The Chainsmokers: Another Link on The Chain

Exploding onto the mainstream music scene a little over three years ago, The Chainsmokers have come in with a passionate vengeance to claim the title. The duo have already accomplished numerous chart topping hits, not only in America but all over the world, and collaborated with some quite prominent names in the industry. While well known globally, the pair have also helped new artists, such as Daya, come into the spotlight almost over night. Recently putting out a completely different sound compared to previous tracks, The Chainsmokers are continuing to turn heads, and minds, towards them and the electronic sounds they produce.

Beginning as a sole DJ in New York, Alex Pall was already on his way to becoming known. With the assistance of his long time manager, Pall was introduced to Andrew Taggart and from there it was a rush of almost instantaneous success. In December 2013, the track titles “#Selfie” was released and instantly topped charts internationally, sending the duo spiraling into stardom. The Chainsmokers have been known to produce and release new tracks almost monthly, but with a different feel to their newer tracks, the pair have spent almost a full year getting ready to release.

Priding themselves on being very open and self evident in their music, Taggart and Pall have taken a new “dark” turn with the track “Sick Boy”. Each and every song produced by the duo holds a piece of the lives of these two men within it. With this original track comes a new side of the duo not seen before, something not filled with romance or typical pop beats of their generation. When questioned about the “darkness” in the song, Taggart was quoted as saying, “Our stuff is always a reflection of what’s going on in our lives and the world around us.” The Chainsmokers duo feels that they are growing up, not only as individuals but as artists.

With a major following and an international reputation already under their belts, The Chainsmokers are sure to continue to produce edgy, brilliant electronic dance music for the world to enjoy. With each and every song more and more of the souls of these two chart toppers will be poured out and felt my millions globally.

Alex Pall’s Musical Career Behind The Chainsmokers

Alex Pall the musician from The Chainsmokers was interviewed for Interview Magazine on by Mathias Rosenzweig. The article was published on July 28, 2016 and talks of Alex Pall’s life in New York City engaging in music. Alex Pall became an artist in music through DJing and has learned how to make music. The Chainsmokers developed because Pall and Andrew Taggart formed a musical duo that expressed their interests in electropop. The band is very passionate about producing this type of pop music, and has managed to produce EP albums and music videos. The Chainsmokers are well known for their DJing careers in New York City while they were growing up. When they became music professionals, they were directed toward collaborating with other groups and bands, such as Coldplay. Alex Pall and Taggart are photographed in the interview on the website noted above. They express themselves through electronic music, and their own personal styles. With such a heavy background in DJing, Alex Pall became very enthralled with experimenting with music and eventually put his own songs up on Soundcloud when he was first starting out. Pall became very well known for DJing and gained more attention as a young artist, and realized that he was gifted in playing music. The duo, Pall and Taggart, produced songs together known as “Roses”, “Don’t Let Me Down”, and “Waterbed”. Their other popular songs are “Closer”, as they have managed to create many DJ albums together. As a group, Pall and Taggart formed their own ideas by writing together and brainstorming in a room together about what they were going to play on their instruments. Pall encourages original songwriting with friends and other musicians, and likes the real aspects and rawness of each story that songs tell about his life.

The Way that Desiree Perez Saved Tidal


Music streaming, much like social media, seems to have a new leader every couple of months. People on social media have flocked from MySpace to Facebook only to abandon Facebook and pick up Instagram (a company that Facebook would purchase). The young teens would also put their time and energy into SnapChat as they looked for new ways to hide from their parents on social media.

The music streaming industry appears to present the same challenges for teenagers and young adults that want to make the most of their musical listening experience. Kids have bounced around from Pandora to iHeartRadio to Spotify to Apple Radio. Desiree Perez wants to make sure that the next – and final – stop for the new generation is Tidal. This is what she has been helping Jay-Z orchestrate over the last several years. It has been her desire to help him build up a brand of music streaming that will stand out from the rest that is out there.

There is no shortage of publicity that has been put into promoting Tidal. Jay has spent millions on the acquisition of this company. Some people did not believe that he would recoup the costs of his purchase, let along make a profit. Desiree Perez – after being prompted by Jay-Z – has set out to prove those naysayers wrong. She has been influential in helping Jay-Z turn his music streaming nightmare into a heavenly dream in the last couple of months.

What Desiree Perez has been able to do is help Jay-Z realize just how much talent he had under his roof. He had Kanye West waiting to drop an album. His wife Beyonce was waiting for the right time to drop her album. Rihanna was dropping a lot of lukewarm singles, but fans wanted an album. When all of these highly successful crossover artists dropped albums in the same year Dez Perez saw an opportunity.

People can download the Tidal app or go straight to the website, and they will see a bevy of exclusive content. This is what makes people curious. Desiree Perez knew that this would be the thing that would make people consider signing up. Curious music lovers would not be able to resist this exclusive music.