Boraie Is A Visionary Leader In Real Estate Development

Boraie Development LLC is a cutting edge real estate developer that is building communities, neighborhoods, and even cities in the New Jersey, and surrounding areas. One of their latest projects is a two hundred fifty unit apartment complex in the resort town of Atlantic City, New Jersey. This is the first development of this caliber in the area in over twenty five years. The area of the project is called The Beach of South Inlet, and has a cost of $81 million dollars. It sits in the middle of Pacific, Atlantic, Connecticut, and New Jersey avenues. The complex will provide homes for more that fifty thousand people who work in the Atlantic City Resort town. This development gives optimism to the growth of the city.

Boraie Development LLC provides services that are focused on the urban real estate market. Their teams are dedicated to providing exceptional service to clients in sales and marketing, property management, and real estate development. Their niche is working with the strongest specialists in the field, whether it be contractors, visionary architects, and financial institutions. Each must have a clear understanding of deadlines to ensure a successful completion of projects in a timely manner. Boraie has a fully staffed office that offers full service to their clients, and partners. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Boraie Development LLC has more than thirty years experience servicing the Middlesex County and the surrounding areas, offering both commercial and residential specialists in various fields of construction. An integral part of their overall strategy is to manage their properties. They maintain their properties with excellent detail, and take care of all physical improvements continuously. Their anticipation and exuberance about the Atlantic City project is that it will grow into an undertaking like the one that they developed in New Brunswick, New Jersey. An entire city bolck, and more, is lined with large, high rise buildings for office spaces, and living quarters. Boraie Development LLC completely revamped the city of New Brunswick. Check out press of atlantic city to see more.

Boraie Development LLC is a family owned real estate company that is under the leadership of Wasseem Boraie, who maintains the office of president. Sam Boraie has a vision for Atlantic City, just as he had for New Brunswick. With older buildings in Atlantic City being more than thirty years old, he realizes that in order for the city to thrive once again, it has to start with enticing residential housing that will appeal to the younger generation.

Paul Mampilly Warns Of A Coming Bitcoin Crash

Over the course of a career beginning in 1991, Paul Mampilly has learned every boom must be followed by a crash of some sort and has recently warned of the problems he sees beginning as the Bitcoin bubble grows. Cryptocurrencies have shown themselves to be a consistently rising option for those interested in creating a successful investment portfolio over the last few months when the value of each coin mined using complex algorithms jumped to an unheard of $19,000 per coin; one of the world’s leading investment specialists decided this was the moment to warn investors to sell their cryptocurrencies before the bubble he believes has been developed bursts.

Paul Mampilly admits a certain amount of uncertainty is seen with any decision about when to sell a successful investment but the growing level of uncertainty about Bitcoin means this has become the perfect time to sell off cryptocurrencies before they fall to pre-boom levels. As a former winner of the Templeton Foundation, Paul Mampilly believes the Bitcoin bubble is about to burst and feels his role as an investment advisor provides him with the need to explain his position to those who follow his advice and those who are looking for assistance with their financial situation.

After carefully examining the position of Bitcoin, Paul Mampilly believes a bubble is growing around the cryptocurrency and this will not be a long-term option for creating a successful investment portfolio. Paul Mampilly believes the growing level of success many investors are seeing from investments of just $10,000 which are now worth around $190,000 will eventually crash in value leaving those who feel the natural impulse for greed to overcome the analytics which states the bubble will soon burst.

An ever-expanding market for Bitcoin has been growing over the curse of 2017 which has been highlighted by a growing number of successful, established companies embarking on Bitcoin mining as they feel this will lead to greater profits; in this way, the growing Bitcoin market is reminiscent of the tech sector crash of 1999. Paul Mampilly survived the tech crash of 1999 without losing a cent of his personal funds by removing himself from the market long before the bubble burst.

Paul Mampilly: An Financial Guru Helping Main Street Americans Invest

One Login Has Changed During 2017

The company’s access management services are well-known all over the world. Here are some things that happened at OneLogin in 2017:

  1. Brad Brooks Became Their CEO:

Brad Brooks has decades of experience in the tech sector. He became the CEO of One Login in August.

