OSI Group President David Mcdonald

David Macdonald is a charismatic president and the Chief Operating Executive attached to the OSI industries. David Macdonald undertook his studies from the Iowa University and wound up his studies in 1987. Macdonald obtained a degree in Animal Science from the given university. David had immense passion and enthusiasm in his career hence rising from rank to rank within the OSI group that he joined after his studies. The dedication and goodwill to make it life were the key features that earned him the leverage to be chosen and selected as the president of the OSI industries. David commands a peoples’ personality as he liaises with his subordinate staff until the production process succeeds. The level of social integration among his work fraternity in entirety has been the boon that has exacerbated the massive success that has been realized by the OSI group of companies.

David Macdonald OSI Group has achieved a no mean feat since he managed to provide China with one-hundred tons of food products of different assortments during his tenure. David attained this progress during the 2008 Olympic Games that were based in Beijing. The wares included dehydrated onions, beef, chicken, pork, and eggs. The entire food industry has recognized his efforts. David has received huge credit from the stakeholders in the food processing and packaging industry for the milestones attained in the field during his regime. The kind of services he accords his customers is impeccable and unsurpassed. David acts as a moving mass of inspiration and father figure who inspires many through his outstanding character. Macdonald’s work ethic has been exemplary such that the company has stood out in product and service provision.

David Macdonald has been eyeing sustainability by formulating goals that extend up to 2020 that entails reducing water and energy intensity by ten percent. The measures were meant to highlight tissues of issues that concern the environment, the corporate social responsibility, and the supply chain. OSI industries obtained certification of the ISO14001 during his regime. The company has made huge donations to the starving in North Africa. David provides humanitarian aid to the people that were suffering in the Philippines. OSI bought the Bafo Company and that was meant to enable the company to be available in Europe. That would enable the needs of the customers to be tackled efficiently and amicably. The Customer requirements that keep changing every time are well taken care of and then the best measures imposed so that the customers’ is cushioned against any negative externality that may crop up in the process. The close attention paid by the company to its fraternity enables the customers to get to acquaint themselves with the changes.

His LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-mcdonald-a1b1137

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