Impressionable Facts about Clay Hutson

Clay Hutson is a music sound engineer and he started his career working with some of the best and famous bands in the world. Clay has gained passion towards bringing out a unique nature out of his works and as a result, many artists seek to work with him. In his productions, Clay strives to bring an aesthetic perfection of music that is good enough to attract the attention of viewers. He has worked with a vast number of music companies in the country, through which he gained great skills. Among the major roles that Clay has played include Project Manager, sound engineer, among others.

Due to the vast experience that Clay has gained over the recent years, he has successfully established his own music company, through which he helps artists achieve their desired type of tracks. His ability to produce top-notch tracks for his clients has seen him gain a lot of fame in the country and thus he is among the most sought out sound gurus. Among the major celebrities that Clay has worked with include Pink, Kid Rock, among many others. He has always shown dedication towards bringing out the best in his career, and due to his commitment, Clay has achieved major successes.

Clay Hutson believes that every business owner with a passion towards achieving success in their endeavors ought to show faith in their work. He insists that self-believe is an important aspect when it comes to businesses as it uplifts people even at times of their break down. Clay has also strived to evaluate the possible impact of his ideas to identify the possible effects it may cause to a firm. Besides, he also likes sharing ideas with other people as he believes that he can learn a lot from them. His humbleness has also encouraged many people to work closely with him and share their fears to acquire help.

Additionally, Clay Hutson also has always strived to maximize his productivity and he has recently been focused towards stage managing events. His ability to understand the needs of his clients has also left a significant number of them happy and willing to continue doing business with him. He also likes exploring new ideas and he has traveled in a vast number of countries with an aim of understanding their culture as well as creating new productions that address the needs of each of his clients. Learn more:

PSI-Pay, leading UK Fintech company, develops a new contactless payment ring

The beauty of technology is that it has no limits or borders and every day a new invention and innovation is on the blink. Today cashless payments account for more than half of all purchases made in the UK. A staggering number of people in the UK use credit cards to settle all their bills and only carry some cash in their wallets for unplanned emergencies. As a result, many Fintech companies in the UK and across the world have zeroed their efforts on finding ways to improve cashless payments. PSI-Pay, a leading Fintech Company in the UK, which provides payment card facilities and digital accounting, is at the forefront of improving cashless payments. Consequently, the company has teamed up with Kerv Wearables to come up with a revolutionary contactless payment ring.

Kerv Wearables is among the leading innovators in the payment industry, and are focused on alternative methods of payment. For the last decade that contactless payment has existed in the market, a third of all payments and purchases made in the UK have followed this method. Contactless payment employs the use of smart cards, credit and debit cards as the mode of payment.

PSI-Pay has been a leading partner in this trend and their new innovative payment ring has been tipped to be the next big trend in the industry. Kerv Wearables, which is an affiliate company of PSI-Pay has maintained a legacy of designing the most durable and comfortable rings. Their new contactless payment ring is designed to endure harsh conditions such as scratches and damages and is also water resistant. Additionally, the ring is suitable for all genders because of its well-fashioned design. It also caters for all sizes, having twelve sizes to choose from. The ring also utilizes, Near Field Communication (NFC) making customer transactions secure and easy to use. By one tap of the ring to a PoS (Point-of-sale) terminal, one makes a payment.


Customers who use contactless payments are more advantaged because it is faster and easier to make payments using this system. It eliminates the inconveniences of having count large and small amounts of cash and waiting for your credit card to be validated. This is because, by a single touch of the contactless ring against PoS, the transaction will be completed in a matter of seconds. Phil Campbell founder of Kerv says that the rings can also be used for data storage and sharing.


More about PSI-Pay

The company has been operational for the last eleven years and has consistently come up with innovative payment formulas for businesses across the world. PSI-Pay has a philosophy of transparency, clarity and efficient means of conducting business. The company has firmly established itself as the global leader in banking and alternative methods of payment.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff’s Author Sean Penn Speaks out at CBS

For those who know Sean Penn in person, they must have spotted some similarities that he has with Bob Honey. The two are all baby boomers and are enthusiasts of humanitarianism. Both Sean Penn and Bob Honey are not happy with the present day political climate. Actually, there is a trendy article that explains Penn’s love for helping distressed individuals. It goes down in history that during the Haiti earthquake in 2010, he and Diana Jenkins founded an organization that would provide victims of the Haiti earthquake with relief. In the book ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff’ there is an account of Bob Honey traveling all the way to Iraq after the war for the purposes of surveying the damages before he is done, he is interrupted by the notorious Hurricane disaster in US and dashes back to the US to offer relief to victims of disaster.

