GoBuySide: Recruiting in New Ways for the Tecnological World

Have you ever heard of GoBuyside? Let me tell you about it. GoBuyside is a global financial recruitment platform. It was founded in the year 2011 by a man named Arjun Kapur. His degree is from Stanford University and his major is in economics. Arjun started GoBuyside with a goal and a dedicated work ethic. Because of this, he was able to grow his business to encompass five hundred cities and over ten thousand investment firms worldwide. He states that his company started small but put in a lot of hard work. Read this article at Yahoo Finance. Now he takes pride in the fact that today his company is one of the largest talent communities in the world. GoBuyside is a company based out of the United States in New York, New York. The website they manage is one of professionalism and expertise and immediately upon entering into it, you can tell that they are a place that takes pride in performing legitimate business. Their company not only encompasses parts of the United States but reaches places such as China, Singapore, Germany and the United Kingdom. They are part of sixteen total countries worldwide. GoBuyside is in the news for helping to ease the stresses of talent recruitment using technology. If you think about the old days with how taxing it was to find new employees and what the process entailed, you can see what it is they are improving. Visit gobuyside.com to know more. Until recently, an advertisement may have had to be written, typed, and submitted to the local paper. This advertisement would have to include what the job was hiring for, what it entailed, what experience was needed and more. The cost it took to submit this advertisement is something that should be looked at as well. When that was done, several candidates had to be filtered through and screened and interviewed. Still none of this process could ensure a candidate would work out at a job in the end. They could possibly not work out and the whole process would have to start all over again. What a waste of time and money. The internet helped streamline that process significantly. GoBuySide helped move that process along even more. What they do is they screen candidates for places such as private equity firms and advisory platforms. Places such as these require the best of the best and GoBuyside has the ability to find those exact people. The company has access to a top-tier talent network that is extremely diverse because of the client-base it has established in the above mentioned countries. They are able to screen top candidates for a job making sure that person is the very best for the job in question. They are able to do this by several means including pulling a candidate’s information from the internet and creating a profile on them from this information before meeting them. This ensures only the best job candidates for that position are being recruited making the process go much quicker saving time and money for all involved. Recruitment technology is fundamental in these days and times and because of that, GoBuySide will continue to expand its company for years to come.

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