IAP Worldwide Services History

IAP Worldwide has established itself as the leading logistics, facilities management and infrastructure development company in the world. The company currently provides a wide range of services to the United States government as well as the military. With IAP Worldwide Services, the government and military is able to easily establish a highly efficient and stable base of operations in various locations in the world. It also designs, and builds roads and also energy facilities. IAP Worldwide also helps build various building structures and facilities on clearancejobs.com. As a result, IAP Worldwide has been able to help the government get firmly established in remote locations on a regular basis. As of now, the company currently holds government contracts worth approximately $370 million. You can access IAP Worldwide Services via social media to learn more about the company.

While IAP Worldwide Services has been the official name of the company since 2005, it has a number of services that date back to the early 1950’s. IAP Worldwide was once a company that specialized in providing logistics services for the military. It would help transport supplies to military bases and personnel during times of peace and war. The company became a trusted partner of the military and government during and after the Persian Gulf War. During this operation, IAP Worldwide would frequently aid the military in accomplish its mission of making Operation Desert Storm a success. The company would become quite active in assisting the military in other missions throughout the world over the next two decades. By 2005, IAP would acquire the company Johnson Controls Worldwide Services to expand its services.

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Since Johnson Controls Worldwide Services offered maintenance and management of military bases and commercial facilities, IAP saw an opportunity to merge.  It would now have the ability to help the U.S. military on Hoovers even more by keeping military bases running efficiently as well as keeping them safe. Along with building maintenance, IAP was able to get other services such as facilities construction and development as well. Johnson Controls Worldwide Services acquired Pan Am in 1989 and was able to use the services that company provided. By 2006, IAP Worldwide Services acquired G3 Systems to provide engineering services to the government as well.

One of the other benefits of IAP Worldwide is that it provides a number of job opportunities for people. The company offers a wide range of jobs in maintenance, financial management, logistics management and communications. Individuals seeking a job with this company can take advantage of positions such as pest control technician, communications technician, HVAC technician, air traffic controller and finance analyst.