jeff Yastine released a video about the accounts that he became more popular in the financial circuit. Mr. Yastine also came up with the name for President John F. Kennedy’s financial project. The Kennedy Accounts came to fruition during the 1960’s when he noticed the U.S economy was going down. The former president noticed that unemployment rates were soaring, the stock market had plummeted and the country’s GDP wasn’t rising. Therefore, he came up with the project to get the American economy roaring to life and to get people to invest in it. Visit the website to learn more.


Banyan Hill is a publishing house that seeks to put together a group of professionals from all over the world who seek investment prospects. The group helps Americans in seeking financial investment opportunities such as preserving their wealth, protecting their assets, making financial decisions, growing their wealth and obtaining wealth freedom. Generally, the group assists them in living a world that is free of financial concerns. Mr. Yastine has been working at Banyan since 2015.


Prior to joining the publishing house, Mr. Yastine was working at Newsmax Media. He worked in this company for slightly over two years. Before this, he was the editorial director of The Oxford Club. He worked for this company for approximately two years two months. His role included overseeing the editorial functions of the company’s financial newsletters, consultations of the company’s marketing projects, seminars, and videos.

Mr. Jeff Yastine had been working for the Nightly Business Report for 17 years before joining the Oxford Club. His senior correspondent role in this company was one of the most prolific one in his whole career. His job included reporting excellent financial, business and economy stories for his professional audience. While working here he got to cross many milestones. They included being nominated for an Emmy Award for one of his remarkable series, interviewing prolific personalities like Warren Buffett, Steve Forbes among others. In addition to this, he got the opportunity of reporting on excellent topics among many others.

The prolific financial advisor attended the University of Florida and he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, Telecommunications Degree in 1986.


Adam Milstein Defends Israel

As a member of the Israeli Defense Forces during the Yom Kippur War, Adam Milstein followed Arial Sharon defending Israel. As an Israeli living in America, Adam Milstein continues to act in defense of Israel. Since his retirement as a managing partner of a multi-million dollar commercial real estate management firm, he has acted as an author and public speaker pointing out threats to the Jewish homeland and helping to strengthen American – Israeli relations.

In addition to the ancient threat of blatant anti-Semitism, a much newer threat to Jews worldwide is the alliance between Islamic fundamentalists and left-wing radicals. For years, the political left has been diametrically opposed to Islamic values and beliefs. Throughout the Middle East, in mosques and orphanages masquerading as religious schools, their young people are indoctrinated into an extremist form of Islam. Meanwhile, on college campuses across America, our young people are indoctrinated into extreme left-wing philosophies. Today, left-wing Americans have decided to put aside the differences with Islam, including:

* the arrests and brutalization of women not dressing modestly enough

* the arrest and imprisonment of any political opposition

* suppressing free speech and political action

Over the last few years, radicals from both extremes have decided to coordinate their actions with those of Islam. They portray Jews as a dominant group influencing world events to subjugate Muslims, who are portrayed as proud but weak and ineffectual.

This new alliance centers itself on college campuses, where Jews are depicted as white supremacists illegally occupying appropriated lands. Students at Tufts University, a private research university in Medford, Massachusetts issued a “Disorientation Guide,” defaming Israel.

In speeches before a variety of groups, and writing for a large assortment of print media, Adam Milstein warned about old anti-Semitic threats combining with new ones. In a recent article in the Jewish News Syndicate, Adam Milstein warns of anti-Semitism coming for diverse sources and traditions and “sharing ideas and tactics,” to strengthen a worldwide” wave of hate, bigotry, and racism.”

Igor Cornelsen: A Well Known Investment Professional

Igor Cornelsen is an investor in the Bainbridge Group, a specialist in investment in the stock market, commodity and foreign exchange investment. In Brazil, he gained prominence as one of the most important bank consultants. He acted as manager of one of the largest banks in the country, winning national and international fame in its segment.

Igor Cornelson currently spends most of his time living in South Florida, the perfect location for his golfing hobby, which, he does in his leisure time.

He’s a prominent stock market entrepreneur and is currently employed with Bainbridge Investments, Inc, based in the Bahamas. Joining the investment firm in 2011, focal goal at Bainbridge Investments was to pioneer creative and appealing ways to utilize the future success for the stock market.

