George Soros investing in migrants and refugees

George Soros is a political contributor to the Democratic party and its causes. One cause he is really concerned about is the migrant and refugee crisis. George Soros has started supporting migrants and refugees who are attempting to start their own businesses. Soros has poured more than $500 million into refugee founded businesses at Soros is attempting to convince other investors to do the same.

Soros is aware that the governments should play a role by providing the needed infrastructure on Soros believes that the private sector can give what others can not, because of restrictions. Soros launched this initiative because of Obama’s recent call for companies to play a larger part in the refugee crisis. George Soros has set aside $500 million for investments that target the needs of the migrants and their hosts.

While he is helping those displaced in America, his main concern and priority is the refugees and migrants flooding into Europe. While he is working with these displaced migrants and refugees on Forbes, George Soros will work with other organizations including the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the International Rescue Committee.

George Soros’ foundation’s contributions cover various business sectors including digital technology, which is on the rise and will help migrant businesses to prosper and allow them access to financial and health services. George Soros’ actions have empowered the Democratic party and their response to the refugee and migrant crisis.

Tips to Success by Josh Verne

The Tips

Be a LeaderMake Every Situation A Win-Win SituationListen More, Speak LessAchieve Balance in Your LifeFigure out Your PassionsAbout the Man Himself

  • Be a Leader: Don’t be the guy who sits and gives orders, be the guy taking charge and giving orders. Putting your team before yourself as well as getting involved with the work that needs to be done will give you respect from your team. And when your team respects you, anything can be accomplished.
  • Make Every Situation A Win-Win Situation: Not everything has to be Win – Lose. You don’t always have to accept a deal or follow a plan of action that will be Win -Lose. With enough thinking, there can always be a Win – Win outcome.
  • Listen More, Speak Less: There’s not enough listening going on these days and it just leads to problems popping up.
  • Achieve Balance in Your Life: Many people will say balance in one’s life is important, because it is. A common misunderstanding about balance is it’s all about the time you put and spread out among different subjects. What’s actually correct however is that balance should be defined as the progress made in the areas of your life.
  • Figure out Your Passions: Passion is what everyone needs, something to make a person want to get up each and every morning, makes a person want to work hard, and keep them going. Few successful people don’t have a passion while the vast majority of successful people do.


Josh Verne is a man with 20 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur. He was recently asked for his person the top five tips for success, which are the very same tips above. Verne is the current CEO of, a business he founded himself back in 2016 after selling his previous business to Global Analytics Holding in 2014.

How Are Stem Cells Changing Lung Therapy?

There was a time when the only thing that could be done for someone that had a lung disease was to make them comfortable and hope it cleared up on its own. With diseases of the lungs getting more and more severe it became necessary for the Lung Institute to find an alternative means of treatment that could actually make a difference.

According to PR Web, stem cell therapy has long been a treatment that is used for nearly every ailment and has a great deal of success for those treatments as well. It is important to note that the doctors and dedicated research teams at the Lung Institute are pioneering new treatments that use stem cells to encourage the growth of healthy lung tissue to combat a wide range of lung diseases like COPD, emphysema and more.

What Is Stem Cell Therapy?

As explained by, stem cells are cells that have not yet dedicated themselves to one function or another. They are most commonly found in fetuses as they develop in the womb but even though these immature cells eventually are dedicated to one function or other, they are still present in adults after birth. Stem cells in adults can be found in the blood and in bone marrow and the Lung Institute has found a safe and effective way to harvest and reintroduce these cells to the body to encourage healing.

This is the fundamental principle behind lung therapy using stem cells. These cells are harvested and then put back in the body with the intent that they will travel to the lungs and help repair damage that has been caused by disease.

Stem cells are revolutionizing the way that we treat lung diseases and they are working to help make the every day lives of those that suffer from lung disease a bit easier. Though they are not yet evolved enough to completely cure lung disease, stem cells certainly can help make life easier for affected individuals. For more info, visit the Lung Institute’s website.


Finding The Odds On March Madness

In order to capitalize on March Madness and college basketball betting, you will need to give yourself the best information for the job. In doing this, you can learn all about basketball odds and more information that will be useful to you along the way. Anybody looking to get all that they can about March Madness basketball will be able to research the ins and outs of players, teams, systems and other information which can be incredibly useful. In doing this, you can make your best educated decisions on the many college basketball games that are played in March.

College basketball is completely filled with upset during March madness. Luckily for you, it is the upset that give you the best earning potential from a betting point of view. You will be able to increase your chances of winning big on March madness games and can provide yourself the opportunity to learn all that you can about betting on basketball to begin with. Betting odds change on a regular basis, which is why you would need up to the second news on sports betting which will be essential to you. If this is what you are looking for, is a website that you would need to turn to.

What is is a website that lays out all of the information you could ever want on any sport you are looking to bid on. For example, if you are looking to place a bet on March madness odds, can provide you with basketball odds which will allow you to make the best educated decision which can earn you plenty of money all throughout the month of March and what the March madness tournament, all the way up to the championship game.

