A Review of Lovaganza’s Highly Anticipated Global Celebration

Lovaganza is gearing up its preparations for an eagerly awaited global event, which will be held between May and September 2020. This celebration will be concurrently held in all the continents. The organizers intend to showcase all earthly creatures through live exhibitions, events, and film shows, which will be beamed to a global audience. The event is aptly themed “starting a Bohemian voyage around the world.” If the preparations are anything to go by, Lovaganza 2020 promises to be a recollection of the nostalgia that many people associate with the bygone era of human existence. It equally promises to be highly successful.

Lovaganza 2020 was initially programmed for 2015. However, the celebration had to be pushed forward to give the organizers ample time to incorporate emerging technologies in the event. This is because the event in inspired by the future, the present, and the past. Locking out emergent technologies on celebmafia.com would have made the event meaningless. By postponing it, new concepts will be incorporated. Those behind the celebrations have unequivocally stated that all world cultures will also be represented. This is the reason why parallel events will be held in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Oceania, and the Americas.

Earmarked Events

Despite the fact that the main event will be held in 2020, preceding events are already being organized in different parts of the world in anticipation of the global celebration. Next year, The Travel Show has been organized to hype up Lovaganza 2020. The show’s purpose is to promote Lovaganza’s groundbreaking 3D cinematic glasses. A feature film about the event is also under production. Lovaganza 2020 will end with the Hands Across the World ceremony, which will be aired globally.

Lovaganza in Brief

Lovaganza was started with the aim of preserving human heritage. It does this by showcasing past, present, and emerging technologies.

Lovaganza Foundation is used to support different initiatives across the world. Despite the fact that it is yet to be officially launched, it has managed to create a global impact. It is also used to market Lovaganza Entertainment on Tumblr. It will be officially inaugurated in 2018. Nevertheless, it is already gaining support from different developmental partners. Lovaganza entertainment is the organization’s profit-making arm. Its role is to entertain and inspire audiences by highlighting the cultures of different societies.

Origins of Kabbalah

Kabbalah is a philosophy and spiritual discipline evolving from Judaism. Though it has been interpreted in a number of ways over the course of centuries, it explores the ten-fold path of Creation, or Tree of Life, originating in Biblical studies.

The first written texts of the Kabbalah Center appeared in Europe in the 12th century, but tradition says that these were based on oral teachings going back into the distant past. Esoteric lore says that the secrets of creation were given to the angels by God, and by angels to man on three key points in history.

It was given a second time to Abraham, patriarch of Judaism, by the priest-king Melchizedek, lost again, and the third and last time to Moses on Mount Sinai. It was thereafter taught among the Hebrew priests, and became a complex wisdom with the potential to transform mankind through its revelations.

Medieval and later Kabbalah teachers saw it as a very powerful system that could only be taught to initiates, usually males of at least 40 years of age. Traditional Kabbalists were known as Mekubbal, but oppression from both Jewish and especially Christian orthodoxy drove them to secrecy.

The modern era which introduced Kabbalah to the general public began with the founding of The National Research Institute of Kabbalah in 1965 by Phillip Berg and Yehuda Brandwein, who’d been dean of the Kabbalah school in Israel.

Today, the Kabbalah Centre International is an organization based in Los Angeles, California. It was officially founded in 1984, led by directors Michael and Karen Berg. The Centre also has classes available in over 50 regional and city locations around the world. These multinational schools feature a wide diversity of cultures and ethnicities all dedicated to preserving the ancient wisdom and spreading the teachings of Kabbalah to all people.

Bellamy’s; The New Restaurant in Town

Watchmakers in Escondido can still afford to live on Main Street. Most businesses in Escondido start with first names like Cathy’s Canine, Lupita’s Mexican, and Mart’s Small Appliance. The streets of Escondido do not have silicon hostess-mermaids enticing tourists to dinner. In Escondido, businesses are successful because the environment is favorable for business.

Bartenders in Escondido have been sporting moustaches and suspenders for decades. Classic cars in the city bring individuals together. Bored teenagers hang out at mall food courts, and they look cranky while wearing jewelry, just like other people in the city. The only difference is that the grandfatherly police think that the behavior is suspicious.

