Clay Siegall: Football Fan Out To Eradicate Cancer


For some reason, it makes me feel a lot better to see that someone like Clay Siegall is a normal guy. I get the impression from reading his blog because it covers a lot of the same kind of stuff that I am interested in. I am particularly interested in sports and that seems to be mirrored by this CEOs blog when he writes extensively about NFL player movements in the free agency season. Apparently, he gets just as excited as I do about teams signing players and getting better. Apparently, we agree that it is almost as exciting as the season itself.

Then you go to reading through his blog and you stumble upon a bunch of really different stuff. He has shared an NPR article instructing couples on how to navigate the new Donald Trump administration’s plans for healthcare. I guess it can be kind of scary and the CEO that deals with healthcare is trying to give everybody some advice, which is cool. It also has this article about a star being swallowed by a black hole and how beautiful it all is.

Clay Siegall is the CEO of Seattle Genetics. The company is the Pacific Northwest’s largest biotechnology venture. It will soon employ over 1000 people as it pursues an Avenue toward a cancer cure. Of course, Clay Siegall knows that a cure for cancer is a blanket statement. Cancer, it turns out, is incredibly complex and individualized.

That’s what makes this company so incredibly unique. Their genetic testing when it comes to cancer seeks to tailor individualized treatments for a particular cancer. As it turns out, each cancer is almost as unique as the person that suffers from it. Seattle Genetics wants to give an array of weapons to oncologists across the world when it comes to treating cancer. The companies quest for the treatment is on the cutting edge. In fact, the company sometimes moves much faster than the government and must wait for approvals in order to forge ahead with their proprietary investigations. And all of this was started by an incredibly normal guy who likes football.


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