Herbalife Goes Global

Lately soccer has been a very popular sport to watch. From the world cup games, everyone around the world has been tuned in for the excitement. Soccer is a pretty entertaining sport that has caught the eyes of everyone in the world. Most players that do play soccer are international players. Soccer is popular in other countries than it is in the United States. A lot of people do not realize that soccer players are not paid as well as other sports, like basketball, and baseball. Soccer players get a lot of endorsements. Those commercials you see playing all over television, they use soccer players. For one, it draws peoples attention because we are familiar with the soccer athletes. And for two, it is propaganda. It is good for these major companies like Adidas, Nike, Puma.

There are also other endorsements such as for drinks and shakes. Lately Herbalife has been supplying multiple athletes with the opportunity to try their product. Specifically, Herbalife signed soccer sensation Johnathan Dos Santos, that plays for the LA Galaxys. Herbalife is a nutrition company, and what better way to promote their business than through a soccer player that needs to be healthy and stay fit. Johnathan said so himself, that he finds it very important to stay fit with a healthy diet and stay hydrated to give his best performance.

Herbalife’s main goal is to provide healthy diets for people that are obese, as well as athletes. They want to make the world healthier through proper nutrition. They sponsor more than 150 athlets worldwide, including international teams and players. What makes a huge difference is that herbalife has more than 8,000 employees worldwide that make this company successful every day. Herbalife has sponsored a lot of athletes, but what good is a company without the people making the business go around. This company has been successful since 1980, and with the promoting the company does today, they will remain successful in the years to come. Herbalife encourages people to be more active in their every day lives. They teach sport nutrition and safe ways to keep a healthy diet. With signing a huge performance athlete, Herbalife is expanding their brand in a positive way.


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