Samuel Strauch And His Miami Real Estate Offices

Samuel Strauch is a major real estate investor in Miami, and he has ensured that all his clients are earning as much money as possible. Someone who wishes to invest in real estate in the area, and he has a number of properties that are good for his clients. He has studied suburbs around America, and he has learned about areas of Miami that present the highest potential. This article explains how Samuel has become an expert in his work.

#1: How Does He Rank Communities?

Samuel Strauch has been known for the community research he does, and he is ensuring that all the communities he ranks are studied completely. He wants to know information on each community that will help his clients invest, and he has looked into a number of different places in Miami that would be worth investing in. Someone who wishes to invest in the city may check with Samuel Strauch and his office.

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#2: The City Is Growing Quite A Lot

According to, Miami is growing in every area from residences to commercial and retail. Samuel Strauch and his real estate office are interested in places that range from areas in the Design District from the South Beach area where there are many different places to live. These residences are quite a lot of fun to look into, and they have a high value potential. Samuel Strauch has a strong reputation in the industry in Miami, and he has many friends in the area who will help him complete deals and find customers.

Samuel Strauch has been known in Miami for the work he does in real estate, and someone who is trying to earn money on real estate may approach him at any time. There are quite a few people who will learn how to invest for high profits with Samuel Strauch.

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The Work Of Sam Boraie

Boraie Development specializes in all different aspects of urban real estate development. Sam Boraie is the Vice President of the company and gives service to their clients that is unrivaled. Sam Boraie is best described as a phenomenal visionary, an outstanding businessman and a successful philanthropist. At the age of seventy-three this real estate mogul is highly respected and treated like a hero in New Jersey.

Boraie Development works with the development of real estate, property management and marketing. They work mainly with contractors, financial institutions and architects. Although the companies base is in New Brunswick their work takes them as far as Atlantic City and Newark. They have a thirty year old record of development that has made them one of the most sought after companies in the state. Their projects are designed to be appealing to financial partners, tenants and residents.

They are close to the completion of a luxury high rise in the heart of the city called The Aspire. The residential building is the tallest in the city with over a hundred residential units and spacious office space. Almost every amenity possible is a part of this building. The building works well for Boraie Development as their strategy is the management of properties.

Through a subsidiary called Boraie Realty their sales department has combined development and property management. This has enabled the company to have a better understanding of the commercial and residential factors that determine what sales are made locally. They have already sold more than $150 million dollars in both residential and commercial real estate.

Sam Boraie is a trustee for the Historical Theatre located in New Brunswick. The company acts as his supporting partner to enable him to sustain the artistic and educational programs offered by the theatre. He is also a member of the advisory board for Elija. This non0profit organization supplies meals for the hungry and offers training in the food service industry.

He was originally trained in Egypt as a chemist. In 1970 he relocated to the United States where he earned his doctorate degree. He never did go back to the lab and instead enjoys his three children and his philanthropic interests.