Now, being privy to the similarities, you can clearly see how Mr. Penn makes his sincere part of the character in ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff’ to reflect both values and ideas of his personality such as the social responsibility to appear in the book. In the book, he brings out the aftermath of the made-up hurricane ordeal from his personal experience, where he gave a helping hand to the victims of Hurricane Katrina disaster. In the interview at the CBS Sean Penn and the reporter recounts a series of events just after the disastrous storm.

This reporter was on the ground at the time when the relief activities were ongoing, and he covered most of the events, where she recalls speaking to Mr. Penn. The author of ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff‘ was here and he was present, organizing rescue efforts and also organized for boats which would help ferry people who had been trapped in the floodwaters. Actually, he reveals in the interview how his efforts would have more than 40 people rescued in day one alone. Generous boat owners also gave out their boats for this humanitarian operation. Most of the humanitarian themes found in the book connect and resonates with his own experiences.

Though the books may be hard to read to completion because of its uncommon describing words, you will notice that Bob Honey’s ideas are not only prophetic in nature but also wise. Some occasions and descriptions are well hidden under a handpicked language, satire as well as metaphors. However, in the process, Bob creates a parallel social movement comprised of fictitious insights and names. At some point, you would see that his characters are somehow agreeing with rival political views. This is based on the author of the book Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff’s frustrations for social and political problems that disturb him.

Talk Fusion Helping Freelancers Achieve Success with Its Excellent Features

If you are a freelancer who is looking to improve your sales drastically and looking for a mode of marketing that can help you, then do not look beyond what Talk Fusion has to offer. Talk Fusion has a range of video marketing products that have proven time and again to take the companies’ as well as self-employed professionals’ sales to new heights. Talk Fusion began its operations in the market in the year 2007 and today, it has established itself as one of the frontrunners in the world of marketing. The company is known for its innovative products and also for its highly sophisticated yet simple-to-use customer support service. They are always ready to answer any queries that their customer smight have.


Without video marketing as the part of your marketing campaign, it is really difficult to achieve your marketing goals in today’s date. Just about everywhere you see, the videos are used to capture the attention of the users, whether it is an ad on Facebook or a viral video on Youtube. Not trying to tap the potential of the videos can really hurt your business, as well as the market image as just about every progressive company, are using the video marketing products of Talk Fusion to improve their business, drive more sales, and increase the overall revenue generated.


Talk Fusion has been the market leader in the field of video marketing since 2007 when a former police officer named Bob Reina decided to make his part-time job with direct selling his full-time business. Talk Fusion uses the direct selling approach today to reach out to its consumers, and it has worked wonders for the company that now has a presence in more than a hundred countries. Moreover, Talk Fusion is always innovating and creating new products, and one of the most important products that the company has developed is the video e-mail that is used by hundreds and thousands of companies and individuals.


Talk Fusion has also developed a highly futuristic and innovative video chat app that the company named Fusion on the Go. It is because the video chat app would allow many users to join a chat room remotely. It is a kind of video conference that the Fusion on the Go would be able to facilitate. The entire Talk Fusion team works hard to improve its services and aim to meet the growing demand of their customers. Learn more:


The Hardworking Investor, Entrepreneur and Technology Expert Robert Diegnan

Robert Diegnan is the Chief Executive Officer and a co-founder of ATS Digital Services which is a digital support company. The company aids consumers worldwide who have technological concerns. Whether it is general troubleshooting or connectivity troubles, ATS Digital Services helps its customers with a broad diversity of concerns.

Robert Diegnan was born in Fort Lauderdale, in Florida. He went to Purdue University, having been offered a full football scholarship, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership. Robert later co-founded Fanlink, Inc, which was his first venture as an entrepreneur after short stints with New York Jets and Miami Dolphins in 1997 and 1998. He never left sports behind, as he takes part in offshore fishing tournaments and the prime ATS Digital Services. Robert lives in Miami with his family.

It’s said that to become an expert in a thing, you have to have worked about ten thousand hours. In case that is true, Robert ought to be described with a better word than expert. He has been in the business for about 20 years, which is 40,000 working hours.

Diegnan moved to become the E.V.P of IS3 Inc., a software company which offers a broad range of technological support, which includes computer optimization, personalized technical assistance, and digital security, after only three years. He was so passionate about technology, and so he wanted to progress his knowledge further. The stepping stones led Robert to his current job. With outstanding experience from his previous roles, Robert Diegnan put every expertise he had into founding ATS in August 2011.

Robert Diegnan in ATS Company

In many ways, ATS is the pinnacle of all the work Diegnan has put into the technology world. Robert, at ATS, has aided in creating a company that solves any technological issue one can imagine. With many years of expertise and experience in technology, Robert was able to create a company full of employees with knowledge and who knows how to get jobs done right. He also created a culture that emphasizes on customer services.

