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Nexbank Capital Inc. operates on a charter that dates back to the 1920s. It is a financial services company that provides commercial, mortgage, and other institutional services through its subsidiaries. Nexbank prides itself in its commitment to clients and industry leadership while providing exceptional value at every opportunity. Customers are treated to a range of lending products and deposit services from staff whose aim is to help clients optimize cash flow, manage liquidity and create complex financing structures to support expansion and efficiently run businesses. Institutions enjoy long term and short term lending options, capital raising strategies and treasury management services. The professionals at NexBank have a thorough understanding of the mortgage markets and will take timely and efficient action in the client’s best interest.

As a Capable Captain

At the helm of NexBank Capital Inc. sits one John Holt. In 2016, the CEO and President participated in a conversation about reinventing community banking with a view on competing by innovation at the Texas Bankers Association annual Strategic Opportunities Conference. This is a forum for the captains of industry to share perspectives on the prime opportunities and challenges facing community bank leaders. It is a platform for exploration of strategic opportunities through Mergers and Acquisitions as well as organic growth and branching.

Member of the big league

John Holt was most recently reelected to the Board of Directors of the Texas Bankers Association and was also appointed Chairman of the Community Bankers Council. The members represent the Austin and Washington DC banking sector. NexBank was reported to hold $5.3 Billion in assets in the first quarter of 2017. NexBank Inc holds a position of pride as the 4th largest bank in Dallas and 13th in the State of Texas. It boasts SBA preferred lender status with its $101 Million legal lending limit and syndication capability for more.

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