Greyhound Diaries: The Crossroads of Human Understanding

An American singer songwriter who has taken to the road for more than 12 years and 120,000 Greyhound bus miles has no plans to bring his journey to an end.

 Doug Levitt shares his writings and music of fellow travelers in the form of storytelling in a project known as The Greyhound Diaries. Greyhound operates in 3,800 destinations in North America.

 Inspired by Franklin D. Roosevelt’s WPA (Works Progress Administration) project to get started on the road, Levitt writes songs that tell stories mainly about those who are making a great effort to get by.

 He has crisscrossed the country dozens of times and at one time remained on the road for seven uninterrupted weeks.

 Levitt, who has collaborated with producer David Henry on the Greyhound Diaries, plays the piano, guitar and vocals.

 According to Levitt, everyone has a story and on long bus journeys either the obscurity or quiet thinking about the trip builds a natural environment to share the story.

 He also said many seatmates stories have influenced him and have given him a better understanding of what a number of them are thinking.

 Levitt has performed at settings that vary from shelters and universities to the Walter Reed Military Hospital and Kennedy Center.

 Before undertaking The Greyhound Diaries, Levitt was a journalist and foreign correspondent based in London. He grew up in Washington DC, the son of former D. C. Council Member Carol Schwartz and husband David Schwartz, and attended the D. C. public school system.

 Levitt graduated from Cornell University and went on to earn his masters degree at the London School of Economics.

 What’s more, he rode buses across the country, performing in bus stations and at rallies, while working to register voters for the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee, John Kerry.

 And while Doug  Levitt admits riding the bus is not for everyone, he plans to continue to keep riding the bus himself.

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  1. Well, he has said it and i think if you are doing something and getting good results at the same time then why quit. im in total agreement with Doug Levit and with essays on time writing service reviews more insight into the life and career of Levit can be researched. As they say experience is the best teacher, he has being on several trips on the roads and the facts he documents his trips in the form a dairy is great for the fans.

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