  1. One Login Has A New Customer:

Airbus now uses their services, and they have had a positive experience with One Login. Airbus manufactures vehicles that are used for aeronautics and spaceflight.

  1. New Positive Testimonials:

Fourteen of the company’s customers published positive testimonials this year. These companies operate in different sectors of the economy. The positive testimonials are likely to attract more customers.

  1. Fortune Magazine Has Given The Company An Award:

Fortune Magazine listed One Login as one of the best companies to work for in San Francisco. This is the fourth award that One Login has received in the last two years. It’s likely that this award will bring more highly skilled employees to the company.

  1. Their App Has Become More Sophisticated:

One Login has begun incorporating machine learning into their app. This has numerous benefits. Here are some ways that machine learning has improved the One Login app:

  • Prevention Of Fraud: Machine learning is used to stop suspicious logins in their tracks by identifying the networks that logins are coming from and the time that logins are being attempted. If a suspicious login attempt occurs, the manager of the program will be notified immediately.
  • Machine learning makes the app significantly faster. It also makes it possible to find apps faster than you could in the past.

You can use One Login to find apps without knowing the name of the app you’re looking for. One Login uses machine learning to identify apps with keywords.

Michel Terpins Uses His Competitive Spirit to Keep Racing

As a competitor, Michel Terpins knows what it is like to go up against people who are trying to win in the same way he is. He knows what it is like to beat out the competition and to try and help people realize they can do different things. For Michel Terpins, this means he has to do things that will make him a better driver. He has gone to great lengths to get to that point and it has helped him through the times where he felt he was unable to actually do more with the racing opportunities he had. Michel Terpins likes to do things the right way and he even makes sure he is racing the right way. He tries to remain as moral as possible while he’s racing so he can make all the right choices and never have to worry about issues with the racing industry.

Even when Michel Terpins teamed up with his brother to race together, he knew there would be different things he could do to make sure they were racing in the best way possible. He always wanted his brother to race with him and that’s part of what led him to making positive choices to better himself in the racing industry. It also allowed him the chance to make sure things were going to get better.

As long as Michel Terpins was racing, he felt confident he could do better. He had always had a strong desire to win and that’s part of what led him to the point where he’s at today. He knows what it is like to win and what it’s like to make sure he is making all the best decisions for the people who he races with. In addition, Michel Terpins has always tried to show others there are things he can do and things he can make better about the racing industry. All of the opportunities he has had come directly from racing and from making good decisions while he is trying to race. He knows the decisions have all paid off for him.

Top Wainscoting Ideas for Dramatic Changes in Your Home

When your home starts begging for some improvements, wainscoting ideas come handy. Don’t forget that by lining walls with the wood panels, you automatically style up the room. On top of that, you hide small or large imperfections.

Wainscoting panels will not only bring elegance but also color up the room. With so many choices in regard to designs and hues, you can marry the tones and profiles you like for the ultimate results. And you don’t have to break the bank either. There are designs but also ideas for frugal wall renovations too.

7 top wainscoting decorating ideas

The classic wainscoting


Classic wainscoting design ideas are not necessarily old fashioned. And you don’t have to keep the wooden appearance of the panels either. Instead, you can choose a gray or dark blue color. Classic designs often cover 1/3 of the wall. They come with a base, chair rail, and stiles. Keep them even lower if the ceiling is not so high. Bring them higher if you have a tall ceiling.

To maintain a classic elegance in the home office, living room, library or elsewhere, stick to a classic raised panel and use neutral colors. Old classic homes inspired a ‘heavier’ atmosphere. For that, wainscot more parts in the room. Use crown molding, door & window casing, and trim the doors.

The modern wainscoting


Although you can use any modern wainscoting design and bring the panel up or down depending on ceiling height, don’t over-wainscot the room. Here your intention is to make spaces friendlier. Or, bring a summer look. Or, it might be a child’s room, where you don’t want to make it too serious.

