James Dondero’s Achievements

James Dondero is the administrator and co-founder of Highland Capital Management. His leadership in this company has been made a success through the many years of experience he has earned through his past works. He has experience of more than thirty years in equity markets and credit. This is one of the qualities that have enabled him to so far make succinct decisions as a leader of Highland Capital Management. Mr. Dondero has so far emphasized in ensuring high yield for the company and investment which serves as one of the achievements of the company.

One of the major achievements of Mr. Dondero has been the development of credit oriented solutions. Some of the services that Highland Capital Management engages in include mutual funds, hedge funds, CLOs, ETFs, and REITs. Mr. Dondero serves as a leader in other avenues in addition to HCM. He is the chairman of NexBack, CCS Medical, and Cornerstone Healthcare. Moreover, he is a board member on MGM studios and American Banknote.

With all the organizations that Mr. Dondero leads, it is evident that he is well versed with leadership knowledge. Through leading other organizations, he continues to gather experience and knowledge necessary to lead Highland Capital Management into the achievement of more goals. As a prominent leader, Mr. Dondero is famous for his philanthropic activities. This is one of the best ways for giving back to the society. The society has entrusted him with the leadership of several vital organizations hence being a philanthropist serves as an ideal platform for giving back to the community.

As a philanthropist, Mr. Dondero is actively involved in the shaping of public policy and veterans’ affairs. In addition to this, he takes the initiative of supporting education. The career journey of Mr. Dondero commenced in 1984 where he began as an analyst. Before joining Morgan Guaranty training program as an analyst, he had graduated from Virginia University. As a graduate, he had achieved high grades which might be one of the attributing factors behind his good governance. With dual majors in Finance and Accounting, Mr. Dondero has been an ideal leader for organizations which incorporate accounts among other financial related operations.

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