Securus Supports Video Visitation For Inmates

Dallas-based criminal justice technology provider Securus Technologies recently launched a campaign to promote Video Visitation in correctional facilities across the U.S. Stay up to date with Securus on


Securus’ 30-day campaign will promote a series of infomercials outlining the benefits of Video Visitation. The infomercials will show the undeniable value of connecting inmates with loved ones. The new and improved technology is viewed as a win-win all around. “Now inmates can reach out to their loved ones in the privacy of their own home,” said Securus CEO Rick Davis.


Incarceration can take a heavy toll on inmates, especially during the holiday season. Incarceration, even if its short-term, can have an adverse affect on an inmate’s psyche.


Smith stresses that Securus has little to do with the way in which on-site visitations are conducted by each individual facility.


Although Securus has some detractors, Video Visitation is growing by leaps and bounds. “The individuals spreading all the hate really don’t have a clue,” said Smith. Visitors really seem to prefer it over the usual face-to-face visitation, which eliminates paying for gas and long, tiresome drives.”


“The bottom line is, there are certain things that simply cannot be replicated at a correctional facility. Loved ones can participate remotely, which is better that the restrictions and time constraints required through in-person encounters,” said Davis.


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