So avoid putting molding in every part of the room. Stick to wall panel wainscoting. Often floor to ceiling panels offer a very modern look and become a blank canvas for any wall decoration. For a modern look, focus on using the right colors. White & black is always an option. But you can dare for brighter choices, like blue, green, or red.

The picture molding


When walls are covered with furniture or you want to escape the classic idea of lining the walls with a flat panel, you can always trim the upper part of the wall. This is the classic picture rail that runs closer to the ceiling rather than the floor. This can be a nice surprise since it’s outdated. Don’t let the word ‘outdated’ scare you. When it comes to interior design ideas, old fashioned styles make a strong come back. A white picture molding will look good on a colored wall. It will also put some emphasis on the crown moulding and keep eyes traveling upwards. So you might want to be sure the trim is the perfect match to the existing ceiling molding.

Trim the wall to create a texture

The looks of a wall can change dramatically if you create a special pattern without really installing a shaker. You can simply trim the wall but focus on texture. You can use trim to create small or larger squares. The small ones can fit into the large ones. Or, you can only use one size squares to create a pattern. This idea will give more depth if the wall is painted a different color.

Play with the doors and openings


Don’t forget that you can trim doors too. It will give minimal homes a splash of traditional elegance. Don’t forget that if you have a beadboard running the walls and other trims in the room, trimming the door will bring a more classic look. So it depends on how much trim there is in the room and the impressions you want to give. For a lighter approach, trim only certain parts of the room – the door opening, or the door, or the area above the fireplace etc.

Don’t forget the window casing

Most of the times, window casing is there but is often neglected. That’s because they are often hidden behind the curtains. But window casing makes a nice improvement and will also give you the chance to check if your window needs some caulking too. You can bring the casing all the way up to the ceiling molding or keep it lower. It’s often better to keep window casing thinner than door casing.

But it will also depend on whether or not there is a shaker wainscoting covering the wall in between. If not, you can always break the rules and make them wider especially if the room is wide.

Marry colors


We are often instructed not to blend molding colors. And the truth is that if you keep them all painted the same color, you maintain some uniformity and bring out their style. But since rules are made to be broken, remember that it also depends on other factors. For example, if you wainscot the entire wall and paint it orange, you might want (or not want) to paint the trims white. Just remember that when you use a different color, it stands out. So always consider what visual effect you want to create.

Class Dojo Is a Perfect Example of a Good Education Tool

Edtech refers to the industry of technological innovations that aim at helping educators and teachers. Investments are poised to reach more than 1.4 billion dollars soon enough. It is true that the Education Department has cut spending. However, investors are realizing the power of edtech and the vast demand for more products that help bring about a better education. However, when it comes to creating a product for teachers, you have to realize that you can not just create any product and expect it to become popular with teachers. There are so many products out there already, and you have to be unique. You have to really offer something of value.

You see, when teachers choose to use an education product, they look for specific things. Education is something that is very important in society. It is important that the tool or product actually do something for the students. It has to be fun for the students. It has to make them want to use it. It also has to make things easier for the students and for the teachers. It should be simple and fun, not a complicated app that doesn’t really work or which does not do anything to make the learning process more fun and interactive.

Keep in mind that when schools look for new edtech products they use, they ask the teachers which products they want. The teachers are the ones who are going to be using the products, so they have the final say. That is why it is important to create products that teachers like.

Class Dojo is an example of an edtech product that is successful because of what is has to offer. It is a communication platform that greatly helps teachers. It gives students a voice by letting them add photos and videos to their online portfolio. Teachers can easily use the app to communicate with parents, and vice versa. They can share videos of various accomplishments that the students made in the classroom with their parents. It is all about connection and empowerment.