Robert gets the customers at ATS aware that what they receive is the best possible service. The company prides itself on having the best tools in the industry, handled by the most experienced employees.

AM PM Essentials break ground in field of multivitamin science

The world of multivitamins has often been plagued by shady salesmen and shaky quality. Consumers have rarely been able to verify if the products that they are receiving can deliver on the claims that are being made in marketing materials. All too often, multivitamin products have turned out to be little more than fancy placebos meant primarily to enrich those selling them rather than the health of the users.

But one of the newer companies in the multivitamin space is doing something to correct these vestigial defects in the business. Jeunesse Global has recently introduced one of the most well-tested and rigorously formulated multivitamins that the market has ever seen. Known as AM PM Essentials, the vitamin addresses two key components of workday productivity: staying alert and focused throughout the day while getting a good night’s sleep throughout the night.

AM PM Essentials is the perfect multivitamin for the busy professional or anyone else who needs to keep going strong all day long. Made with a wide variety of vitamins, including A through F as well as B6 and B12, AM PM Essentials is the best way to ensure that one stays performing at their mental peak throughout the business day.

But the PM Essentials component of the multivitamin is equally important. PM Essentials is made with a proprietary blend of 100 percent all-natural ingredients that are specifically selected for their ability to help people fall asleep and stay soundly asleep for the entire night. Research has shown that one of the most important factors in workday performance is the ability to get a sound night’s rest. Now, PM Essentials can help ensure that anyone is able to fall asleep and stay there, every night of the week.

AM PM Essentials is just one of the revolutionary products that make up the Jeunesse Global Youth Enhancement System. This basket of essential youth-enhancing products is the key driver of what Jeunesse Global has termed Generation Young, the first generation in the history of the world that will have all of the necessary tools within its reach to push back the aging process for years or even decades.

Transparency Remains End Citizens United’s Primary Goal to Ensure Fair Political System

After the 2010 U.S. Supreme Court’s decision that was delivered for Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission, End Citizens United, a grassroots political action committee (PAC), immediately stepped into the arena to combat the lack of distrust that permeated the political process and alienated many of the constituents that candidates are supposed to represent. The PAC saw the ruling as a disastrous step in the wrong direction for transparency within the political system.

There are similar cases in the history of the Supreme Court that have generated the type of fierceness that America chooses to stand for as a nation. Examples of those cases are Brown vs. Board of Education in 1954 and Roe v. Wade in 1973. In the beginning stages, those cases were also seen as controversial and contentious within America.

The Supreme Court’s ruling stems from Citizens United, a conservative group, choosing to televise an hour-long movie against 2008 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The movie was being represented as an ad, which attacked Clinton’s stand on various issues. A complaint was filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). The complaint required Citizens United to disclose the responsible party for funding the ad, as mandated by federal law, which the group refused. Citizens United lost the case against them. Although Clinton was no longer a candidate, and Obama was already sworn in as President, Citizens United challenged the FEC ruling with the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court ultimately overturned the FEC ruling with a five to four vote.

There has been a negative reaction to the ruling from groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union. However, the public-at-large has responded negatively to the ruling as well. Consistent polls indicate that Americans are disgusted by the lack of transparency with the millions of dollars that flows through the political system. The same polls indicate that Americans are in favor of limiting how super PAC’s use the money when supporting candidates.

End Citizens United has a two-part strategy that will not only overturn the ruling by the Supreme Court but also bring complete political funding transparency that voters deserve from their elected officials. The PAC plans to continue its pressure on candidates that are unsupportive of campaign finance reform, while also endorsing incumbents and challenger’s that are seeking a seat in Congress. End Citizens United has continued to identify members of Congress who are continuing to accept “dark money” and have identified the worst offenders by classifying them as the “Big Money 20.”

In 2016, End Citizens United raised more than $25 million from small donations, with averages of $14 per member. With endorsements of over 150 candidates, End Citizens United also garnered additional member support, resulting in a $35 million budget that is earmarked for the 2018 midterm elections.

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Vijay Eswaran emphasis on embracing change in life

Vijay Eswaran is a businessman, author and a philanthropist. He is the founder and the executive chairman of QI Group of Companies which is a multinational conglomerate with various office branches across the globe. The company has close to 30 subsidiaries and majors in telecommunication, fashion, leisure, real estate, training and conference management among other areas of businesses.

Having struggled a lot in life to pay for his university education where he worked as a taxi driver, Vijay understands how it feels to have nothing and hence he is a great philanthropist supporting disadvantaged communities in Asia, Africa as well as the Middle East. He is also a motivational speaker where he mentors young investors and youth at large.

