Your Own Traveling Vineyard Business

Making money with the Traveling Vineyard is fun and easy to do. You do not need to know everything there is about wine, because there are plenty of learning tools to teach you along the way. You will receive a personalized website, intended to be used as a marketing tool. The first three months is free, and then runs $15.95 per month. You will make money through locating people to host a wine tasting party and others who want control over their income and to run their own wine tasting business.

If you are a wine lover and you enjoy people, you can do this. Through your website, you will make appointments for wine tasting parties. You will help the host plan the party, and then run the wine tasting table for their guests. At the end of the night you will take their orders and place them through your website. The Traveling Vineyard will ship all of the orders. You will make up to 35% on all the orders. The supplies needed for each party and the wine necessary for two parties runs $189. Each party thereafter is only $75. But if enough wine is sold per party the following party is credited.

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Learning about the wines being sold and making your business a success is available through an assigned mentor, yearly meetings, and online learning tools. Nobody is ever left without answers to their questions. Success is accomplished through plenty of company support and by never giving up.

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