The Dark and Fun Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff Makes a Splash

It should surprise no one that Sean Penn’s debut novel is a bit of a provocative surprise. The satirical Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a dark, yet funny, take on American culture, capturing the best and the worst of the nation as seen through the eyes of a prototypical middle-aged entrepreneur who also happens to moonlight as a part-time assassin.

The controversial actor and activist now turned author sat down with Rolling Stone magazine in an attempt to shed some light on his first novel. The central theme in the interview was Penn’s unique perspective toward the process of writing that first book. Penn revealed how he had attempted the feat before but only got a few pages in before life got in the way and the plans were aborted. Writing the debut novel later in life has its perks, according to Penn. At that point in life, Penn felt less inhibited and freer to just be himself in his writing without fear of repercussions. Having achieved so much already in his life as an artist and activist, Penn did not feel the need to pander to a specific audience. When compared to filmmaking, writing is also liberating because it lacks the bondage of collaboration, and instead inspires individual thinking.

As is usually the case with Penn, controversy follows in his footsteps, and his novel is no exception. Penn ruffled feathers with both the premise of the book, the political undertones and his additional comments regarding the #metoo movement. It is not a shock that an artist as creative as Penn with a strong history of activism would find joy in writing a book as unpredictable as Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. And judging by the pleasure he found in the writing process, it is unlikely that this will be his last effort.

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NGP Van Digital 8

Digital 8 is the latest online tool for campaign management. NGP Van provides digital campaigning and organizing tools. Digital 8 is the best type of tool for a Democratic campaign. Grassroots organizing is all about directly contacting voters. Digital 8 helps you contact your constituents with the help of high inbox placements involving the email series. Other campaign tools that come from Digital 8 are one-click actions so that supporters can join your mailing list. ActBlue Tracker goes to your email dashboard automatically. Multivariate testing increases impact every time you push send. NGP Van has thousands of clients including all the Democratic national committees.

NGP Van also includes labor unions, political action committees, and organizations. We are busy crafting the next generation of integrated campaign technology. Digital 8 is about a way to run a winning campaign with a digital phone bank. You have a polling station with your campaign that Digital 8 helps run. Winning a campaign depends on a field organizer. Keeping up with progressive politics involves having a paperless campaign system that you can monitor using your smartphone. Phone campaigns can occasionally make mistakes but the key to field organizing does make a human heart-related contribution to your campaign, monitoring the get-out and vote part of the campaign.

Digital 8 is the gold standard in political fundraising and campaigning. You can automatically pull donation and conversation statistics with ActBlue Tracker. Multivariate testing is easy-to-use when you can have ten tests to preserve control and the effectiveness of the program. Digital 8 promises a better chance to form 59 million action profiles because of a previous action was taken in the network. There is an ability provided to maintain unlimited, customized forms. There are self-serve donation portals along with fixed expired credit card information, automated, which spares the campaign staff from having to do this themselves. There is advanced social matching and influence tracking since Digital 8 takes supporter records in order to match it to available social networks such as Facebook through social tracking features that can generate new sign-ups. Digital 8 is integrated with Pipeline, a system designed for large-scale data transfers. Digital 8 uses the cloud to make the platform ready and able to bounce back, as a new campaign application. Digital 8 allows for complete data visualization.

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Dr. Johanan Rand is Changing the World of Biodentical Hormones

Dr. Johanan Rand is currently known for being the founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers that is located in NJ. Along with this position he also happens to be a Physical Medicine, Physiatrist and also a Rehabilitation Doctor. His main goal is if he cannot support what he is saying with an article or with a medical journal, then he will not prescribe or recommend treatment. When it comes to each of his patients he always makes sure that he is very sensitive and understanding to their health need and also to their concerns.

Currently, Dr. Johanan Rand is working on his very own book that is called “It’s not too late to live past 100.” In this book, he presents the evidence-based support of using bioidentical hormones (Askreporter). This is one field that he is extremely passionate about and is very much against the pill for the ill approach. Through his passion and also his enthusiasm, he tries his hardest to help each of his patients reach their ultimate health goals.