The more information you have going into your bets, the better chance you will half of maximizing your money and give yourself the opportunity to use your head and make a wise decision regarding things like covering the spread, betting lines and picking the winning team based on an overall understanding of March Madness odds. These are essential tools which will carry you far to matter what sort of sports betting you will need to. What’s more, will also teach you the ins and outs of every factor associated with sports book account sign-ups, which may be completely new to you.

Innovative & Impowered Antibody Based Therapy, Led by Seattle Genetics CEO

In the world of cancer research, knowledge is the key to success. Having such knowledge can help the industry expand more so in the development of treatments or possible cures. Cancer is very prevalent in today’s society and it’s deadly wrath can be felt among us all whether it being a family member, friend, or associate. Luckily there have been some great advancements in the fight against cancer and it comes in the form of Antibody Based Treatments. These innovative treatments are much more effective than traditional treatments such as Chemotherapy and patients will experience a lack of sickening side effects after the treatments are over. Cancer Research has a much better prognosis and as innovation gets better, more and more lives will be saved.

Dr. Clay Siegall whom is the President and CEO of Seattle Genetics, is doing a great job for bringing new and innovative technology to modern day medicine. Dr. Siegall has a progressive approach that has yielded great results. Scientific innovation, drug development, and rigorous research is what he and the company stands by. Having much experience in the field, Dr. Siegall has transcended Seattle Genetics to a more mainstream market rather staying private. As you can see he is very accomplished in his own rights, but Dr. Clay Siegall’s passion isn’t about earning new accolades, but more so helping others.

Seattle Genetics is located in Bothell, Washington and it’s one of the area’s biggest job producers. With over 800 employees all ready to work; the company’s growth in revenue will likely increase the need or more hiring. Antibody Based Therapy is the future of fighting cancer and Dr. Clay Siegall is in firm control of it’s future outcome.

Online Reputation News

With the ever-growing number of employers, recruiters, and even college admissions officers checking for more information on potential candidates, it is vital to ensure your record is shown in a positive light at all times online. Whether you are a business owner or if you simply represent a business or brand yourself, keeping clean profiles is a must. Working together with a reputation management service that specializes in online profiles and images allows you to move forward in any direction, personally or professionally.

Why Branding is Not Just for Professional Companies

The term “branding” is no longer simply used for companies and entities that want to appear desirable to consumers. Instead, each individual online has their own brand and identity today. Ensure your profiles do not push negative agendas, hate speech, or other rhetoric that may be deemed as “offensive” by recruiters, employers, and potential colleges you have applied for yourself.

Keep Offensive Material Away From Your Name

Always remember to keep offensive material away from your name, as this can quickly lead to diminishing your credibility and the credibility of your business (or the company you work for). Take time to “Google” your name and any accounts you use online to edit or delete content entirely that may be offensive to others or in some cases, cost you your job.

Do a Thorough Cleaning of Social Media and Your Own Website

Once you have a clear understanding of how social media monitoring works, be sure to fully review your own social accounts along with any websites you own to rid negative remarks, comments, and content. Conducting a thorough sweep through your social media accounts and websites is a surefire way to remove negativity whether you are applying for a new position or if you want to uphold your brand’s current positive standing.

Data regarding social media bans, firings, and resignations are growing at a new rate with the advent of the internet and various platforms to share opinions and thoughts (which are not always positive).

Securus Supports Video Visitation For Inmates

Dallas-based criminal justice technology provider Securus Technologies recently launched a campaign to promote Video Visitation in correctional facilities across the U.S. Stay up to date with Securus on


Securus’ 30-day campaign will promote a series of infomercials outlining the benefits of Video Visitation. The infomercials will show the undeniable value of connecting inmates with loved ones. The new and improved technology is viewed as a win-win all around. “Now inmates can reach out to their loved ones in the privacy of their own home,” said Securus CEO Rick Davis.


Incarceration can take a heavy toll on inmates, especially during the holiday season. Incarceration, even if its short-term, can have an adverse affect on an inmate’s psyche.


Smith stresses that Securus has little to do with the way in which on-site visitations are conducted by each individual facility.


Although Securus has some detractors, Video Visitation is growing by leaps and bounds. “The individuals spreading all the hate really don’t have a clue,” said Smith. Visitors really seem to prefer it over the usual face-to-face visitation, which eliminates paying for gas and long, tiresome drives.”


“The bottom line is, there are certain things that simply cannot be replicated at a correctional facility. Loved ones can participate remotely, which is better that the restrictions and time constraints required through in-person encounters,” said Davis.


IAP Worldwide Services History

IAP Worldwide has established itself as the leading logistics, facilities management and infrastructure development company in the world. The company currently provides a wide range of services to the United States government as well as the military. With IAP Worldwide Services, the government and military is able to easily establish a highly efficient and stable base of operations in various locations in the world. It also designs, and builds roads and also energy facilities. IAP Worldwide also helps build various building structures and facilities on As a result, IAP Worldwide has been able to help the government get firmly established in remote locations on a regular basis. As of now, the company currently holds government contracts worth approximately $370 million. You can access IAP Worldwide Services via social media to learn more about the company.

