Desiree Perez Considers Cutting Edge Music Services

In the music streaming industry people are willing to sign up in order to get rid of their portable music collection. Tidal music is a streaming service that people are taking a look at now. It has become the type of company that people want to know more about. Desiree Perez has become the reason for that. She has been able to totally revamp this company and change the way that people look at music streaming.

It is really hard to put a spin on something like this because the music streaming industry is so diverse. There are websites that have mixtapes like Mixcloud. There are other sites that have songs amateurs perform remakes of popular music. There is no shortage of free music online, but Desiree Perez and Jay-Z have been working to establish a premium service. This is even more difficult when it comes to competing in an industry that is flooded with free music.  Check this on

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The thing that Desiree Perez believed was most important was to go into a mindset with this type of knowledge. A person that simply tries to get involved with a music streaming service without providing something different from what free sites were offering would have a difficult time. Jay Z was aware of this. Desiree Perez was also aware of this. This is why they implemented a marketing strategy where exclusive content was connected to Tidal. This was the thing that would make this company stand out from the free websites. This is also a strategy that would make Tidal become a site that stood out from other premium services. That is the same thing that Desiree Perez put in place when she decided to make a name for herself. She wanted to help Jay-Z create a type of cutting edge streaming service.  To have peep on her activities, click

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