When it comes to experience there is no doubt that Dr. Johanan Rand is not lacking. He has well over 15 years of experience in treating chronic and acute pain patients. His clinic also is able to offer a weight loss program. Dr. Dov Rand is very active in each of his patient’s programs and always makes sure that they get the best program to help them hit their ending goal. With each of his patients, he strives to be the best role model that he possibly can.

In his free time, Dr. Johanan Rand enjoys a healthy and active lifestyle himself. This happens to include, high-quality supplements, healthy eating, weight and cardio training, martial arts and also yoga. When it comes to his field and his patients though, he makes sure that any advice he gives is always well researched. He does not want to give any of his patients’ advice that he learned from personal experience or another person alone. Constantly expanding his knowledge in his field is a huge part of why his patients continue to go back to him for his help and advice.


GoBuySide: Recruiting in New Ways for the Tecnological World

Have you ever heard of GoBuyside? Let me tell you about it. GoBuyside is a global financial recruitment platform. It was founded in the year 2011 by a man named Arjun Kapur. His degree is from Stanford University and his major is in economics. Arjun started GoBuyside with a goal and a dedicated work ethic. Because of this, he was able to grow his business to encompass five hundred cities and over ten thousand investment firms worldwide. He states that his company started small but put in a lot of hard work. Read this article at Yahoo Finance. Now he takes pride in the fact that today his company is one of the largest talent communities in the world. GoBuyside is a company based out of the United States in New York, New York. The website they manage is one of professionalism and expertise and immediately upon entering into it, you can tell that they are a place that takes pride in performing legitimate business. Their company not only encompasses parts of the United States but reaches places such as China, Singapore, Germany and the United Kingdom. They are part of sixteen total countries worldwide. GoBuyside is in the news for helping to ease the stresses of talent recruitment using technology. If you think about the old days with how taxing it was to find new employees and what the process entailed, you can see what it is they are improving. Visit to know more. Until recently, an advertisement may have had to be written, typed, and submitted to the local paper. This advertisement would have to include what the job was hiring for, what it entailed, what experience was needed and more. The cost it took to submit this advertisement is something that should be looked at as well. When that was done, several candidates had to be filtered through and screened and interviewed. Still none of this process could ensure a candidate would work out at a job in the end. They could possibly not work out and the whole process would have to start all over again. What a waste of time and money. The internet helped streamline that process significantly. GoBuySide helped move that process along even more. What they do is they screen candidates for places such as private equity firms and advisory platforms. Places such as these require the best of the best and GoBuyside has the ability to find those exact people. The company has access to a top-tier talent network that is extremely diverse because of the client-base it has established in the above mentioned countries. They are able to screen top candidates for a job making sure that person is the very best for the job in question. They are able to do this by several means including pulling a candidate’s information from the internet and creating a profile on them from this information before meeting them. This ensures only the best job candidates for that position are being recruited making the process go much quicker saving time and money for all involved. Recruitment technology is fundamental in these days and times and because of that, GoBuySide will continue to expand its company for years to come.


Mike Baur’s powerful tips for startup ventures

There is a great story behind every success, especially in entrepreneurship. Every successful entrepreneur began somewhere. Regardless of whether they own the largest corporation or biggest manufacturing company on earth, every business person starts from square one.

What sets apart successful entrepreneurs from the unsuccessful ones is the path they take after jumping off square one. Although many entrepreneurs find success along the way, some paths are more direct and easier than others. Most of the entrepreneurs who succeeded in their ventures might have been lucky in one way or the other. Others have to learn it the hard way.

One of the easiest paths to take in entrepreneurship is finding the right mentor. These are individuals who have the experience in the area you are getting in. Most probably, they have encountered many challenges, and they can offer valuable information on how to avoid or minimize these challenges.

However, finding someone to mentor you isn’t easy. That is why a big percentage of startup businesses close down a few days after their establishment. As a result, entrepreneurs lose their money and the morale to get back into the business.