As a writer, Vijay Eswaran talks of change and says that change has overlapping effects. He compares a human being to a magnet and says that a person can attract change. He further explains that the strongest of the magnet is detected in the deepest circle, hence when an individual is going through the stages of change those who are close to them will feel the changes first. For change to take place, one has to break certain habits that hold them back. Vijay says habits whether good or bad should be broken to allow change to take place.

The motivational speaker emphasis on the point that change is not natural; hoping that it is easy is the very fast step of losing. The beauty of change is that it connects an individual to other people who are going through the same. This means that one should be surrounded by individuals who embrace change as well.

Vijay Eswaran says that as we keep embracing change in our lives, the challenges tend to reduce. Tremendous change result in more significant impacts. Change should, therefore, be allowed to continue overlapping various dimension of life including physical and spiritual.

Change is continuous; it will leave an individual different but then preparing for another set of change. If one embraces change in a careful manner, those changes will enable them to feel a significant impact on various aspects of life.

While change takes place, it helps one to evolve alongside their standards and expectations. Change keeps attracting more change while the degree of change magnifies. Vijay Eswaran says that it’s better to experience bad change rather than no change at all. No change is the worst thing that can ever happen to a human being. He says that lack of change is dying.

Finding Relief With Heal N Soothe

If you are someone who is constantly covered from head to toe with pain, you already know how much of a struggle every day can be. The pain you feel in you body is actually just the way that your body speaks to you about the problems that you are going through (similar to fevers). However, you might have noticed that everyone is stuck on masking the fever or pain rather than solving the underlying causing of the problem. The constant lack of comfort that comes from having back pain will cause all those that suffer to look for a way to get away from the pain. Learn more about The History of Supplements and the Rise of Heal-n-Soothe


However, by doing this people usually are going in the wrong direction and will often times make everything worse. Heal N Soothe is a good replacement for the classic treatments that we are all used to for pain. Also, you will be happy to know that Heal is an herbal supplement for joint pain that is all natural (it doesn’t even have any of the normal ingredients found in pain relief products such as glucosamine and chondroitin).


Chronic internal inflammation is actually the underlying cause for those who are having troubles with things such as aches and pains (like pain in the back, arthritis, and fibromyalgia). As soon as your body has been subject to any type of harm, the first response is going to be to battle any of the intrusions with the white blood cells. As soon as all of these white blood cells have been able to clear up the spot they are in, the fibrin is going to start sealing off and protecting the body from anything that can possibly affect the process of healing. See Related Link for additional information.


Unfortunately, there are those out there who are going to have problems with inflammation that is able to lead to arthritis because of the fibrin continuing to build after. Heal-N-Soothe is a product that is able to be used in order to treat the inflammation of arthritis on the daily.


Makers of Heal-n-Soothe; LivingWell Nutraceuticals are firm believers that Mother Nature provides the best ingredients, and fortunately, more vitamin and nutraceutical companies are coming around to this way of thinking.


Final Thoughts

Pain relief is simple, all you have to do is reduce any inflammation, and that will often lead to the elimination of pain. This is why many have come to rely on this new product. Heal-N-Soothe provides you with a mixture of extracts that come from fruits, trees, and herbs in order to create the perfect herbal supplement for joint pain.


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Louis Chenevert on the importance of production department in a company

Louis Chenevert is a prominent Canadian businessman who has had a very successful career in the corporate sector. He started his career as production manager at General Motor and went all the way up to become the most successful CEO of United Technologies Corporation. Currently, he serves as an advisor to Goldman Sachs. Louis Chenevert is a perfect illustration of a person who is driven by hard work and passion for good results. He does not believe in giving partial results. When he takes up a mandate, he does it with all his might. This is probably one great lesson we can learn from Chenevert. To work in all these positions, one has to be exceptionally good.

Louis Chenevert was born from a humble family but was determined to achieve greatness. So, when he got an opportunity prove his value, he did so without holding anything back. Hard work and determination saw him outshine everyone in the positions he worked in. He has proved that he is a businessman who understands what is needed to run a business successfully. He does not need to be pushed by anyone so that he can do his job. He is self-driven and acts as a motivation to others.

Louis Chenevert holds a degree in production management from HEC Montreal Business School. As a production manager, he is uncharged of products which are produced in his area of jurisdiction. Louis Chenevert has applied his skills in his workplace to the best of his abilities. His main focus is to see the production of high-quality goods, at the right quantities, at a minimum cost and generating the highest profits possible. Clearly, production management is the most important department in a company. This is where all the work lies. If this department fails, it will affect all other activities in the company.

Louis Chenevert did not disappoint while working for United Technologies Corporation as the CEO. He made sure that all the departments were working perfectly. During his time as President of Pratt & Whitney, he oversaw the innovation of the geared turbofan jet engine which is one of the best jet engines today.