Lime Crime Releases Beautiful, Dark Colored Lipstick

Lime Crime is a modern makeup brand and one that has put out many products that were loved by makeup enthusiasts. The brand has various lines of products that people love to try out. The brand’s line of Velveteen lipsticks is something that has a cult following. They are lipsticks that individuals love to wear, and they are available in a variety of colors. When this brand puts out a new lipstick option, people notice that and they want to see what the brand is offering. The brand has put out a beautiful, dark colored lipstick that is part of their Velveteen collection. It is a new addition that will look amazing with many looks.

The new lipstick that Lime Crime has put out is called Scandal, and it is something that is dark in color. The lipstick is something that is dark and bold, and it is something that many will love. Those who are looking for a lipstick that will take all of the attention off of the rest of their face and keep the focus on their lips will love this option. This product is something that can be worn with light eye makeup for those who are looking to have everyone pay attention to their lips and the color that they are showing off there.

Scandal is the kind of lipstick that a person can pair with a smoky eye look when they are seeking to be dramatic in appearance. Those who are going out on the town and looking to wear a lipstick that fits with the nighttime and the bold look that they are putting on the rest of their face will appreciate this option. Lime Crime is doing something bold and different with this new lip color, and it is the kind of color that will help the one who wears it to stand out from a crowd.