While IAP Worldwide Services has been the official name of the company since 2005, it has a number of services that date back to the early 1950’s. IAP Worldwide was once a company that specialized in providing logistics services for the military. It would help transport supplies to military bases and personnel during times of peace and war. The company became a trusted partner of the military and government during and after the Persian Gulf War. During this operation, IAP Worldwide would frequently aid the military in accomplish its mission of making Operation Desert Storm a success. The company would become quite active in assisting the military in other missions throughout the world over the next two decades. By 2005, IAP would acquire the company Johnson Controls Worldwide Services to expand its services.

Read more: Kaye Scholer Represents Lender Group in IAP Worldwide Restructuring

Since Johnson Controls Worldwide Services offered maintenance and management of military bases and commercial facilities, IAP saw an opportunity to merge.  It would now have the ability to help the U.S. military on Hoovers even more by keeping military bases running efficiently as well as keeping them safe. Along with building maintenance, IAP was able to get other services such as facilities construction and development as well. Johnson Controls Worldwide Services acquired Pan Am in 1989 and was able to use the services that company provided. By 2006, IAP Worldwide Services acquired G3 Systems to provide engineering services to the government as well.

One of the other benefits of IAP Worldwide is that it provides a number of job opportunities for people. The company offers a wide range of jobs in maintenance, financial management, logistics management and communications. Individuals seeking a job with this company can take advantage of positions such as pest control technician, communications technician, HVAC technician, air traffic controller and finance analyst.

Is Your Dentistry Firm Performing Optimally and How Can MB2 Dental Solutions Help?

How much time do you spend getting your dentistry firm in a working state? Most dentists are often moving from one office block to another ensuring compliance or are engaged in boardroom discussions verifying accounting or audit reports. Every time they need to expand their practice, they also have to spend a lot of time interviewing new candidates or aligning their IT departments. While most of these activities are crucial to the survival of your firm, they are also disruptive. Every time you step out to accomplish either or have your mind filled with the thought of the other, you most likely and unknowingly lose out on the quality of patient care you accord your patients.

What is MB2 Dental solution?
MB2 is a dental practice management company that provides non-dental services to dentist firms. This means that you can delegate the essential but disruptive practice services to experts with an in-depth knowledge of how the dentistry industry operates. MB2 provides you with trained in-house experts in or cloud experts. This means that you get to concentrate your energy on patient care thus increasing your chances of gaining more referrals and repeat customers.

What joining MB2 means to your business
MB2 Dental is devoted to letting dentists spend more of their energy to their customer satisfaction. The fact that the program is developed by dentists for dentists means that the professionals sent your way to conduct various administrative duties understand how the industry operates. Some of these experts have also worked with other dental facilities and will, therefore, accord you the necessary advice needed to push your business further.

The dental solutions service provider assists with the day to day activities involved in running your dental firm. They will help you keep your accounting books in order through audits, marketing, and also interview prospective candidates should you wish to expand your business. The fact that they have experience in running similar dental offices means that they will integrate relevant systems that work for you and your business.

For information on the day to day operations of MB2 Dental, follow them on Twitter

Investment Banks Have a Solid Banking Structure

Investment banking is one of the most popular forms of banking in the banking industry. There are many reasons why investment banking is popular. One of the main reasons is the structure of investment banks. The structure of investment banks is designed in a manner that provides clients with many banking services that can be handled by one primary investment bank.

The investment bank has three main areas in its structure design. All three areas are distinct. Each area provides a unique set of investment banking services that fall under that particular area. While the investment bank has three areas of investment banking services, each individual investment bank can decide which areas the bank will utilize. Therefore, each investment bank contains the banking areas that it needs or desires. As a result, the banking areas can be chosen based on a variety of reasons such as which investment banking services are popular in a particular city.

In addition, each individual investment bank determines how many of the three banking areas will be utilized by an investment bank. Generally, smaller investment banks tend to utilize only one of the three areas of investment banking services. The reason is because smaller investment banks do not have the financial or human resources needed to fully operate with all three areas.

Beyond the three banking service areas, one of the most important aspects of the investment banking structure are the investment banking positions. Concerning the positions, one of the most important positions is the investment banker. The investment banker position is important for several reasons. One of the reasons is that the position serves various roles within the investment bank. The position is responsible for attracting new clients, managing business accounts, handling business deals, finding funding for business deals, and many other responsibilities.

One of the most popular investment bankers in the investment banker industry is Martin Lustgarten. A proven investment banker with many years of experience in the investment banking industry, Martin Lustgarten has accomplished many things in his career.

He has an excellent resume with numerous highlights that demonstrate his accomplishments in the investment banking industry. Martin Lustgarten is the founder and CEO of Lustgarten Martin, which is an investment banking firm. He handles the daily business operations for his investment banking firm.