A Look at Louis Chenevert and His Success

While working as the CEO of UTC Chenevert assumed a critical role and left the legacy of higher expectations that the remaining parts are difficult to reconcile for different managers. He achieved some impressive achievements, for example, producing significant growth in the market, being in retreat and receiving Goodrich. This acquisition can continue to be its commercial agreement, which speaks of an entrepreneurial vision and an unprecedented tolerance: spending for a year on transactions before reaching the base with a deal of $ 18,400 million. U.S

Be that as it may, the task of Chesterton, GTF, appreciates the achievements of its achievements. The company itself, which was chosen as an opportunity for Airbus, assured Pratt and Whitney as a compelling meeting in the market for thin motor vehicles. In 2011, considered a moment of outstanding achievements, I expected improvements in advanced materials that will help the engine to consume more flames. According to Chenevert, the idea of uncoupling the fans had incredible potential to achieve a larger and more modern engine plan. Surprisingly, it helped UTC obtain a guarantee to put resources into a brilliant innovation that continues to stimulate the development of the current organization and does manufacturing activities, thereby boosting the US economy. Read more on

The inclusion of resources in the latest innovative and work instructions can create organizations for future achievements, and Louis Chenevert, as well as Gregory Hayes, firmly believe in this. In the current publication, Gregory Hayes, current CEO of UTC, portrays successful executives as those who understand that they are operators of the organization, with the obligation to leave the body above all they found. Also, an ideal approach to this is, apparently, a genuine sense of duty about the investment of resources in new achievements and people.

Although performance in the present and the present is critical, the CEO must always reflect on the fate of the organization. Besides, that something must come that certainly needs speculation. By putting cash in innovations and representative instructions, managers will have the opportunity to create an organization for future achievements. Let’s be honest; Entrepreneurship will help improve the economy, help create more employees and give people the chance to face their opportunities. Also, it is likely that a more skilled workforce will introduce new ideas and, therefore, will be in an excellent position to reimburse the money for exams.

At United Technologies Corporation, plans that are more respectful of the environment and more environmentally friendly are not new. Louis Chenevert understood it infallibly and turned it into a point of supply for the articles created by the organization. The subjects reduced the original impression, the emanation of the nurseries by 26%, and the plants and factories decreased their diluted use by 53%. The organization has created the same international standard for each of its offices. Read more at French Tribune.

Expansion of asset management Chenevert, UTC collects the most progressive transmission engines in the world for business and military customers. He handles heating, cooling and cooling technology. Also, it receives more helicopters at its Sikorsky plant than any other organization in the United States. Several plants, which are processed by the division of aerospace systems, create units, sensors, brakes, flight control elements, chassis, etc.

The development of companies will help the development of producer organizations, as well as suppliers. You cannot ignore the importance of suppliers to help producers meet their responsibilities to customers. For example, around 80% of the GTF parts of Pratt and Whitney are offered to suppliers.


The Imperative of Humanitarian and Civic groups; Larkin & Lacey

During this challenging times, the world is unstable, beating the drums of war from all corners.

Human rights violation continue besides having working governments and international institutions such as, and human rights. It is a human virtue to help those in need. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

It’s being made possible through civil, human rights groups that raise the plight of the less fortunate to the world to get them help of informing against the vices and plights they struggle with.

The civil groups and the NGO, s identify a problem or a disconnect in the society, and they try to bridge it through various ways. It may include public education to help people understand the issues, helping those in need through resources and emotional support and seeking justice and reconciliation if need be.

The co-founders of Phoenix new times and village voice media Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have started a humanitarian group with the funds they received as settlement for the unlawful arrest by Sherriff Joe Arpaio, on October 18, 2007, by Maricopa County.

They were arrested in the middle of the night at their homes after they had written an exposure revealing a cover-up for the Sherriff in a grand jury.

The settlement of 3.75 million went to Lacey & Larkin Frontera fund whose intention was to support groups that advocate for civil, human, migrant’s rights, freedom of speech and civic participation throughout Arizona and the Mexican border. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

Civilian groups work to confront or advise the governments on how to handle and treat it citizenry equally in matters representation, fundamental human rights among others.

Migrants are also people who traveled from their countries or ran in search of better lives, persecution or war. Under the UN charter, there are fundamental rights accorded to them are given, such people. Many of the countries, however, turn a blind eye to them leaving the people to suffer worse fates in the camps in the country.

Humanitarians and human rights groups work towards ensuring such people get the required help, fundamental rights and even advocate for their integration within the community when there no other options.