Investing is a great hobby for this prominent leader, a resident in South Florida. He often flies back to his home country, Brazil. He spends about fifty percent of his time in Brazil and the other fifty percent in Florida.

He has exclaimed that his secret weapon happens to be the Brazilian market, which is the fifth largest prudence worldwide and still for one reason or other is largely neglected by individuals who could reap great benefits. Read more: Igor Cornelsen fala sobre os bancos brasileiros e o que fazer antes de investor

In reference to the stock industry, newcomers need to learn a lot. He offers advice to those who are in need of it, and the advice he shares could be very helpful to many.

Igor Cornelson recommends that those who are looking to invest in the industry should take the time to forge relationships. He also suggests that individuals begin learning the requirements and restrictions that governs a particular area.

Currently he is serving as the incumbent of Bainbridge INC,. He has also held several senior positions at several of Brazil’s leading banks, before retiring in 2010. He currently spends his time in South Florida and focuses on investment as a hobby. Igor Cornelsen is a successful investor and a champion in business and life.

Sahm Adrangi Raises Money To Short A Public Company

As the founder and chief investment officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC, Sahm Adrangi has garnered a wealth of experience in the financial industry. He established this company in 2009 with $1 million in assets under management. He recently announced that he had raised $100 million from other investors which will be used to short a company’s stock, although he hasn’t so far said which company that is.

The fund he created that will bet against this company’s stock is the first one of its type. Generally, hedge fund managers like Sahm Adrangi raise capital in order to buy stock rather than short it. In an email, Sahm Adrangi said that this capital was raised swiftly which indicates to him that others in the alternatives universe believe what he’s doing to be the right course. In regards to what company he is betting against, Adrangi has only said that it’s worth more than $10 billion and is a publicly traded company.

Sahm Adrangi along with one of the analysts at his company, Shane Wilson, are creating a multimedia campaign including a website, report, and video so that they can make their case to more investors and raise further funding.

Under Adrangi’s leadership Kerrisdale Capital Management now has about $500 million in assets that it manages. They have shorted other companies before and having done so have publicly explained why they took that position. Up through 2016 their hedge fund has averaged about 28% as an annual return over the previous five years.

Sahm Adrangi earned his college degree at Yale University, graduating in 2003 with a degree in economics. He first worked as an analyst at Deutsche Bank before moving on to two other financial firms. At Kerrisdale Capital Management he has been instrumental in all aspects of the firm’s operations.

It was his shorts on some Chinese companies that Sahm Adrangi first came to the attention of other investors in the financial industry. He discovered that a number of the companies were fraudulent and so shorted their stock. This includes companies such as China-Biotics and China Marine Food Group.

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Madison Street Capital’s Success Journey in the Corporate World

Madison Street Capital has made a name for itself in the financial industry for excelling in the provision of financial solutions. Integrity, expertise, and experience are the traits that have made Madison Street Capital standout among its competitors.

Madison Street Capital’s achievements

Madison Street Capital is a Chicago-based investment company that is experienced in matters of corporate finance. This company pioneers in the provision of services, such as matching buyers with sellers, designing exit strategies, and structuring complex contracts. Additionally, this company also provides services, such as tax compliance, mergers and acquisitions, private placement advice, and bankruptcy services. Madison Street Capital caters to various companies, including Bond Medical Group, Central Iowa Energy, Fiber Science, and Bond Medical Group. This company has operations in Ghana, India, Oregon, and Chicago. Madison Street Capital works with a team of experienced personnel that has an understanding of business and financial matters. These executives have a vested interest in asset management, business valuation, financial reporting, and price allocation. Learn more:

Recently, Madison Street Capital mediated the merger between DCG Software Value and Spitfire Group. DCG Software Value is a company involved in the provision of project support, software estimation management needs, and cost management. This business venture has been operational since 1994, and it has continued to serve customers of all sizes. Spitfire, on the other hand, is a tech company based in Denver that enables customers to overcome problems associated with management challenges, tech architecture, and custom developments. This company also won the annual M&A Advisors Awards, a prize that is issued to companies that have excelled in matters of restructuring, transactions, and financing. This company was also honored for its involvement in Dowco Group’s acquisition that led to the purchase of Acuna and Associates.

