Securus video visitation, loved by inmates and relied upon by officers

Over the last 12 years, Securus Technologies has developed, launched and perfected its innovative, first-to-market video visitation solution. This technology has caused a tectonic shift in the way that prisons are managed, not just with respect to visitations but in how officers approach prison security.


The technology has proven itself so roundly that there are simply too many benefits to list. But most benefits stem from two crucial capabilities that have revolutionized prisons and jails across the nation. The first is that inmates can now make cheap, face-to-face video calls to their families, allowing many prisoners to keep in almost constant touch with their loved ones. The second is allowing officers to maintain control over the communications environment in ways never before possible. This has allowed for the near elimination of illicit communications and has made organized criminal activity much harder to perpetrate from within the walls of prisons and jails.


With Securus’ built-in security suite, officers can monitor calls in real time. The system has capabilities so advanced that it can recognize any unauthorized party through voice, facial and other biometric data. This can be carried out within milliseconds and officers alerted to a possible security threat. On top of this, with JLG Investigator Pro technology, Securus’ system can monitor every single word spoken or typed on every institutional device. While sifting through these vast quantities of data, the system uses proprietary, artificial intelligence-base algorithms to detect anomalies, such as code words or strange syntax, or even preprogramed key words, such as slang names for drugs or the names of known criminals or banned persons.


This technology has completely transformed the way prison staff fights crime taking place on prison grounds. This has considerably reduced the potentially lethal threat that gangs pose within the prison system. Ultimately, these revolutionary technologies save lives.

Securus Supports Video Visitation For Inmates

Dallas-based criminal justice technology provider Securus Technologies recently launched a campaign to promote Video Visitation in correctional facilities across the U.S.


Securus’ 30-day campaign will promote a series of infomercials outlining the benefits of Video Visitation. The infomercials will show the undeniable value of connecting inmates with loved ones. The new and improved technology is viewed as a win-win all around. “Now inmates can reach out to their loved ones in the privacy of their own home,” said Securus CEO Rick Davis.


Incarceration can take a heavy toll on inmates, especially during the holiday season. Incarceration, even if its short-term, can have an adverse affect on an inmate’s psyche.


Smith stresses that Securus has little to do with the way in which on-site visitations are conducted by each individual facility.


Although Securus has some detractors, Video Visitation is growing by leaps and bounds. “The individuals spreading all the hate really don’t have a clue,” said Smith. Visitors really seem to prefer it over the usual face-to-face visitation, which eliminates paying for gas and long, tiresome drives.”


“The bottom line is, there are certain things that simply cannot be replicated at a correctional facility. Loved ones can participate remotely, which is better that the restrictions and time constraints required through in-person encounters,” said Davis.


Making the world safe and secure with Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a company which has their headquarters based in Dallas Texas and they serve a large number of public safety which is more than 3500. They also have correction agencies and law enforcement over one million across North America. It is committed to serving everyone and provides emergency response, public information, investigation and emergency response among many other services. Their mission is simply to make the world a better and secure place to live.

This is the leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology to give solutions for the purpose of public safety, corrections, monitoring, and investigations.

Their solutions are to aid the cities and towns together with the law enforcement agencies to support the needs of the people. This is to ensure that they get immediate access to crucial and critical information mostly for emergency response. They also offer quick mobile law and reliable public safety.

They have recently signed a definitive Stock Purchase Agreement to acquire JPay Inc. which is the most leading market technology company.

This transaction will thrust Securus into one of the most and fast growing segments as they will have a more secure and fast service. They have also gone an extra mile to enhance their customer service to more than 30 million family members and friends. Securus has come up with over 220 seats in their house domestic call center or their customer care. They receive over 2 million calls monthly and their calls are free so anyone can access them at any time.

Securus is determined to serve everyone ensures there is a piece and make the world a better place to live.