David McDonald’s education and work background.

Mary McDonald gave birth to David in the year 1902 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. McDonald studied at Catholic Parochial schools. At the age of thirteen, David’s first job was as a paperboy.The job helped him support his family, but his mother never let him work full time. David was an excellent actor and student.In the year 1918, he graduated from high school with a diploma in vocational technology.

David got a clerical job at Jones and Laughlin mill.He progressed and became a helper of a machinist.He studied accounting at Duquesne University while he was also a typist switchboard operator at Wheeling Steel Products Co. in 1922.He became the CEO and President of OSI Group.He also served as the manager of projects at OSI Industries.In December 2008, McDonald worked as an independent Director at the famous Marfrig Global Foods.He has a degree in Animal Science from Lowa State Univesity.

David McDonald’s say regarding the acquisition of Baho Food

David G. McDonald believes that acquiring Baho Food; a Dutch manufacturer of foods will give OSI an extensive presence in Europe and this will help serve the rising needs of our customers.Baho food has up to five subsidiaries with processing plants in Netherlands and Germany.The five companies serve clients in eighteen European countries.

OSI Group celebrates Twenty Years in China

OSI Group; a global leading food processing company celebrated their success for twenty years in China in 2012.The company began providing McDonald’s with food in 1992 and has grown with China’s economy for twenty years.OSI China supplied one hundred and thirteen tons of five types of products to Bejing when they held the Olympic games in 2008.Luckily, the company never received a complaint.This was highly appreciated by McDonald’s thus giving OSI China the tender of supplying for many popular brands such as Starbucks, Subway, etc.China is now the real focus of OSI China as it is the largest growing consumer market worldwide to learn more: click here.

OSI Group Plant Production

OSI launched its plan for building seven processing plants in the world.In September, OSI built a beef-processing Industry in Poland with the aim of replacing the existing operation and increasing the plant’s staff by thirty percent.