Omar Yunes – Strong Leadership and Results

Mr. Omar Yunes is a highly successful businessman who has become an award winning franchisee in December 2015. Mr. Omar Yunes has been recognized for the large number of contributions that he has made to the company that he is a part of – Sushi Itto. Mr. Omar Yunes became an integral part of the company of Sushi Itto when he was 21. He has dedicated his professional career and efforts to being useful and valuable for the business of Sushi Itto. His efforts have paid off well as he is one of the most important people who work at the industry. He has also become a strong leader.

Sushi Itto has been a part of the food industry for many years. The chain is of Japanese origins and has spread its reach over a large number of countries. The chain of Sushi Itto has over a hundred units all around the world. Mr. Omar Yunes is in control of 13 of the units of Sushi Itto. Those units are located in in Puebla, Mexico City, and Veracruz.
Mr. Omar Yunes is the leader of more than our hundred employees. What Mr. Omar Yunes owns makes up more than ten percent of the total number of units of the company of Sushi Itto.
Over the course of his career, Mr. Omar Yunes has amassed a large set of skills. He has become a skilled leader and is able to manage several teams at once. He is also good at analyzing performance data and making improvements upon the plans of action in order to achieve the ultimate performance that can be achieved.

Mr. Omar Yunes was recognized with the title of “Best Franchisee of the World” (BFW). The award is a competition of performance. The competitors apply for an evaluation of their impact on the overall industry that they work in and not only for the particular company that they are a part of. The competition for the best franchisee of the world is of course open to competitors from all around the world. They can be a part of any industry.

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