Lime Crime Releases Adorable New Eyeshadow Palettes

Lime Crime is also absolutely obsessed with a commitment to quality. Their team scrutinizes each product from concept to development to stocking on shelves to make sure they are using the best products available. Additionally, all of their products have been certified by PETA and the Leaping Bunny as being cruelty free as well as vegan friendly.

LimeCrime has said since its inception that if their own internal team isn’t obsessed with a product they simply won’t make it. They want their cult of Unicorns to not just love their brand but to be continually obsessed with their products.

For Lime Crime, it isn’t about people simply making a purchase or even multiple purchases, it’s about creating a lifelong believer in their brand. Lime Crime was one of the first beauty companies to ever put social media first when it came to reaching their fans. Many beauty companies see it as simply one wing of what they do and offer. Lime Crime hosts an entire panel of their segment as a “How You Wear It” tribute to their users. That panel is filled with pictures of real users from across the world that have posted pictures to social media with the #LimeCrime hashtag. What a cool way to make fans lifelong buyers!

Lime Crime knows its user base and to provie it they recently released some of the most adorable cosmetics that have ever been seen! Lime Crime’s line of Pocket Candy Palettes are designed to look exactly like the 1990’s rave toys Polly Pockets. These cute little palettes come in a variety of shades and each one has a funky plastic shell that is unmistakably in the style of the Polly Pockets.

Each Polly Pocket palette contains five different shades and in true Lime Crime fashion the shades are bright, bold and incredibly adorable. Along with their new eyeshadow palettes, Lime Crime continues to offer some of the most stylish cosmetics on the market today and all made with the best ingredients. They are traditionally known for their line of lipsticks, but they also offer many face products and even hair products.

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