Entrpreneur And Futurist Jason Hope: Investing In Young Minds

Scottsdale, Arizona based entrepreneur and investor Jason Hope is a futurist. He uses his understanding of the potential applications of technology to make predictions on the future role of technology on a variety of industries. Hope provides businesses and individuals with insight and advice on how best to use technology to improve modern businesses and make them more productive and lucrative. He sees the Internet of Things playing a vital role in modern society’s future as a more people and businesses depend on connected devices.

Jason Hope has a degree in finance from Arizona State University. He also has an MBA from Arizona State’s W.P. Carey School of Business. After earning his degrees, Hope founded a mobile communications company. These days his focus is on investing in startups and biotechnology companies. A skilled futurist, Hope has been able to reap large dividends because of his ability to anticipate how technology will help the companies in which he invest to succeed in the future. While many entrepreneurs focus on just one project, Jason Hope’s advanced understanding of the impact of technology enables him to succeed in several projects simultaneously.

In addition to his business interests, Jason Hope is also a committed philanthropist that is passionate about giving back to his community. He spends a great deal of time mentoring high school students in Scottsdale and creating grant programs to assist entrepreneurs. He’s also interested in the impact local and national politics will have on business both in Arizona and throughout the United States. The Tempe, Arizona native understands how difficult it is for students and aspiring entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into viable businesses. So he provides the with money and support to help them succeed.

Jason Hope understands the vital role young entrepreneurs play in the country’s future through the technologies and business ideas they develop. So he shows them simple ways to save time when developing projects and gives them important, timely feedback that helps them attain their goals faster. His mission is to help turn dreamers into doers and improve the quality of life for all of mankind.

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