Mike Baur, the co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory understands the challenges that young entrepreneurs face in their quest to actualize their dreams. Mike has immense experience in guiding and offering support to entrepreneurs who are establishing their startup businesses.

Mike started his career in the banking industry where he worked with young entrepreneurs seeking capital to establish business ventures. At this time, Baur created a strong network of brilliant entrepreneurs and connected them with investors who were willing to invest their money into these ventures.

In 2014, Mike quit his job in the banking industry and co-founded the Swiss Startup factory with his two friends and business partners. The Swiss Startup Factory acts as an incubation center for brilliant business ideas. The center provides resources, financing, and office space and connects young people with mentors who guide them through the entire process of creating a successful business venture.

Besides working at the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike spends his time engaging young people through his articles where he offers valuable pieces of advice. Among them include teaching entrepreneurs how to avoid fraudulent entrepreneurs and contractors who copy other people’s ideas and make them their own.

In most of his talks, Mike reminds young entrepreneurs to hire professionals to run their businesses. Mike notes that this is one of the best ways to ensure that your business is on the right side of the law. Besides, a business run by professionals has higher chances of growth than that run by quarks.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Announces Bradesco’s New President

In 2009, Lazaro Brandao ceded the presidency of Bradesco Bank to Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. Brandao had been leading the bank since 1981 and was resigning at the ripe age of 91. Thus, Trabuco became only the fourth president of the 65-year-old bank which was first founded by its first president, Amador Aguiar. Aguiar originally instituted the bank under unusually strict rules such as rules against beards and smoking, and a requirement for employees to write a purpose statement paper every year. Although many of these rules have been discarded over the years, Bradesco remains a business of supreme discipline and order.

Today the bank has over 28 million individual customers. That number is so impressive that if these people were to start their own country, it would be the 49th most populated country in the world. Throughout its history, the bank has specialized in providing low-income customer banking. It is largely thanks to this idea that Brazil has been able to survive the economic hard times that have hit it throughout the years. Although most of its branches specialize in low-income banking, it does have some high-income branches such as Bradesco Prime.

Read more: O Bradesco, de Brandão a Trabuco

Upon his official exit, he had been an employee with the bank for 75 years. The third president, he was originally appointed to the office by Aguiar himself. Although he was departing the presidency in 2009, Brandao remained involved in the bank, serving as the president of the boards of Cidade de Deus Participacoes and Fundacao Bradesco according to During his time as president of the company, Brandao was instrumental in expanding the company throughout the country and helping the company stay financially secure during the economic hard times of the last decade.

He says that the most difficult part of his leadership was during the high inflation crisis in Brazil throughout the 1980s. Under his leadership, Bradesco has always put heavy emphasis on the use of computers. He was the first to introduce IBM’s supercomputer to Latin America in 1962. He was also instrumental in helping pioneer the universalization of magnet card and internet banking transactions. However, half of its customers still do not use magnet cards or do internet banking. Therefore, in recent years one of Bradesco’s primary tasks has been to fully educate and familiarize these non-users with these digital systems.

In the latest years of his time in office, he led over 110 thousand employees. It continues to battle for the top Brazilian banking company with its archrival, Itau Unibanco. As its president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is leading the charge for Bradesco. Trabuco began his adult life by earning a B.A. in Philosophy and then an M.A. in Socio-Psychology from University of Sao Paolo. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi initial position with Bradesco was a bank clerk back in 1969. He has more than four decades of banking experience.

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U.S. Money Reserve Offers Long-Term Growth in Self-Directed IRA

U.S. Money Reserve one of the world’s biggest distributors of precious metals offers long-term growth in Self-Directed IRA accounts for hundreds of thousands of clients. U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001 and has been providing quality physical precious metals including gold, silver, and platinum that has been minted by the US government for the highest levels of quality and care.

Over the years, U.S. Reserve has established a reputation for providing its clients with quality customer service and a professional approach to diversifying their portfolios in their Self Directed IRA to reap substantial returns on investment.

