Omar Boraie Rebuilding New Brunswick

Mr. Omar Boraie is an esteemed businessman as well as the leader of the Boraie Development LLC. Above everything else, he is a visionary who translated ideas into actionable plans and focuses on their fruition no matter how long it takes.

For more than four decades, Mr. Omar Boraie has been noticing the extreme potential of the city of New Brunswick. Mr. Omar Boraie had envisioned a project in the center of area Aspire. There, Mr. Omar Boraie will be working on his latest investment. The city will be housing a large residence built in a high rise luxury building

Mr. Sam Boraie has had a love for the city of New Brunswick his whole life. At the same time, he also noticed the lack of development in the city. People rarely went out past 4 PM, according to Mr. Omar Boraie. He wanted to bring more life and joy to the town and rebuild New Brunswick in a European model.

Flash forward to the present, Mr. Omar Boraie is enjoying a gorgeous view from his office in New Brunswick. Although there had been many people over the years who did not believe in his vision, Mr. Omar Boraie persevered. He started buying the buildings, twenty-one of them, and even though it took a lot of time. The buildings were in a significant disrepair, and there was no plans by the town’s official to start taking care of them. Visit Fundacity to know more.

In a blog posted by Central Jersey Working Moms, Towe One as the first building was called, became an office building. It was built back in the end of 80s and the start of the 90s. Tower Two was constructed later in 2003 right next to it. The vision that Mr. Omar Boraie had been enhancing over the years was a luxurious residential building for condos. The construction resulted in being the tallest one in the city of New Brunswick. It had 25 levels and 121 residential units. Not only that but there was also office spaces for retail businesses. The building was completed with garage areas as well as a barbecue area and a dog park.

Mr. Omar Boraie grew to learn a lot from the experience of bringing his vision to fruition. One of the lessons he learned and extends to others is that no one needs everyone to believe in their dreams or goals. It is enough for you to believe and to find a handful of people that do too. Check out his website

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