San Diego County does not have all the modern trendiness; otherwise, it would be an insufferable art project. The city is an old basin of retail, and it is agricultural elite go to town for San Diego’s products. Retaining provincialism in the city is a form of hard-fought progress. All these features make Escondido a wonderful place for the best cooks in the country.

Brian Bonar is a Scottish entrepreneur who started his restaurant in North County. Brian Bonar started with the bistro. It was once Tango where Charlie Trotter brought progressive dining to Escondido. Bonar later renamed the restaurant Bellamy.

Brian searched for employees at one of his best hotels; El Bizcocho at Rancho. El Biz had made an announcement that it is going through a total overhaul. Brian Bonar hired young a cook known as Mike Reidy from El Biz as the executive chef.

The nearby Ranch located at Bandy is the bigger piece of the restaurant small-empire. Brian wants to make something amazing out of the asset. He aims at turning it into a four-star event area with a signature look. Brian requires a marquee chef to achieve his goal.

Bonar has Ponsaty, a master chef of France. Corn soup arrives, blended with cream, so the expectations meet their match. You will be served liquid silk cold over a scallop ceviche with olive oil, ginger, lime juice, and cilantro.

You will enjoy meals at Bellamys. The restaurant has the best servers like Kyle who describes each meal like an engineer, giving the deals of an intricate new toy. The only misstep found at the restaurant was a local halibut. The halibut is mushy, unlike a smaller halibut which usually has a softer flesh. Bellamy’s has the best food in San Diego. The best part is it is served and prepared by top-notch chefs.

About Brian Bonar

CEO of Dalrada, Brian Bonar is a successful financial executive. He has served as a leader in companies such as Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Brian graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering from James Watt Technical College.

New York Offices For Rent (With Benefits!)

The Joy of Working at Workville

I am sure that everyone would love to work where it’s sunny all day. In the shared office spaces call Workville shared office space NYC, this is what exactly will happen. Their offices, conference rooms or, an open desk awaits your arrival. Taking a private phone call in the cafe, where the coffee is always brewing, just relaxing in the lounge or enjoying all three breathtaking terraces, are some of the perks at Workville NYC. The office is located in the heart of the Financial District, in New York City, at 1412 Broadway, on the 21st floor. It is very close to the metropolitan area transit, and within walking distance from the famous Bryant Park.

Workville NYC offers fast internet, mail service, twenty-four-hour access, printers, clean areas, and so much more. Private offices start at one thousand five hundred monthly for two people, and four thousand five hundred for up to six people. For a dedicated space in one of their beautiful private office, be prepared to pay about seven hundred and fifty dollars, monthly. Workville co-working spaces will cost about five hundred dollars monthly, forty -five dollars daily and, for the hourly rate it would cost about nineteen dollars.

Conference rooms at Workville, start from about one hundred dollars an hour. Their open lounge transforms into a beautiful space to host any event such as meetups, fundraising or cocktails, whether it in the day or night, and for free, a spectacular view of New York City. Their in-house events team is always available to make events very memorable.

Clients who utilize these luxury offices, just love the space and the open atmosphere. Some are even saying that they feel inspired, which has allowed them to be more creative. Others are making return trips to work on different projects. Workville has teamed up with companies such as StubHub, Zip Car, Gett, eBay, Michael Page and others. The company was named one of Crain’s top five co-working areas.

The Way that Desiree Perez Saved Tidal


Music streaming, much like social media, seems to have a new leader every couple of months. People on social media have flocked from MySpace to Facebook only to abandon Facebook and pick up Instagram (a company that Facebook would purchase). The young teens would also put their time and energy into SnapChat as they looked for new ways to hide from their parents on social media.

The music streaming industry appears to present the same challenges for teenagers and young adults that want to make the most of their musical listening experience. Kids have bounced around from Pandora to iHeartRadio to Spotify to Apple Radio. Desiree Perez wants to make sure that the next – and final – stop for the new generation is Tidal. This is what she has been helping Jay-Z orchestrate over the last several years. It has been her desire to help him build up a brand of music streaming that will stand out from the rest that is out there.

