How Well Do You Know Your Child’s Teacher?

The start of a new school year is filled with both excitement and nervousness for students and families. The prospect of making new friends and learning new things excites children, while parents and families look forward to the progress their student will make this year. With all the excitement going on, students and families may also have shared curiosity regarding their new teacher. What will they be like? How well do they interact with children? These questions are often not answered until shortly before the start of school, and children and families have very little time to actually get to know their new teacher.

Rocketship Education, a network of public charter schools is taking a new approach to the development of better relationships between students, families, and educators. Far from the traditional approach to the teacher hiring process, parents participate in group interviews with prospective teachers for each individual Rocketship school. These interviews allow parents and teachers the chance to get to know one another and ask questions to help determine if either of them are a good fit for each other. It also empowers parents and families by showing them that their involvement and their options truly matter.

Founded in 2007 by John Danner and Preston Smith, Rocketship Education combines the use of technology, blended learning models, and community engagement to strengthen the quality of their student’s education. Currently, there are more than fifteen public charter schools in the Rocketship system committed to providing quality education to low-income communities. Through their belief that every child deserves the right to equal education, they have created a unique model for educational opportunities and a system designed with the student in mind. Students not only receive a quality education through the Rocketship system, they also learn moral and core values, which they are expected to practice daily.

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