No Truth to the George Soros and BLM Rumors

Being charitable wouldn’t ruffle any feathers or create any questionable press, right? Well George Soros may be able to stake claim to being the exception to the rule in this particular case. His charity organization and his name have been attached to the Black Lives Matter movement, and the rumor mill has been churning out news that the aforementioned Mr.Soros is the primary financial backer behind this ground swell movement.

A recent report at detailing the “Soros funding the Black Lives Matter movement”, cites the Director of the Open Society Foundations charity clearly refuting these claims.

That Soros charity, Open Society Foundations, is the same organization that reportedly spent in excess of $800 million in 2014. Given the amount of money donated and used to support non profits, in addition to the wide array of issues addressed by the charity including social justice issues, perhaps this wasn’t initially a bad thought. Yet, after these claims of being financial supporters of this growing movement were denied, hopefully the book will end on that page.

In fact, the Open Society Foundations charity does so much work, that three individuals who have been accredited to helping birth the BLM movement have also been recipients of this charity’s help. There isn’t any denying that, it is simply the notion that George Soros’ charity has funded this movement that are being opposed.

Certainly like most unfounded stories, this will pass as the next batch of news (true and otherwise) bumps this story to page 2, then 3 and so on…unfortunately for George Soros and his charity, doing the right things apparently doesn’t make you immune to being the next grape on the rumor grapevine. Don’t be surprised if George Soros doesn’t end up making a pretty good wine from these sour grapes.

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