There is no shortage of publicity that has been put into promoting Tidal. Jay has spent millions on the acquisition of this company. Some people did not believe that he would recoup the costs of his purchase, let along make a profit. Desiree Perez – after being prompted by Jay-Z – has set out to prove those naysayers wrong. She has been influential in helping Jay-Z turn his music streaming nightmare into a heavenly dream in the last couple of months.

What Desiree Perez has been able to do is help Jay-Z realize just how much talent he had under his roof. He had Kanye West waiting to drop an album. His wife Beyonce was waiting for the right time to drop her album. Rihanna was dropping a lot of lukewarm singles, but fans wanted an album. When all of these highly successful crossover artists dropped albums in the same year Dez Perez saw an opportunity.

People can download the Tidal app or go straight to the website, and they will see a bevy of exclusive content. This is what makes people curious. Desiree Perez knew that this would be the thing that would make people consider signing up. Curious music lovers would not be able to resist this exclusive music.

No Truth to the George Soros and BLM Rumors

Being charitable wouldn’t ruffle any feathers or create any questionable press, right? Well George Soros may be able to stake claim to being the exception to the rule in this particular case. His charity organization and his name have been attached to the Black Lives Matter movement, and the rumor mill has been churning out news that the aforementioned Mr.Soros is the primary financial backer behind this ground swell movement.

A recent report at https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/people/george-soros detailing the “Soros funding the Black Lives Matter movement”, cites the Director of the Open Society Foundations charity clearly refuting these claims.

That Soros charity, Open Society Foundations, is the same organization that reportedly spent in excess of $800 million in 2014. Given the amount of money donated and used to support non profits, in addition to the wide array of issues addressed by the charity including social justice issues, perhaps this wasn’t initially a bad thought. Yet, after these claims of being financial supporters of this growing movement were denied, hopefully the book will end on that page.

In fact, the Open Society Foundations charity does so much work, that three individuals who have been accredited to helping birth the BLM movement have also been recipients of this charity’s help. There isn’t any denying that, it is simply the notion that George Soros’ charity has funded this movement that are being opposed.

Certainly like most unfounded stories, this will pass as the next batch of news (true and otherwise) bumps this story to page 2, then 3 and so on…unfortunately for George Soros and his charity, doing the right things apparently doesn’t make you immune to being the next grape on the rumor grapevine. Don’t be surprised if George Soros doesn’t end up making a pretty good wine from these sour grapes.

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New Europe

Foreign Policy

US Money Reserve with Angie Koch

US Money Reserve is a podcast with a big audience and a lot of listeners. Thousands of people tune in every week to hear what the topic of conversation is going to be. On the latest podcast, a new guest came on to talk about the economy.

Angie Koch has years of experience in the world of finance. She is a great resource for people who are interested in learning more about managing money. During her career, she has helped thousands of people with their finances. Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.ispot.tv/brands/Iyt/us-money-reserve

She is a also a great guest to have on a show because she has so much experience reading economic data and trends. During the course of her career, she has been able to take investing to the next level. Many people listen to what she has to say on general economic and political trends.

Angie Koch

From an early age, Angie Koch wanted to make an impact on the world. She comes from an affluent family, and unlike many people she did not look at this as a negative. She has had a lot of success in her career using US Money Reserve and she says that she owes a lot of that to her family.

She had a large family, and learning how to interact with other people is one of the big reasons why she is so good with people today. On the podcast, she discussed a lot of things that are going on in the US Money Reserve today.

Many people are worried about the future of the economy in both the United States and around for world. For example, Brazil is in the midst of a major recession right now. With a lack of infrastructure, countries that do not have a high rate of economic growth could be in trouble.

Future Plans

Another topic of conversation on the podcast was about her future plans. She wants to continue to work in both the political and the financial field. She feels like she has a lot to offer people who are looking to have a good conversation on where to take things in the future.

