Tidal is the Little Engine That Could and Dez Perez is the Conductor


Every business needs a person that is not afraid to step up and take risks. No business is going to be able to compete successfully if there is no a person that is willing to take on the role of the risk taker. Dez Perez is the perfect risk taker for Tidal. She is not an official employee, but she is well connected with the man that purchased this business. Jay-Z has brought Dez Perez in to conduct the locomotive that was once getting out of control.


Many people were waiting to see what Jay-Z was going to go with Tidal when he purchased it. Little did he know that this purchase would start to resemble a music streaming train wreck when he found that previous owners of Tidal had mislead Jay-Z about the number of actual subscribers for this site. He also found himself losing one CEO after another. He appeared that Tidal was a train that was going off the tracks until an unlikely conductor stepped in to take things to the next level.


Tidal – with the help of Dez Perez – has proven to be the business that could outshine the competition that it was once in the shadows of just a few months ago. This business is growing because people are realizing that Tidal is the hottest and freshest sound board for exclusive content. People have been able to hear the Beyoncé “Lemonade” album later on with Spotify, but they heard it first on Tidal. This is huge. The entire visual album – when it was originally released – was only on Spotify. This makes people want to join in to this club that seems exclusive.


Dez Perez has been the one that has made Tidal become an app that people are curious about. This type of negotiating with executives for higher percentages of the cut from tours gives her leverage. She has been working out music streaming deals. Perez has been sorting through the things that can make people recognize Tidal much easier.


At the present moment there doesn’t seem to be a sign that Tidal is slowing down.


The Way that Desiree Perez Saved Tidal


Music streaming, much like social media, seems to have a new leader every couple of months. People on social media have flocked from MySpace to Facebook only to abandon Facebook and pick up Instagram (a company that Facebook would purchase). The young teens would also put their time and energy into SnapChat as they looked for new ways to hide from their parents on social media.

The music streaming industry appears to present the same challenges for teenagers and young adults that want to make the most of their musical listening experience. Kids have bounced around from Pandora to iHeartRadio to Spotify to Apple Radio. Desiree Perez wants to make sure that the next – and final – stop for the new generation is Tidal. This is what she has been helping Jay-Z orchestrate over the last several years. It has been her desire to help him build up a brand of music streaming that will stand out from the rest that is out there.

There is no shortage of publicity that has been put into promoting Tidal. Jay has spent millions on the acquisition of this company. Some people did not believe that he would recoup the costs of his purchase, let along make a profit. Desiree Perez – after being prompted by Jay-Z – has set out to prove those naysayers wrong. She has been influential in helping Jay-Z turn his music streaming nightmare into a heavenly dream in the last couple of months.

What Desiree Perez has been able to do is help Jay-Z realize just how much talent he had under his roof. He had Kanye West waiting to drop an album. His wife Beyonce was waiting for the right time to drop her album. Rihanna was dropping a lot of lukewarm singles, but fans wanted an album. When all of these highly successful crossover artists dropped albums in the same year Dez Perez saw an opportunity.

People can download the Tidal app or go straight to the website, and they will see a bevy of exclusive content. This is what makes people curious. Desiree Perez knew that this would be the thing that would make people consider signing up. Curious music lovers would not be able to resist this exclusive music.