By providing the safety and reliability of precious metals as a long-term option for investors to create a lasting opportunity to diversify their assets within their portfolio, U.S. Money Reserve gives clients multiple options that are outside of the general forms of dollar-based and stock market-based investment strategies.

Investing in a Self-Directed IRA provides safeguards for individuals to invest their assets as they see fit without the oversight of a custodian and gives the client the ability to grow and expand their portfolio outside of the general opinions of regular brokers.

By having access to other options to invest, clients are given the power to generate greater profit potential and with a safer and more convenient way of doing business. Read more: US Money Reserve – Blog and US Money Reserve | Bizjournals

When planning for retirement clients are constantly looking for opportunities to create long-term diversified portfolios, so in case of any kind of economic crisis, their asset positions will continue to flourish to provide the necessary funds needed for their older years.

By investing in precious metals within their Self-Directed IRA individuals are able to both leverage their current stock positions with their diversified option of precious metals that creates stability and long-term comfort that their investments will be intact when they retire.

More Traditional IRAs have limitations due to the fact that they only include bonds, mutual funds, stocks and other similar vehicles. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

The option to invest in precious metals is not an option with a Traditional IRA which limits the potential to invest in assets that can be stored within one’s own home and that makes the Self-Directed IRA that much more powerful at protecting their long-term assets.

In fact, as we’ve seen over the last few centuries precious metals rarely decrease the value. In fact, they’re one of the most valuable and lucrative investments a person can obtain because they increase in value can be tracked over multiple centuries and has been a form of value that is reliable over the long-term for centuries.

U.S. Reserve has established itself as one of the most reliable distributors of precious metals by providing clients with long-term growth and safety through investing in their products and creating an opportunity to safeguard their assets for retirement.


Jeff Yastine is a financial journalist, financial advisor and a contributor at Banyan Hill. The Florida, Delray Beach inhabitant plays many roles which include the editorial director of the publishing house and The Sovereign Society contributor. Visit to know more.


The Kennedy Accounts is basically a project that John F. Kennedy came up with when he was the president of America. However, it wasn’t until Jeff Yastine released a video about the accounts that he became more popular in the financial circuit. Mr. Yastine also came up with the name for President John F. Kennedy’s financial project. The Kennedy Accounts came to fruition during the 1960’s when he noticed the U.S economy was going down. The former president noticed that unemployment rates were soaring, the stock market had plummeted and the country’s GDP wasn’t rising. Therefore, he came up with the project to get the American economy roaring to life and to get people to invest in it. Visit the website to learn more.


Banyan Hill is a publishing house that seeks to put together a group of professionals from all over the world who seek investment prospects. The group helps Americans in seeking financial investment opportunities such as preserving their wealth, protecting their assets, making financial decisions, growing their wealth and obtaining wealth freedom. Generally, the group assists them in living a world that is free of financial concerns. Mr. Yastine has been working at Banyan since 2015.


Prior to joining the publishing house, Mr. Yastine was working at Newsmax Media. He worked in this company for slightly over two years. Before this, he was the editorial director of The Oxford Club. He worked for this company for approximately two years two months. His role included overseeing the editorial functions of the company’s financial newsletters, consultations of the company’s marketing projects, seminars, and videos.

Mr. Jeff Yastine had been working for the Nightly Business Report for 17 years before joining the Oxford Club. His senior correspondent role in this company was one of the most prolific one in his whole career. His job included reporting excellent financial, business and economy stories for his professional audience. While working here he got to cross many milestones. They included being nominated for an Emmy Award for one of his remarkable series, interviewing prolific personalities like Warren Buffett, Steve Forbes among others. In addition to this, he got the opportunity of reporting on excellent topics among many others.

The prolific financial advisor attended the University of Florida and he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, Telecommunications Degree in 1986.


