NGP Van Digital 8

Digital 8 is the latest online tool for campaign management. NGP Van provides digital campaigning and organizing tools. Digital 8 is the best type of tool for a Democratic campaign. Grassroots organizing is all about directly contacting voters. Digital 8 helps you contact your constituents with the help of high inbox placements involving the email series. Other campaign tools that come from Digital 8 are one-click actions so that supporters can join your mailing list. ActBlue Tracker goes to your email dashboard automatically. Multivariate testing increases impact every time you push send. NGP Van has thousands of clients including all the Democratic national committees.

NGP Van also includes labor unions, political action committees, and organizations. We are busy crafting the next generation of integrated campaign technology. Digital 8 is about a way to run a winning campaign with a digital phone bank. You have a polling station with your campaign that Digital 8 helps run. Winning a campaign depends on a field organizer. Keeping up with progressive politics involves having a paperless campaign system that you can monitor using your smartphone. Phone campaigns can occasionally make mistakes but the key to field organizing does make a human heart-related contribution to your campaign, monitoring the get-out and vote part of the campaign.

Digital 8 is the gold standard in political fundraising and campaigning. You can automatically pull donation and conversation statistics with ActBlue Tracker. Multivariate testing is easy-to-use when you can have ten tests to preserve control and the effectiveness of the program. Digital 8 promises a better chance to form 59 million action profiles because of a previous action was taken in the network. There is an ability provided to maintain unlimited, customized forms. There are self-serve donation portals along with fixed expired credit card information, automated, which spares the campaign staff from having to do this themselves. There is advanced social matching and influence tracking since Digital 8 takes supporter records in order to match it to available social networks such as Facebook through social tracking features that can generate new sign-ups. Digital 8 is integrated with Pipeline, a system designed for large-scale data transfers. Digital 8 uses the cloud to make the platform ready and able to bounce back, as a new campaign application. Digital 8 allows for complete data visualization.

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