Jose Hawilla Says Most Employees Would Be Happier Entrepreneurs

Many frustrated employees would be happier as entrepreneurs says Jose Hawilla, owner of the sports management firm, The Traffic Group. The question is, are they really up to the challenge. That’s where the defining line is drawn.

Is It Possible?

One problem is when entrepreneurship is seen as something exotic that few could possibly do. There are so many workers that falsely believe being an employee is the “normal” way, and running a business is atypical. The image of entrepreneurship has hardly adapted to the possibilities. The mindset needs to change because entrepreneurship is open to everyone.

For example, those who can budget and organize family life, who can plan large celebrations or travel, or who are committed to their community, city or similar, who can inspire others, already have important qualities that can translate into their own self-employment. People do not lack entrepreneurial skills, says Jose Hawilla, but what is often lacking is a clear intention, perseverance, and a creative business concept. And some, unfortunately, the courage to simply implement something without the fear of failure.

Where’s The Need?

Entrepreneurship means recognizing a problem, and solving it, not just for oneself, but entrepreneurially for everyone. It is important to identify a need in society, says Hawilla. And having an idea for a business start-up does not mean you need to quit your day job immediately. What is important, says Jose Hawilla, is approaching that idea with many small steps until that ultimate goal of running a business is achieved.

You can try out a lot today through modern technical possibilities, and make yourself visible and test the market. Jose Hawilla reminds blossoming entrepreneurs, an idea can start out as just a hobby, then maybe a small side project or a side job. But this can become a successful business. Jose Hawilla started out as a sports journalist in Brazil, then turned his sports passion into a multi-million dollar business.

After a 10-year career as reporter, then commentator, and producer, Hawilla had extensive experience in the sports industry, and a knack for cultivating diverse relationships. He has been able to secure partnerships with several sports associations, like the Spanish Football League. You can follow their Twitter page.

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