Robert Ivy Speaks On AIA Efforts To Connect Architecture To Public Health

The American Institute of Architects recently announced a decade-long commitment to producing solutions that make full use of the organization’s design and technology capability to address the challenges of public health, long-term sustainability, and resilience. The announcement is music to the ears of AIA members who have voiced for some time their desire to make the health of both people and the environment a central theme to the goals of architecture.

The announced occurred during the Clinton Global Initiative where over 1000 leaders from countries around the globe were present to take part in discussions on “Designing for Impact.”

American Institute of Architects, under the leadership of company CEO Robert Ivy, intends to show the clear link between building design and its correlation with the health and well-being of the individuals that live and work in those buildings. Ivy explains that this effort has been named the “Decade of Design,” and will receive funding and contributions from AIA in a variety of ways.

Ivy took the time to answer a couple of key questions pertaining to the matter recently.

Why is now the time for the AIA to make the connection between health and design

We have for quite some time felt that there was a clear connection between health and design but we seek now to provide the proof. It is our goal to now produce the data and give concrete examples in order to quantify through case studies the relationship that exists between architecture and public health. I truly feel inspired by the process at this time.

Elementary principles of design already teach young designers to consider things like access to things like clean drinking water, access to fresh air, and sunlight when designing buildings but now we are looking to prove the impact of building design on important health issues like heart disease and diabetes.

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Why was this announcement made at the Clinton Global Initiative

We did, in fact, make a similar announcement at the CGI a year ago. At last year’s conference, we pledged to a year’s commitment to restarting previous projects that have stalled. We are now raising the stakes and committing to a ten-year partnership with entities that will soon be announced. CGI is the perfect forum to share information on these matters and we are all fortunate that it exists.

Why is hackathon to vital to the efforts of AIA

Hackathon is a perfect fit for the AIA mindset and we are looking forward to them producing apps that will help us to demonstrate the undebatable connection between the health of individuals and the design of buildings. I feel this is an incredible way to make the issue of architecture of personal interest to the general public.

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is a membership organization of architects and designers established more than 150 years ago by 13 architects with a mission to promote and support architects and the field of architecture. AIA now has more than 90,000 architect and design members throughout the U.S. and three of its territories, Europe, Canada, and Asia. The AIA is committed to building structures that create safe neighborhoods, but it is also deeply involved in the broader global community. The AIA has as one of its goals to reimagine the role of architects and designers and to lead AIA in that effort is the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer Robert Ivy.

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Vijay Eswaran Speaks To Students About Risks

The first job search after school is a very important time. Those who are new to the job market have a lot of questions and are eager to get established in a good corporation. They are ready to perform and develop their skills. However, Vijay Eswaran believes that it is never too early to start taking risk in a career. New job seekers should look to create their own opportunities as well as search for ones that are provided by others. The job markets are constantly changing and employment opportunities that are available now may not be relevant in just a few years.

Work experience is very important. New employees should look to align themselves with organizations that will complement their education and skill sets. One of the interesting decisions that is made is whether to work for a large organization or a small startup. The job candidate must do a thorough evaluation in order to assess which working situation is going to be best for them.

There are pros and cons to working at either the large corporation or start up company. Startup companies have the same characteristics as new job seekers in the workforce. The companies are growing fast and adapting to the industry that they’re in. The new job candidate will benefit greatly from the company that is changing constantly. It will allow them to contribute to the landscape of what the organization is trying to become. The candidate will have more responsibility and be held accountable for the decisions that they make. There will be very little delegation of responsibilities at a startup company.

Large corporations will operate in the exact opposite manner. These companies have been in business a long time and have a set procedure of operation. There is great security with a large company. However, there are far less opportunities to stand out as an individual talent.

Vijay Eswaran is originally from Malaysia. He is the Executive Chairman of QI Group. QI Group operates out of Hong Kong. Vijay’s mother was a school teacher. His father worked at the Ministry of Labour in Malaysia. Vijay valued education early on. He received a degree from the London School of Economics, before moving on to Southern Illinois University where he earned an MBA. At this point Eswaran got involved with multi-level marketing.