These groups also are valuable as they keep a watchful eye on the governments and point out faults on behalf of the ordinary citizen. They advocate for their rights and condemn lousy governance and corruption.

The groups act as a mirror of society so we can see the fault within and solve them before they grow to be cancer that can destroy the nation a whole.

The OSI Group Expands Across The Globe

The OSI Group is a leader in the meat processing industry for the retail and food services industries. The produce a variety of items such as sandwiches, pizza, sauces, chicken, beef and vegetables. The OSI Group is lead by President David McDonald and CEO Sheldon Lavin. They are headquartered in Aurora, Illinois but have expanded globally.

Back in 1992, The OSI Group established a plant in Beijing, China. They quickly began to produce quality food to their fast food restaurants. By 2008, they became the number one source for supplying the restaurants with eggs, beef, pork, chicken and onions. In 2010 a new beef operating plant was opened in Japan named Orange Bay Foods. They also opened a feed mill operation in Shandong Province, which has become the nation’s biggest meat production facility. The feed mill can produce over 500,000 tons of high quality food per year. Due to its huge success, they now have a fully integrated meat operation. It is engaged in breeder feeding, feed production, slaughtering, hatchery and broiler feeding. This year this location was honored with the 3 Star Good Chicken Production Award from the ICCAW. The OSI Group is currently one of China’s top chicken suppliers.

While establishing success in China, they were also beginning to have a strong presence in India. They began collaborating with Vista Processed Foods, a supplier in India. Seventeen years later, they opened a plant that processes frozen vegetables. At the end of 2012, they opened a chicken processing plant in Hungary. Currently The OSI Group processes chicken for restaurants in 16 nations throughout Europe.

President David McDonald is focusing on continually growing and expanding the company. He and CEO Sheldon Lavin, are working to bring in healthy, organic and all-natural products. In 2016, The OSI Food Solutions UK company was awarded with the Globe of Honour Award from the British Safety Council. The award recognizes those who show exemplary standards in environmental risks. To be eligible for the award, you must have achieved five stars in the British Safety Council’s audit scheme regarding environmental management. This includes every aspect of the business from the shop floor to the boardroom.

For details:

Sustainability Initiatives of Waiakea Water

The commercial use of degradable bottles will begin in the next year courtesy of Waiakea, Inc., and Timeplast. The partnership between Waiakea, a premium bottled water brand, and Timeplast, a nanotechnology company, will see Waiakea incorporate a Timeplast’s additive into the manufacture of its bottles. According to Ryan Emmons, the additive (which is touted as the first and only patented additive for the nano-degradation of plastics) is capable of speeding up the degradation of plastics up to 98 percent faster. Conventional plastics degrade slowly taking over 1500 years to fully decompose whereas plastics which incorporate the Timeplast’s additive are said to decompose in only 15 years. Emmons is the founder and CEO of Waiakea Inc.

Manuel Rendon, the founder of Timeplast, recognizes Waiakea as a socially responsible brand. While Rendon emphasizes that developing the additive was nothing next to a walk in the park, he is excited to have partnered with Waiakea, a company which shares the Timeplast’s vision of sustainability. Both Timeplast and Waiakea believe they can impact the world with the revolutionary technology. Watch this video on Youtube.

New technology often is available with a huge price tag but not the TimePlast’s game-changing additive. Emmons stated that additive costs almost the same as the aquamarine colorant of plastics. What’s more, only a single pound of the additive is capable of altering the degradability of over one thousand pounds of plastics. Emmons is betting on the cost-effectiveness factor of the Timeplast’s additive to be the bait that will encourage companies in the consumer packaged goods industry to embrace the use of the additive.


Other initiatives of Waiakea centered on sustainability include reforestation and partnering with emission control experts. Waiakea is leading reforestation efforts in the Mauna Loa, where the company sources its water and other parts of the world. Also, the company has partnered with emission control experts such as Ecometrica to minimize the adverse effects of its emissions on the environment.

Waiakea Water social responsibility efforts extend past America. The company in partnership with Pump Aid is spearheading initiatives that will enable communities in parts of Africa especially Malawi to have access to clean water and sanitation. Read more about Waiakea Water on