Jeff Yastine is a financial journalist, financial advisor and a contributor at Banyan Hill. The Florida, Delray Beach inhabitant plays many roles which include the editorial director of the publishing house and The Sovereign Society contributor. Visit to know more.


The Kennedy Accounts is basically a project that John F. Kennedy came up with when he was the president of America. However, it wasn’t until Jeff Yastine released a video about the accounts that he became more popular in the financial circuit. Mr. Yastine also came up with the name for President John F. Kennedy’s financial project. The Kennedy Accounts came to fruition during the 1960’s when he noticed the U.S economy was going down. The former president noticed that unemployment rates were soaring, the stock market had plummeted and the country’s GDP wasn’t rising. Therefore, he came up with the project to get the American economy roaring to life and to get people to invest in it. Visit the website to learn more.


Banyan Hill is a publishing house that seeks to put together a group of professionals from all over the world who seek investment prospects. The group helps Americans in seeking financial investment opportunities such as preserving their wealth, protecting their assets, making financial decisions, growing their wealth and obtaining wealth freedom. Generally, the group assists them in living a world that is free of financial concerns. Mr. Yastine has been working at Banyan since 2015.


Prior to joining the publishing house, Mr. Yastine was working at Newsmax Media. He worked in this company for slightly over two years. Before this, he was the editorial director of The Oxford Club. He worked for this company for approximately two years two months. His role included overseeing the editorial functions of the company’s financial newsletters, consultations of the company’s marketing projects, seminars, and videos.

Mr. Jeff Yastine had been working for the Nightly Business Report for 17 years before joining the Oxford Club. His senior correspondent role in this company was one of the most prolific one in his whole career. His job included reporting excellent financial, business and economy stories for his professional audience. While working here he got to cross many milestones. They included being nominated for an Emmy Award for one of his remarkable series, interviewing prolific personalities like Warren Buffett, Steve Forbes among others. In addition to this, he got the opportunity of reporting on excellent topics among many others.

The prolific financial advisor attended the University of Florida and he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, Telecommunications Degree in 1986.


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