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is the leading provider of financial solutions in the United States. Madison Street Capital is committed to excellence, integrity, and dedication while providing its services. This company is led by Charles Botchway, an entrepreneur and a finance expert. Charles Botchway is in charge of handling the management issues of this enterprise. Under his leadership, this company has acquired numerous awards and facilitated a ton of business transactions. One of the firm’s principal transactions was the acquisition of HeartSync, Michigan’s top medical device company. Decathlon Capital Partners was the company that facilitated this business deal. Madison Street Capital works in collaboration with experienced professionals who have won numerous awards, such as the coveted National Association of Certified Analysts and Valuators. This company also honors its staff for their contributions and their innovativeness. Learn more:

Highland Capital Management Celebrates the Relisting of its Senior Loan ETF (SNLN)

Highland Capital Management is an investment advisor registered by the SEC, which manages assets worth $15.4 billion. On October 12, 2016, they celebrated the listing of the Nasdaq: SNLN (Highland iBoxx Senior Loan ETF), which is managed by Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors. Mark Okada, the co-founder of Highland Capital, rang the closing bell in honor of the celebration event.

Nasdaq Stock Market is one of the best providers of services like clearing, exchange technology, trading, information, and listing in all the six continents. Nasdaq, through its various portfolio of solutions, enables customers to optimize, execute, and plan their business ideas confidently using confirmed technologies, which provide insight and transparency to navigate the current capital markets.

Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management was started in 1993 by Mark Okada and James Dondero. It is one of the most experienced alternative credit managers globally. It concentrates on credit strategies like credit hedge funds, Collateralized Loan Obligations, and distressed private equity.

Highland Capital offers alternative investments like short/long equities, natural resources, and emerging markets. Besides, it has a broad client base that includes foundations, corporations, fund of funds, public pension plans, high net-worth people, the government, and endowment funds.

At Highland Capital, community matters a lot; therefore, the company proudly invests in places where its employees work and live. As a result, it remains dedicated to improving the local Dallas community through advisory board involvement, financial donations, and volunteer work to both national non-profit organizations and community organizations.

Michael Gregory Reports the Improvements at Highland Capital

Michael Gregory is the CIO (Chief Investment Officer) at Highland Alternative Investors. He oversees the fund with Dondero who is the President and co-founder of Highland Capital Management. Highland Alternative Investors is a small fund with nearly fifty-five million US dollars in assets.

Gregory said that Highland Capital’s credit competency enabled it to make profitable investments at the beginning of 2016 in pipeline partnerships when oil prices reduced. The investments brought nearly half of the company’s total returns. According to Gregory, the pipeline partnerships did not slice Highland Alternative Investments’ dividends after it purchased shares.

Investment Banks Have a Solid Banking Structure

Investment banking is one of the most popular forms of banking in the banking industry. There are many reasons why investment banking is popular. One of the main reasons is the structure of investment banks. The structure of investment banks is designed in a manner that provides clients with many banking services that can be handled by one primary investment bank.

The investment bank has three main areas in its structure design. All three areas are distinct. Each area provides a unique set of investment banking services that fall under that particular area. While the investment bank has three areas of investment banking services, each individual investment bank can decide which areas the bank will utilize. Therefore, each investment bank contains the banking areas that it needs or desires. As a result, the banking areas can be chosen based on a variety of reasons such as which investment banking services are popular in a particular city.

In addition, each individual investment bank determines how many of the three banking areas will be utilized by an investment bank. Generally, smaller investment banks tend to utilize only one of the three areas of investment banking services. The reason is because smaller investment banks do not have the financial or human resources needed to fully operate with all three areas.

Beyond the three banking service areas, one of the most important aspects of the investment banking structure are the investment banking positions. Concerning the positions, one of the most important positions is the investment banker. The investment banker position is important for several reasons. One of the reasons is that the position serves various roles within the investment bank. The position is responsible for attracting new clients, managing business accounts, handling business deals, finding funding for business deals, and many other responsibilities.

One of the most popular investment bankers in the investment banker industry is Martin Lustgarten. A proven investment banker with many years of experience in the investment banking industry, Martin Lustgarten has accomplished many things in his career.

He has an excellent resume with numerous highlights that demonstrate his accomplishments in the investment banking industry. Martin Lustgarten is the founder and CEO of Lustgarten Martin, which is an investment banking firm. He handles the daily business operations for his investment banking firm.