It’s Tough to be a Dentist

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is a well trained, a well educated and experienced dental practitioner who founded MB2 Dental. In doing so, it gave a chance to many other practitioners who needed fair support to keep on their desired paths in check. Dr. Villanueva is a passionate man when it came to the dental profession, as it was crucial.

Working every single day in a boring and slightly uninspiring setting that is the dentist office can discourage, Dr. Villanueva brought MB2 Dental into fruition. It was a wise choice on his part, as it grew into something so much more. As to where this incredible idea came from, it all started when Chris graduated from dental school. At the time, there were, unfortunately, very few options for that field of study. The options they had were group practices. Such as; state of the art Technology, economies of scales, etc. Or there was also the option to start a private practice, which was a tough enough task already. There was so supportive way to pursue a dental career.

The world was a tough place for any path. Which was why this program was created. First and foremost, it was for the patients receiving high quality care and being connected with doctors whom they could trust. On his own path, Chris used to think at night, worrying, until he got the idea fresh. By surrounding himself with smart people at the workplace and at home, he got himself even more inspiration to push forward. There were new technologies and new ways to get work done. Chris being technological himself, as a personal hobby of his, it excited him to see such progress happening within his passion.

Chris was born in Ohio. He traveled a lot pursuing his career and going to school to train up for the world. His wife was a physician as well, so this field of work was his whole world. There were a few little snags during his journey. One being a dental associate and he wished he would have came up with the idea for this program sooner. Having that old job, Chris saw that not all dentistry focused on high quality patient care, which was the heart of dentistry itself. So, now Dr. Villanueva put his foot down and began his own program to help struggling dental businesses get their chance.

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