Over the long term, Angie Koch wants to make a major impact on the world. She talked about her passions outside of work, and how she uses them to make a difference in the world around her.

Dallas Based Bank Moves Forward

As someone who loves the world of finance, I am always on the lookout for new potential investments of all kinds. I also look for banks that I know that I can work with. This allows me to find the kind of help I need when I am managing my various fiscal accounts. I know that the right kind of bank is crucial when I am going to consider my potential options in life. One such bank that has really caught my attention in recent years is that of NexBank. This Dallas based bank is one that I think is entirely well worth fully watching at all times.

Moving Forward

Being able to spot opportunity is something that those at NexBank understand as much as I do. They have recently moved to recognize a particular opportunity in the world of finance as a recent press release recounts. As a leading regional bank, they need to be aware of ways that they can move forward and help their investors and customers also see the best possible returns on their investment. This is one of many reasons why the supervisors of the bank probably chose to acquire College Savings Bank in Princeton, New Jersey.

Forward Thinking

Such ability to spot potentially useful connections is where people like me are able to realize how much we can trust those in charge of the bank. We know that they can help us find potential investments as well that can also provide us with equal opportunities in our lives. We know that such insight is crucial when it comes to seeing the world and making sense of it.




Nutrimost Sues Over Stolen Video

When you think of pirates, you probably think of ships sailing the high seas robbing each other of their treasures. Or maybe you think about people in their homes downloading music off of the internet using Napster. Regardless of what your first thought is, the weight loss industry is probably the last thing that comes to mind when it comes to piracy. But, there is one company that is suing another over that very act.

Nutrimost claims that Pennsylvania-based weight loss company stole a promotional video off of their website for their own use. One can see why they may want to do this illegal activity. Nutrimost is one of the most popular and fastest growing weight loss programs in the nation right now. It is very fast growing for a few different reasons.

The first reason is that people get results quickly. Some people have lost over 40 lbs in just their first month using the Nutrimost Resonant Frequencies to lose weight. The second reason is that there is no medicine required to be taken in order to follow the weight loss plan. The last reason is that it is safely guided by a medical professional.

Thos that watch the two videos on the two company’s websites will notice some eery similarities between the two. In fact, they are almost exactly alike. The stolen videos only real change is changing the phrase “Ultimate Weight Loss Plan ” as it appears on the Nutrimost video to “Can’t Lose Weight Loss Plan” on the Healthy Living website. \

This led Nutrimost to send a letter asking the company to take the video down in the fall of 2015. The cease and desist was not heeded properly.


Losing Weight and feeling great with NutriMost Austin

Makari de Suisse Products for All Skin Types

Makari de Suisse is a beauty brand whose products are manufactured in one of the world’s quality products hub: Switzerland. The products manufactured by the company have helped men and women from all over the world to achieve good looking skin in just a matter of time. Most of the people who have bought and used the products swear by its working powers. They love how the product works as well as how they are packaged. If your goals are to get even skin and beautiful light complexion, you have found the right product.


Makari products help both women and men tone their skin and make it tighter. This way, the skin looks youthful and radiant. There are also customers who buy Makari products so as to exfoliate their skin an to get rid of acne, pimples or the scars that are left with these conditions. When you exfoliate using their clarifying scrub, you will be able to get rid of dead skin and leave space for new and youthful skin to show. The exfoliation cream and their scrub also help women dry out their pimple breakouts and get a clear skin.


At Makari de Suisse, the ingredients which are sourced and used to manufacture their line of products are all 100% natural. They are also rich in nutrients and contain no harmful additives such as hydroquinone. The chemicals which are found in other bleaching products cause harm to the skin after using the products for a long time. With Makari de Suisse products, you need not worry about exposing your skin to all these dangers.


Makari products also contain a thin film which helps you protect your skin from elements such as dust, the rain and other things such as germs and bacteria. This protective layer is also strong enough to prevent the UV radiation of the sun from harming your skin. The caviar used in the skin whitening creams is also very useful as it regulates your melanin production and keeps it in the levels that are safe. Buy Makari products from their official website and enjoy radiant skin.