End Citizens United brings new weapon to the fight against dark money

It’s not just another organization that wants campaign finance reform. It’s the organization that is bringing a new weapon to the fight to give America’s elections back to the people, and wrestle control of our democracy from the hands of dark money and the likes of the billionaire Koch brothers.


End Citizens United has brought a weapon to the fight that other PACs with the same goal haven’t. The organization’s communications director, Richard Carbo, said that the new weapon is “actually getting people elected,” according to a 2015 msnbc.com article.


In addition to seeking a constitutional amendment and state ballot measures that would create fairer funding models for American elections, End Citizens United is supporting candidates who favor and would fight for campaign finance reform.


Citizens United is the 2010 Supreme Court decision that said “corporations are people.” The decision allows billions of dollars from wealthy donors, corporations and special interest groups to influence the outcome of American elections and place dangerous control on politicians. Money can be funneled in secrecy with no accountability and no transparency.


End Citizens United used its grassroots membership to raise more than $2 million in small donations in the first month of its existence in August 2015. That money went to support Democratic candidates who were willing to fight the good fight of reforming how American elections are funded. In addition to funding the champions of campaign finance reform, End Citizens United also comes to the rescue of candidates and elected officials who are being attacked by dark money groups who are allowed to do their nefarious work because of that 2010 Supreme Court ruling.


While End Citizens United acknowledges that there are Republican and Independent voters who are opposed to the Citizens United ruling, the organization made the decision to focus on supporting Democratic candidates because, its website states, “we believe meaningful change” can happen under the leadership of Democrats.


It determines who it will support and fund by having candidates fill out a questionnaire about their beliefs around Citizens United and their willingness to fight to dismantle it. Candidates’ answers can be viewed on the End Citizens United website.


End Citizens United also proves that it practices what it preaches by making its Federal Election Commission’s filings available on its website. These filings list the sources of the PAC’s funding and the names of individual donors and organizations, creating the kind of transparency and accountability necessary for elections to happen in a thriving democracy.

Why Political Fundraising Is Important In Policy Formulation

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